Upcoming Concert - Catherine Schieve and Warren Burt - June 1 & 2
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 6:38AM

Coming up this weekend, a performance of a large environmental work by Catherine Schieve, with me on electronics, and with Astra Choir and the Astra Improvising Choir, led by John McCaughey and Joan Pollock, respectively, at the Meat Market Arts Centre in North Melbourne.  The environment consists of paintings, sculptures, instruments, choir, sounds, etc.  The concert has 2 parts - in the first, "Earth and Lustre" the Improvising Choir responds to Catherine Schieve's "Nine Levels of Earth and Lustre" paintings along with electronics by me.  Interspersed with these improvisations are choral works by Dan Dediu, Robert Carl, Will Ogdon and Maurice Ravel.  In the second, "Experience of Marfa" the choir will begin with a new a capella work of mine, "Elegy" which will then transition into "Experience of Marfa" where paintings, electronic drones, Catherine playing her sruti box orchestra, gongs, the Astra Choir responding to an electronic tone-scape, and a recording of a windstorm will conjure up sonic and visual magic.  It should be a great show, and I hope those of you in the Melbourne metro-plex can make it.  More details at www.astramusic.org.au.

5 pm Saturday 1 June & Sunday 2 June

Arts House at the Meat Market,
corner Blackwood and Courtney Streets, North Melbourne

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