“Sketches of the Hudson River Valley" (1968) solo piano. perf. Denis Helmrich, State University of NY, Albany, 1970 &71(3 mins)

“Dirge on the Ascension of Richard Nixon to the Presidency" (1968) solo oboe. Recorded 1971 by Rene Prins. (3 mins)

“Wintermusic" (1969) clarinet and electronic tape. perf. Linda King, State University of NY, Albany 1969 (12 mins)

“Lopsided Symmetries" (1969) electronic tape. - Suny Albany Electronic Music Studio (3 mins)

“Drakula" (1969) large orchestra. perf. Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Albany, Lukas Foss, cond. Sept. 1969 (3 mins)

“Three Damnthings" (1970) vln., vla., cello. perf. American String Trio, Albany, 1970, April 1971 (10 mins)

“Four Abominations that Slithered in from the Crypt" (1970) various instrumental and theatrical media. perf. composer and friends, State U. of NY, Albany, 1971

“Jewels" (1970-71) 2 piano interiors. perf. Patricia Ivanuska and Mary Leonard, Albany NY 1971; score exhibited in "Scribing Sound" exhibition, New Music America Festival, Hartford, Conn. 1984 (indeterminate length)

“Three Graphic Scores" (1970) chamber orchestra. perf. 1971, student ensemble, Brussels Conservatorium, Michael Caesar, cond; "Face" (#1) performed La Jolla Chamber Orchestra, Thomas Nee, cond. 1973 (various durations)

“The Giant Panda's Political Forays" (1971) 2 oboes, 2 clarinets. perf. Oberlin Conservatorium, John Mizelle, cond. 1976 (10 mins)

“Non-Extravaganza (1971) Happening. Performed March 3 1971, Suny Albany. Performers: Randy Cohen, Rich Goldstein, Mary Leonard, electronics; Speakers, Rosemary Levine, Jane Brown, Judy Ryckman, R. Christopher Cooper, N. Andre Trudeau, Warren Burt; Jeff Levin, Clarinet; Phyllis Groskin - Flute; Val Charlap, Charlene Mobius, violin\, Warren Burt, accordion. With apologies to Bryn Harris..... (20 mins)

“Rich's Genuine Authentic 1:30 Down Home Department Store Blues" (1971) tape composition. Suny Albany Electronic Music Studio - EJ Korvette's - Wolf Road, Colonie, NY, and the Briarcliff Strings Play Your Favorite Songs of Love LP. (21 mins)

“15 Graphic Scores" (1971) visual music (open durations)

“The Official FTA Fanfare" (1971) tape collage of army bugle calls- for E. J. Dudden (1 min)

“60s Re-Union in 70 With Verniers" (1970-71) by Bryn Harris - electronic realization by Warren Burt Aug. 71 SUNY Albany Studio (12 mins)

“CREDO" - from "Mass Medium" (1970-71) by Bryn Harris, for voices and electronics. Electronic Realization by Warren Burt Soloist: Mark Bornfield - Chorus: Michael Reynolds, Charlene Mobius, Dawn Marr, Josh Greenburg, Warren Burt, Ann Rugh Director, Warren Burt. Recorded Sept 1, 1971,. Group for Experimental Music, Suny Albany. (26 mins)

“Trilobites and Aardvarks" (1971) 2 channel tape. texts by H.S. Ashbee. perf. UCSD; Logos Fdn. Ghent, Belgium 1972 (1 hour)

“Aardvarks II - In Memoriam Carl Ruggles - Mr. Natural Encounters Flakey Foont!" (1971) solo piano Perf. Virginia Gaburo, San Diego; Bloomington; Ball State U, Ohio, 1974-75; perf. Keith Humble, San Diego 1971; Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, 1975-76; Published, Lingua Press, Iowa City, 1975 (5 mins)

“3-1971" (1971) graphic score (3 mins)

“Flakey Foont Encounters Fatback" (1972) graphic score (open duration)

“Sketches of Scenes and Seasons from Upstate New York" (1971-72) 2 channel tape perf. UCSD, Cal Arts, Kitchen, NYC 1972-73 (34 mins)

“Real Science Comix Funnies nr. 1 - John Lilly Meets the Dolphins" (1972) dolphin, whale, walrus and human sounds on 2 channel tape. Perf. Project for Music Experiment, UCSD, 1972; Kitchen, NYC, 1973 (8 mins.)

