IVOR DARREG FUNDRAISER - worth supporting!
Monday, July 7, 2014 at 12:34PM
I don't usually plug fundraisers, but this one is special.  Brian McLaren, of Corvallis, Oregon is attempting to raise funds to make the work of the late Ivor Darreg (1917-1994) available.  Ivor was a microtonal composer, theorist and instrument inventor who lived most of his life in Southern California, well out of the loop of just about any musical establishments of the time.  During his life, he was one of the chief investigators of the realms of different equal temperaments, the relation of tuning to timbre, and the inventor of several amazing acoustic instruments, including the awesome megalyras (megalyrae?), shown in this photo.  Their sound has accurately been described as "tuned thunder."  

Since Ivor's death, despite the best efforts of his friends and supporters, including Brian, Ivor's work has been disppearing from public view and even accessibility.  This fund raiser will hopefully make Ivor's pioneering (and controversial, the say the least!) work available.  As mentioned above, Ivor was pretty much out of the loop for most of his life, so this is a rare opportunity to help with the accessibility, and to acquire a good amount, of his almost impossible to find and extremely valuable work.  
Check out the fundraiser, which is happening during the month of July, at this url:
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