Nightshade Etudes Book 1 - a new mini-album
Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 9:05PM

Friends and visitors to this website are invited to download a new piece - a six-track mini-album - Nightshade Etudes Book One. Just click here to download the zip file with the six mp3 files, pdf notes and album cover. (The file is only 24mb in size.)  This is a set of six pieces which were made by using protein patterns from six members of the nightshade family as musical data to make small etudes.  There are some interesting experiments with microtonal harmony and counterpoint in the pieces.  The pieces were made on my netbook using John Dunn's ArtWonk and the Modartt Pianoteq physical modelling synthesizer.  So if you're interested in hearing me play a harpsichord with a potato, now's your chance.

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