“Polymdrone" (1972) voice, alto sax, trombone, bass,vibraphone (3 mins)

“Balloon Raga" (1972) Moog synthesizer and tape delay on two channel tape (10 mins)

“Phrases, Please, or, My Name is Country and Western Oatmeal, Boys and Girls!" (1972) three piano accordions. Perf. Pauline Oliveros, Reinhard Berg, W. Burt, UCSD 1973 (indeterminate length)

“Five Little Cripples" (1972) violin and cello (2 mins)

“50's Nostalgia (String Quartet #1)"(1973) string quartet (8 mins)

“Crustaceana (String Quartet #2)"(1973) string quartet and live electronics. Perf. North Park String Quartet with composer, electronics, Center for Music Experiment, UCSD, 1974 (21 mins)

“Apres Jane Fonda" and "Cheesepuffs" (1973) live electronics. Live electronic improvisations in collaboration with Randy Cohen, Rich Gold, and Gregory Kramer, California Institute of the Arts, 1973 (30 mins each)

“Rubber Duck Domination" (1973) solo piano. perf. by composer, Mills College, Oakland 1974; La Trobe Uni. Aust. Composers and Performers Seminar, 1977. Robert Zocchi, ABC-Radio, 1989. (21 mins)

“Lullabies II" (1973) live electronics and tape delay. Perf. composer, Kitchen, NYC, 1973 (30 mins)

“Interlewd" (1973) oboe solo and "Screaming Times Square Men's Room Love" (1973) solo piano or duet for oboe and piano (10 mins)

“Lankhmarian Music and Poetry" (1973) solo violin and speaking voice (3 mins)

“for Charlemagne Palestine" (1973) 2 channel tape. Perf. UCSD 1973 (15 mins)

“Mr. Burt his Memory of Mr. White his Fantasy on Mr. Dunstable his Musick" (1974) 2 reed organs and 2 toy pianos. Perf. with "Pagode" by Kim MacConnel, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, 1974; "Pagode" sculpture with tape of music in permanent collection of Karl Stroher Museum, West Germany (2+ hours) "Polyphonic Settings of Plainchant for Home and Office (#35)" (1974) Toy Piano and 2 reed organs. Perf. S. Ganus, Ronald Al Robboy, W.B., Unitarian Church, San Diego, 1974 (15 mins)

“WEB" (1974) live electronics. Live electronic improvisation with Ernie Morgan and Bruce Rittenbach, UCSD, 1974 (60 minutes)

“Flying Pickle Music for Donald Roller Wilson" (1974) sound sculpture installation at La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, 1974 (4 hours)

“Harmonia Mundane" (1974) 2 channel tape. Perf. UCSD 1974, Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, 1975 (89 mins)

“Bobo the Clone....." (1974) live electronics. Perf. Serge Tcherepnin's house, Newhall, Ca. 1974 (55 mins)

“Burial of the Dead" (1974) organ, 4 electric keyboards, bells, singers. Perf. composer and friends, Albany, NY 1974 (25 mins)

“Fragment of the Urugrii Music of Atlantis" (1974) solo viola (3 mins)

“A Guided Tour to the Caves of Uranus" (1974) color NTSC video and sound synthesis. Perf. UCSD, 1975, Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles 1975, CHCMC,Melbourne, 1976. In collection of Griffith Artworks, Brisbane, 1999 (23 mins)

“24 Preludes (and Fugues) (vol.1)" (1972-75) various musical and conceptual media, some performed, some not, USA and Aus. 1972-77; score exhibited in Bookworks Show, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne 1979-80 (original to score lost by them)

“Piano Trio No. 1 - Properties of the Universe as Expressed in Sissy Games" (1974) violin, cello, piano (20 mins)

“Piano Trio No. 2 - Turkish Toy Duck Machine" (1974) violin, cello, piano. Perf. Decorative Arts Trio, San Diego and San Marcos, Ca. 1975; Topology, Brisbane, 3 Aug 2002 (5 mins)

“Vocalise, or "Officer, Come Quick! Some Axe Murderer is Attacking the Impressionists with a Vegematic" (1975) soprano, viola, harp or guitar or mandolin. Perf. Robin Gillette, San Diego State University, 1975 (5 mins)

“Very Smart Microbes" (1975) Color NTSC video and sound synthesis. Perf. UCSD 1975, CHCMC ,Melbourne 1976 (25 mins)

“Aardvarks IV" (1972-75) 4 channel tape. Perf. San Diego; York University, England; Palais de Beaux Arts, Brussels; Logos Fdn., Ghent; La Trobe University, 1975; Mill Theatre, Geelong, 1983 (72 mins)

