Contribution to the Common Madness - Alex Arsov's new album
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 9:55AM


My colleague Alex Arsov, from Soundbytes Magazine ( has just released an album under the name of “Unhappy,” called “Contribution to the Common Madness.”  It started out, I think, as a straight pop album, and then, because of the massive exposure to all the new technology pouring forth in an endless wave, which all of us at Soundbytes are exposed to, it got weird.  And colourful, and gorgeous.  I hear each track of the album as consisting of two layers – one is the straight pop underlay, which varies in style, mood and tempo from track to track; and then there is overlay, which consists of all sorts of electronic and acoustic (mostly percussive) sounds, some of which may or may not be synced to the beat.  The result is a very rich soundscape that rewards listening on several levels.  Listened to closely, all sorts of details in the arranging are evident – this album was put together with infinite patience, it seems, and a great ear for timbral balances.  The mixing is transparent, and luscious.  On his website (, Alex says that he was inspired by the loose and colourful arrangements of early prog rock.  For myself, I hear some of that influence, but I hear more of the influence of, as said above, that onslaught of the latest technology we’re all subjected to from the software industry.  With all those new tools available, and all the interesting sounds they make, it becomes near impossible to resist the temptation to use them.  In Alex’s case, he uses them beautifully.  Have a listen on YouTube: and if you like what you hear, go to his website and buy the CD for 10 Euro.  Alex, with his new performing moniker of Unhappy, reflects the angst so many of us are feeling at the current political situation.  But in making his “Contribution to the Common Madness,” he has actually produced a music of quite uncommon beauty.

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