Without Glue - Performance at ICMC 2013, Perth, August 11, 2013
Monday, September 2, 2013 at 8:51AM

My piece "Without Glue," for improvising jazz musicians and live electronics, (the earlier performance by Craig Schneider and myself is HERE), was performed on the Keynote Concert at the International Computer Music Conference in Perth on August 11, 2013.  The performers were Sean Little, sax, and Stuart James, piano, as well as myself on electronics.  Sean and Stuart did an amazing and wonderful job performing the piece - I couldn't wish for a better performance.  I did pretty good too - shaping phrases of electronic modification in response to the guys' wonderful performing.  Catherine was sitting in the front row of the concert with the Zoom recorder, and got a really good recording.  Which I'm sharing with you now.



And as usual, you can download it HERE.

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