“Three Music Boxes for the Golden Hills Food Co-op" (1975) sound sculpture installation in collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy and David Dunn. Golden Hills, San Diego, 1975 (all day)

“Fatty Acid" (1973-76) performance art with Ronald Al Robboy and David Dunn. Many performances, broadcasts, etc. in California and New York. (various durations)

“Fatty Acid: The School of Cage" (1975) B+W NTSC documentary video tape in collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy and David Dunn- perf. UCSD 1975; documents from tape published Ear Magazine, New York, 1977 (45 mins)

“Chicken Pictures" (1975) conceptual score for chickens and electronics exhibited UCSD 1975 (indeterminate length)

“Recital" (1975) B+W NTSC video performance- voice and piano accordion in collaboration with Jennifer Kotter; perf. 1987, ACCA, Melbourne, WB (15 mins)

“US 1910-1914, China 1930-1949" (1975) solo guitarist/reader. Perf. Ned Sublette, Albuquerque, New York, San Diego, 1976-77 (12 mins)

“Adieu, Limpid Lilacs" (1975) cello and piano (3 mins)

“Harmonies of the Universe" (1975) two reed organs. Perf. Ron Nagorcka and W.B., La Mama, Melbourne, 1975 (15 mins) "Fall Snows" (1975) Scalatron microtonal organ (10 mins)

“Non-Aligned Misreading of the Constructivists" (1975-76) two pianos. Perf. Mark Sladek, Pompei Ranaldo; Stephen Whittington, director, Adelaide, 1991. Recorded by ABC. (36 mins)

“Four Quartets and a Canon" (1976) 4 channel tape. Perf La Trobe Uni., broadcast ABC-FM, 1977 (75 mins)

“Nighthawk" (1972-76) videotape, 4 channel tape, slides, and live performer - solo opera. Pt. 1 - live reader and 2 slide projectors; pt. 2 - 4 channel tape and 1 slide projector; pt. 3 - color videotape and stereo soundtrack. Perf. UCSD 1975 (pt. 1 - staging by Ned Sublette) University of California, Santa Cruz 1974 (pt. 1 - staging by William Brooks) La Trobe Uni. Music Rostrum Festival 1976; Sydney Opera House (Bill Fontana's Sunday afternoon series) 1976; Adelaide University; San Diego State University; University of Illinois, Urbana; Oberlin Conservatorium; Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque; State Uni. of NY, Albany; California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles; 1977; La Trobe Uni.(part 3) 1978, (part 2) 1981; Part 1 Published by Lingua Press, Iowa City, 1976. Excerpt of Part 3 performed Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006. (3 1/2 hours)

“We Can't Call it Prelude to Naples" (1976) synthesizer and 7 cassette recorders. Perf. Ron Nagorcka and W.B. ABC Waverley Studio Concerts 1976, Published in the Anthology from the Centre for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, 1979-80 (20 mins)

“Birthday" (1976) any 5 chording instruments. Perf. W.B. and friends ABC Waverley Studio Concerts 1976 (10 mins)

“Uncovering Resonances" (1976) B+W PAL video- voices, cassettes and environment with Ron Nagorcka and Dan Robinson, Rye Ocean Beach, 1976; perf. La Trobe Uni 1978 (35 mins)

“Songs on Obscene, Political and Stupid Texts" (1976) voice and piano on cassette. Recorded WB, La Trobe Uni 1976 (30 mins)

“Canonic Variations/Remove" (1976) voice and electronics on 2 channel tape. Text by Christopher Mann (10 mins)

“Stalin" (1977) theatre piece for solo reader, 3 cassettes and cloth hangings. Perf. WB, CHCMC, 1977, Institute of Contemporary Art, Central Street Gallery, Sydney, 1977; text published in ICA Magazine, Sydney, 1977 (30 mins)

“Drowning" (1977) viola and live electronics; or viola or cello and 2 channel tape. Version 1 perf. David Dunn, Paul DiMarinis, WB, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California, 1977; version 2 perf. Christian Wojtowicz, Melbourne 1979 Score to 'cello version lost in Ferry Boat sinking, Adriatic Sea, 1981! (16 mins)

“Ukelele Modules" (1977) solo ukelele street music performed in many parks, airport lounges, bus waiting rooms, etc. 1977-78 (open duration)

“Salon Music (after MacDowell)" (1977) offstage piano and 2 keyed percussion. Perf. Aust. Percussion Ensemble, CHCMC, 1977 (10 mins)

“Syntactic Switches" (1977) voices and electronics. Collaboration with Chris Mann, perf. La Mama Theatre Carlton, 1977 (35 mins)

