Review of Kaleidoscope - amazing new software, and an interview with Andrew Souter, it's creator
Sunday, March 29, 2015 at 8:39PM

I just had published, in Soundbytes magazine ( my review of 2CAudio's new and wonderful program Kaleidoscope.  Kaleidoscope, as you'll see, is an amazing new take on the idea of graphic synthesis, as well as offering tuning resources not before available with that technique.  I also conducted an interview with Andrew Souter, the developer of Kaleidosope, and a lovely guy he is too.  Here's a link to that interview, in the same issue:

Here's a look at the GUI of Kaleidoscope - which is explained in detail in the article.


And here's a 24 minute long piece I just finished with Kaleidoscope. This is about 6 different patterns made with Kaleidoscope and mixed, using about 4 or 5 different tunings.  It's called "Kaleidoscope Mix Nr 2," although I know I could do better than that for a title.


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