Two New Reviews with two new pieces
Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 2:03PM

In November 2014, and January 2015, in Soundbytes Music Magazine, I had two reviews of new synthesizers published.  The  first was Bazille, by U-He, and the second was Kaivo, by Madrona Labs.  Both of these are small synthesizers that do unique things, and both encourage lots of interesting sound exploration.

Here's a link to the Bazille review:

Here's a look at the faceplate of Bazille:

And here is "Perfect Harmony for David Dunn," a 15 minute piece I made with Bazille, in which I'm exploring some of the microtonal harmonic possibilities of the machine.


Here's a link to the Kaivo review:

And here's a picture of the faceplate of Kaivo:

Here's an 8 minute piece, "Polyrhythmic Pulse Sequence," I made with Kaivo, using the sequencers, 2D LFOs, and Noise Sources to make a polyrhythmic piece that gradually gets thicker and thicker throughout its duration.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and the pieces.  I can recommend both new synths highly.


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