“The Waltzing Instinct in Ostriches" (1977) organ, cassettes, performance art. Collaboration with Ron Nagorcka and Malcolm Ellis, perf. Melb. Festival of Organ and Harpsichord 1977 (10 mins)

“Five Synthetic Pop Songs" (1977) voice, ukelele and reed organ - texts by Ned Sublette after Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag. Perf. WB, CHCMC, 1977, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 1977 (5 mins)

“Tasmanian "D" " (1977) junk electronics, flute, percussion. Perf. WB, Launceston Conservatorium; Hobart Conservatorium, Tasmania, 1977; CHCMC, 1978; version for KUNM radio, Albuquerque made Waterford, NY, 1980 (36 mins)

“12 Hour Piece" (1977) dance/music marathon collaboration with Eva Karczag- dance, instruments, electronics. Perf. Eva Karczag, Nan Hassall, Les Gilbert, Bill Fontana, WB, Melbourne 1977 (12 hours)

“Two Nocturnals- A-3:5:9 and B-4:6:7" (1977) color PAL video and sound synthesis tapes. Perf. Melbourne, 1977; La Trobe Uni, 1978; Sydney, 1979; Venice Biennale, 1980; New Music America Festival, Hartford, 1984, excerpt at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006. (37 mins and 38 mins)

“Aardvarks V: Study for Symphony" (1977) 2 channel tape. Released on Move Records, Melbourne, 1978 (15 mins)

“Aardvarks V: Symphony" (1977) live electronics or 2 channel tape. Perf. WB La Trobe Uni. 1977 (1 hour) "Shadowdrum" (1977) color PAL modified live video and timpani. Collaboration with John McCaughey, tape perf. La Trobe Uni. 1978 (20 mins)

“Pastorale" (1977-78) 2 channel tape. Perf. Australian Composers and Performers Seminar, La Trobe Uni. 1978 (1 hour)

“Blind Lemon Pledge Sings 5 Political Songs" (1976-78) voice and ukelele, performance art. Perf. Ashes of Sydney Festival, Sydney, 1977, CHCMC, 1977 and many other venues (12-15 mins)

“24 Preludes (and Fugues) (vol. 2)" (1976-78) various instrumental and conceptual media. Some performed, some not, WB and friends, Aust. USA, Europe, 1975-1980; "Hebraic Variations" from this set published in the Anthology from the Centre for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland, 1979-80 (various lengths)

“Two Documentaries on Bill Fontana's Work" (1978) B+W PAL video tape. Perf. National Gallery, Melb. 1978 (20 mins each)

“Soundtrack to Venus Reclining" (1978) voice, piano, and electronics. Soundtrack to a video by Robert Randall and Frank Bendinelli, perf. Melbourne, Sydney 1978 (35 mins)

“Searching for Echoes at Launching Place" (1978) environmental performance for trombone and cassettes; or 2 channel tape and slides. Perf. James Fulkerson, trombone; Sarah Hopkins and WB, slides; CHCMC; Caulfield Arts Centre; La Trobe Uni, 1978 (20 mins)

“Silver (Piano Dance)" (1978) color PAL video of dance with off-camera piano. Collaboration with Eva Karczag, dance;tape perf. Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1978; Alexander Mackie School of Art, Sydney, 1987; live perf. Dartington College of Arts, England, 1978; (35 mins) piano solo version (5 mins), Paris Autumn Festival, 1983; 3 May 2002, Krannert Art Museum, Urbana, WB; 2 Aug 2002, Brisbane Powerhouse, WB.

“Salt 81:80:63" (1978) color PAL modified live video and synthesized sound. A realization of Alvin Lucier's "Queen of the South" perf. La Trobe Uni 1979 (6 mins)

“Sunrise to Sunset" (1978) all day dance and music marathon with Eva Karczag, dance, WB, music and friends. Perf. Little Lonsdale Street Studio, Melbourne, 1978. (all day)

“Pocket Calculator Music I - 39 Penguins by Moonlight" (1978) solo baritone ukelele. Perf. WB, Little Lonsdale Street Studio, Melbourne; Watters Gallery, Sydney as accompaniment to choreography by Eva Karczag, 1978 (1 hour)

“Aardvarks VII-Le Grand Ni" (1978) live electronics. Perf. WB at Sydney Uni; Experimental Art Fdn, Adelaide; RMIT, Melbourne; Queensland Festival, Brisbane; Gareema Place, Canberra; Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Treviso, Italy; Palais de Beaux Arts, Brussels; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Experimental Intermedia Fdn, NYC, 1978-79; broadcast, "Concerts by Composers" series, National Public Radio, USA, 1981 (70 mins)

