New Website about Erv Wilson with an interview with me; PLUS, WB (and Topology and VPP and WD) on WNYC!
Monday, October 31, 2011 at 2:26PM

Two links worth following here:

FIRST: Stephen James Taylor's long awaited website featuring his film about Erv Wilson is now up and running.  Here's the URL:

On that website, there's an interview with me where I talk about the significance Erv's work has had on my work:

AND, back in September, on John Schaefer's NEW SOUNDS program on WNYC, New York, there was a show featuring the Australian ensemble Topology, as well as music by Vincent Plush, William Duckworth, and myself.  The music is delightful, and the program has a nice sequencing.  Well worth streaming for your late night listening pleasure.  Again, the URL:


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