Some Delightful Android Phone Apps
Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 3:36PM

So Catherine got an Android Phone recently.  Today, she found some "talking" apps for it (from, which play back anything you record into them, but with the spectrum modified.  The little animated characters in the apps move and sing the modified recording back to you.  So: A quick tour of 20th century aesthetics!  Sprechstimme from Pierrot Lunaire (Schoenberg); Percussion Music (Varese, Cage); the Dies Irae (quoted by just about everyone, but most recently (to my knowledge) used by Kenneth Gaburo as the theme to his 1987 Mangrove); the Ursonate (Schwitters); and Extended Vocal Techniques (as used by so many of us).  And all this in 1 minute!  Enjoy.

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