“Three Studies for the Sydney Con" (1978) 2 channel tape (30 mins)

“Two Pieces- "Musica Turistica" for Organ and "Light as a Feather" for organ and choir (1978) organ solo, organ and choir. Organ solo perf. Sergio di Pieri, Church of the Frari, Venice 1979 (5 mins and 6 mins)

“Another Son of Syntactic Switches" (1978) electronic accompaniment to a reading by Chris Mann. Perf. C. Mann and WB, Bristol Musician's Collective, England 1978 (20 mins)

“Miracles of the Gay Smog Angels" (1978) solo piano. Perf. WB as accompaniment to a dance by Eva Karczag, Dartington College of Arts, England, 1978 (8 mins)

“Bad Old Days of Self-Indulgent Chromaticism- Piano Trio No. 3" (1978) violin, cello, piano. Perf. by Trio Erytheia, 26 October 2003, Melbourne. (2 mins)

“24 Preludes (and Fugues) (vol. 3)" (1978) various instrumental, electronic and conceptual media. Perf. USA, Europe and Australia, WB and friends, 1978-80 (various durations)

“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (1978-79) live electronics or 2 channel tape to accompany a reading in Middle English by Ned Sublette. Perf. Ned Sublette and WB, Ear Inn, NYC, 1979 (live, 4 hours or tape, 19 mins)

“Tenebrae" (1979) organ, didjeridu, speaking voice and live electronics. Collaboration with Ron Nagorcka and Sergio di Pieri. perf. Treviso, Italy, 1979 with Roberto Pasqualato, voice. (80 mins)

“Wife Beating and Child Abuse in Australia" (1979) sopranos and cello. Perf. Astra Choir, Christian Wojtowicz, cello, Melbourne, 1979 (3 mins)

“Two New York Drones" (1979) 2 channel tape. Perf. La Trobe Uni 1980 (90 mins)

“German Music" (1979) solo cello. Perf. David Gibson, Real Art Ways, Hartford, Conn., 1980. Recorded by Julia Ryder, ABC Recordings, 1998 (7 mins)

“Sound Bath" (1979) live junk electronics. Perf. WB, Bath Musicians Co-op, England; Palais de Beaux Arts, Brussels; Henie-Onstadt Arts Centre, Oslo; 1979 (45 mins)

“Sea Pieces" (1979) choir and 4 channel tape. Perf. Astra Choir, John McCaughey, cond. Melbourne, 1980 (25 mins)

“Intercut" and "Slow Moving in the Big City" (1979-80) super 8 color sound films. Dance films made with Eva Karczag and soundtracks made in collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy; perf. New York, Melbourne, 1980 (20 mins and 10 mins)

“Suite for Cheap Technology" (1980) junk electronics on 2 channel tape. Made for radio broadcast on KUNM, Albuquerque, 1980 (26 mins)

“Leather Disco" (1980) pop junk electronics on 2 channel tape. Made for radio broadcast on KUNM, Albuquerque, 1980 (15 mins)

“Crystals" (1980) violin solo. Perf. at wedding of Ned Sublette and Constance Ash, Albuquerque, 1980 (indeterminate length)

“November 18" (1980) trombone and piano. Perf. Carl Vine, piano and Simone de Haan, trombone, Melbourne Uni., 1980 (8 mins)

“EPIC MONUMENTAL PROJECT (1978-1980) various media (5 evenings)
1. "Moods" (1978-79) color PAL synthetic video and sound. Perf. Kitchen, NYC; CHCMC; Adelaide Uni; 1980; MIMA screenings, Melbourne, 1986, excerpts at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006. (2 hours)
1a. "Suite for Synclavier" (1979) 2 channel tape. Perf CHCMC 1980; 5th movement published Lingua Press, 1981 (50 mins)
2. "Penguins" (1979-80) solo reader, 2 slide projectors, super 8 film and 2 channel tape - solo opera. Perf. WB, CHCMC; Warrnambool Fine Arts Gallery, 1980; La Trobe Uni, 1981; University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1984 (90 mins)
3. "Der Yiddisher Cowboy - A Film in English" (1974-79) super 8 color sound film. In collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy. perf. CHCMC, 1980; Melbourne State College; Video Plus Festival, Sydney, 1981; UCSD, 1982; University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1984 (2 hours 10 mins)
4. "If Structure is an Empty Glass" (1978-80) super 8 color sound film. Perf. CHCMC, 1980 (90 mins)
5. "8 - 8's: Four Pairs in the Shape of a Piece" (1979-80) 2 channel tape. Perf. NSW Conservatorium, 1979, CHCMC, 1980; first movement published Lingua, 1981 (64 mins)

