"Memories of Albion" by Warren Burt and Chris Mann 1978
Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 9:37AM

A number of friends have remembered this short Super8 film that I made with Chris Mann in 1978, and since Chris's passing in September, have asked if I could make it available.  Here it is - Chris is in full flight - I asked him to scream abuse at the camera for a short period, which he did, beautifully.  I then took the soundtrack and, using one of the first digital rate-changers, stretched the sound out of comprehensibility (and believe me, since this is a family show, you'd want comprehensibility removed) and then made a cut-up of the slow-down.  I did the same with the visuals and then juxatoposed the two.  At the end, there is a brief clip of Chris doing Sufi whirling with a bush slasher, and then playing bush cricket with the slasher for a bat and an onion for the ball.  The onion was hurled from off camera by Eva Karczag.  This is an excerpt from a 1978-1980 film called "If Structure is an Empty Glass."  I really like how the warm, glowing colours of the Super8 film stock are preserved through generations of digitization.

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