“Requiem" (1980) super 8 color sound film. With David Dunn, violin; perf. CHCMC 1980 (10 mins)

“Tidepools" (1980) super 8 color sound film. With Ronald Al Robboy, speaking voice and live electronics; Perf. CHCMC 1980 (10 mins)

“Mass" (1980) speaking voice and electronics on 2 channel tape. Rev. Leland Harrison, voice; perf. Grace Episcopal Church, Waterford, NY, 1980 (25 mins)

“From the Dreambooks" (1980-81) 2 channel tape. Perf. CHCMC 1981 (30 mins)

“Dr. Burt's Disco-Fat Arkestra Plays Their Greatest Hits" (1981) 2 channel tape. Perf. CHCMC, 1981; published Rash, Melbourne, 1981 (12 mins)

“Computer Dance Video" (1980-81) color PAL treated synthetic video and electronic sounds. Collaboration with Eva Karczag, dance and Tom DeWitt, video; perf. La Trobe Uni 1981 (9 mins)

“Snodger Lip Lap" (1981) 2 channel tape. Tape part for a performance by Chris Mann made in collaboration with him; perf. Intl. Music and Technology Conference, Melbourne, 1981, Canberra School of Music, 1982; Paris Autumn Festival, 1983 (12 mins)

“Melbourne City Square Video Show" (1981) live media performance. In collaboration with Chris Mann, Ron Nagorcka, Chris Wyatt, Robert Randall, Frank Bendinelli, David Chesworth, Philip Brophy, Gary Willis and Eva Schramm, for Moomba, Melbourne, 1981; super 8 color sound film of "Snodger in the Square" section collaboration between Burt, Mann and Wyatt, perf. La Trobe Uni 1981 (1 hour)

“Sound Garden" (1975-81) electronic sound sculptures. Shown at 1st Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne, 1981; George Paton Gallery, Noise and Muzak show, 1982 (open duration)

“Artificial Languages" (1981) choir and 40 walkman style cassette recorders. In collaboration with Chris Mann- perf. Astra Choir, John McCaughey, cond. Monash Uni, 1981, first mvt. perf. Astra, Melbourne, 1988 (10 mins)

“Four Pieces for Synthesizer 1981" (1981) 2 channel tape. Perf. National Gallery, Melbourne (as accompaniment for Eva Karczag, dance); Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery (with David Dunn, optional violin); Canberra School of Music; Queensland Conservatorium; 1981-82; broadcast on ABC-FM, 1983; published Scarlet Aardvark, Melbourne, 1981; broadcast 6UVS, 1988 (1 hour)

“In Memoriam Bill Evans" (1982) color PAL synthetic video tape with electronic soundtrack. Perf. RMIT, Melbourne; CHCMC, 1982, excerpt at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006 (25 mins)

“Dedication Canons" (1982) string orchestra. Computer simulation of piece perf. CHCMC 1982 (35 mins)

“Texts" (1982) 2 channel tape of electronically modified voice. Perf. Canberra School of Music; CHCMC, 1982; perf. New Music in Philo, Ill. 1987 (10 mins)

“Wires" (1982) long wires, transducers, and feedback. Recorded by ABC Radio, 1982 (16 mins)

“Explorations of 31" (1981-82) sound sculpture with live electronics and dance (open duration) Perf. 1st Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne 1981; tape version perf. with Beth Shelton, dancer, CHCMC, 1982 (1 hour)

“Studies for Synthesizer" (1982) 2 channel tape. Perf. Canberra School of Music; CHCMC, 1982; University of Illinois, Urbana; 1984; broadcast ABC-FM 1983; published Scarlet Aardvark, Melbourne, 1982; broadcast 6UVS, Perth, 1988 (35 mins)

“Arsenal of Democracy" (1982) slides, 2 channel tape and up to any 4 instruments. Performed by WB, Julian Driscoll, Ernie Althoff, CHCMC; Flederman, Sydney, 1982; ALEA ensemble, Perth, 1990. (20 minutes)

“Variations on a Summer's Evening" (1982) color PAL synthetic video and sound. Perf. State Film Centre, Melbourne 1982 (23 mins)

“Nature" (1981-83) super 8 color sound film. Perf. CHCMC, 1983, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, 1987, PICA, Perth, 1988 (90 mins)

“An Interview with Donald Duck (1983) two actors, one in duck mask. Theatre piece perf. by WB and Aleks Danko at 5th Annual Festival of Surrealisms, Melbourne, 1983; radio version broadcast 3PBS, Melbourne, 1983 (ca. 20 mins)

“Acoustic Music" (1983) microphones, speakers, mixer and a large resonant space. Perf. PBAA Composing for Radio series, PBAA stations, 1983-85 (20 mins)

“Natural Rhythm" (1983) underwater sounds and live electronics (open duration) Perf. St. Kilda Festival. St. Kilda Pier, 1983; broadcast as part of PBAA Composing for Radio series, PBAA stations, 1983-85 (20 mins)

“for Libby Dempster" (1983) solo piano accordion. Perf. WB and Libby Dempster, dance, Performance '83 Festival, Melbourne, 1983 (1 min)

“Adeline Carey Piece" (1983) loop of black folk singer Adeline Carey and 3 cassette recorders. Perf. Brunswick Street Studio, WB, 1983 (10 mins)

“Aardvarks IX - part 1" (1982-83) live electronics or 2 channel tape. Perf. Brim Brim Gallery, Queenscliff; La Trobe Uni; on ABC Radio 2 for "Melbourne Makes Music" show; at Paris Autumn Festival; University of Illinois, Urbana; Harvard University; Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York; New Langton Arts, San Francisco; Drew University, Madison, NJ; UCSD, 1983-84 (1 hour)

1. "The Wanderer - Pocket Calculator Music II" (1983) english horn, bassoon, french horn, bass trombone, viola, cello and conductor (11 minutes)
2. "A Vassarpiece of the Bardic Tradition" (1983) piano, computer and 2 channel tape or piano and 2 channel tape. Perf. WB, computer and piano, at Bard College; Vassar College; Bennington College; Rennselaer Polytechnic Inst. 1983-84 (16 mins)
3. "for Lisa" (1983) solo piano (5 mins)
4. "Justice, Equality and Beatings I" (1984) live Yamaha DX-7 or monophonic tape. Perf. Harvard, 1984; published International Synergy, Los Angeles, 1986 (21 mins)
5. "Piano Quintet" (1983-84) 2 violins, viola, cello, piano. Perf. Long Beach Composers Symposium, Dorothy Martirano, Toni Marcus, violins; Carrie Holtzman, viola; Ed Willet, cello; William Trusten, piano; Clyde Mitchell, conductor; 1986 (15 mins)
6. "Pieces for Piano - San Diego, Feb. 1984" (1984) solo pianist/reader (12 mins)

“Drones for Christine Boshier's Sculpture" (1984) 2 channel tape. Installation at Bennington College, Vermont, 1985 (open duration)

“Australian Memories for Iowa" (1984) live computer and environmental tapes. Perf. WB, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1984 (1 hour)

“Aardvarks IX - part 2" (1984) live computer or 2 channel tape. Perf. University of Iowa, Iowa City; UCSD; Experimental Intermedia Fdn., NYC; Drew University; Harvard University; New Langton Arts, San Francisco; Bennington College, 1984; Visibility Gallery, Melbourne, 1985 (70 mins)

“Thoreau Fragments" (1985) soprano and two treble melody instruments. Recorded for ABC FM, "The Listening Room" 1988, Jacqui Rutten, soprano. (8 mins)

“Justice, Equality and Beatings 2A & 2B" (1985) 2 channel tape. Perf. Niagara Lane Studio, Melbourne, 1985; broadcast ABC-FM 1985 (50 mins)

“Woodwind Quintet" (1985) flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn (6 mins)

“Three Big Brass Canons" (1985) 12 muted trumpets, or flugelhorns (9 mins)

“If/Then" (1985) 2 channel tape. Soundtrack for video of the same name by Jean-Marc Le Pechoux (4 mins)

“Two Dance Accompaniments for Eva Karczag" (1985) live electronics and whistling. Perf. WB, as accompaniment for Eva Karczag, dance, Melbourne 1985 (40 mins each)

“Portraits and Homages" (1985) 2 channel tape. Perf. Geraldine's Lounge Room, East St. Kilda, 1985, broadcast ABC-FM, 1985 (27 mins)

“Dance Accompaniment for John McLaughlin" (1985) 2 channel tape. Perf. Vic. Coll. of Arts Dance Students, Horsham, Vic, 1985 (25 mins)

“Five Part Inventions with Lyrebird" (1985) live electronics, taped lyrebird, wind up duck and performance art. Perf. WB, Performance '85 Festival, Melbourne (15 mins)

“Heaven/Below" (1985) piano accordion, percussion and live electronics- solo performer. Live dance accompaniment for Jane Refshauge's realisation of Deborah Hay's dance of the same name. perf. Performance '85 festival,1985; Women's 150 Dance Festival, Melbourne, 1986 (35 mins)

“Miniatures" (1981-85) piano solo (6 mins)

“Green" (1981-85) bassoon, violin, viola, cello (11 mins)

“Three Environmental Compositions" (1984-85) environmental sounds on 2 channel tape. part 1 (Yarra for Annea) perf. Visibility Gallery, Melbourne; broadcast ABC-FM, 1985 & 1996; part 2 (Peobles Island Tapes perf. Niagara Lane Studio, Melbourne, 1985; part 3 (Four Environments) perf. Geraldine's Lounge Room, East St. Kilda, 1985 (2 hrs 30 mins)

“Drones for Joan Brassil" (1985) 2 channel tape installation at Sydney Biennale, 1986 (open duration)

“Post-Modern Waltzes" (1985) solo piano (5 mins)

“The Perspecta Tapes" (1985) voices, computer speech synthesizers, electronics, piano on 2 channel tape. Collaboration with Chris Mann and Ernie Althoff. perf. Perspecta '85, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 1985, broadcast 2MBS-FM Sydney, 1985; 6UVS, '88 (25 mins)

“Almond Bread Harmonies I" (1985) 41 treble tuning forks, 5 players. Perf. WB, Vineta Lagzdina, Richard Vella, Jill Scott, Joan Grounds, Perspecta '85, Art Gallery of NSW, 1985 (45 mins)

“Robert and Catherine" (1985) bass clarinet, alto flute, 2 channel tape. Recorded by Robert Paredes and Catherine Schieve for ABC-FM, 1986 (11 mins)

“Alertness" (1985) events for improvising orchestra. Computer produced scores. Perf. students Melbourne CAE Music Dept., 1985 (open duration)

“Almond Bread Harmonies II" (1985) 41 treble tuning forks, 5 players. Perf. Ernie Althoff, Angela Dillon, Rodney Berry, Robert Paredes, Catherine Schieve; State Craft Centre Gallery, North Melbourne, 1985; recorded ABC Radio for "Melbourne Makes Music" show, 1985 Issued on "Music for Tuning Forks" cassette 1987 (30 mins)

“Inside the Almond Bread" (1985) 2 unamplified acoustic guitars. Performed 1987 Los Angeles by ?? Guitar Duo (12 mins)

“Angela" (1985) violin and 2 channel tape (11 mins)

“Easy Rounds and Folk Dances" (1985) 2 channel tape. Perf. International Synergy, Los Angeles; State U. of NY, Albany; Rennselaer Polytechnic Inst; 1986; broadcast KPFA, Berkeley; KPFK, Los Angeles; KUNI, Cedar Rapids; 1986; 6UVS, Perth, 88 (40 mins)

“Ptolemaic Phase Dances" (1986) tuning forks and environmental sounds on two channel tape (30 mins)

“A Didactic Gas Piece" (1986) electronic and acoustic sounds processed through atmosphere chambers with live narration. Broadcast KPFA, Berkeley, 1986 (10 mins)

“Pythagorean Gas Dances" (1986) electronic sounds processed through atmosphere chambers (25 mins)

“ooh ee ooh ah ah" (1986) solo reading voice. Perf. WB, any party he was at, 1986 (45 secs)

“Prelude for Archifoon" (1986) solo Archifoon microtonal organ (5 mins)

“Father Piece" (1986) speaking voice, flute, clarinet, violin, soprano (12 mins)

“37 Views of the Zahir for David Dunn" (1986) voices, piano, cello, cassette recorders on 2 channel tape. Collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy, broadcast 3MBS, Melbourne, 1987 (37 mins)

“What It's Like to be in Los Angeles" (1986) voices and live electronics. Text by Chris Mann, collaboration with David Dunn for Mickey Remann's Worldwide Telephone Concert, Planet Earth, 1986 (3 mins)

“The Exquisite" (1986) 41 treble tuning forks, one player wearing binaural microphones. Perf. International Synergy, Los Angeles; University of Illinois, Urbana; 1986 (15 mins)

“A Simple Patch" (1986) live electronics. Perf. WB, International Synergy, Los Angeles, 1986 (9 mins)

“Cynthia, Elaine, and Warren - Improvisation Tapes" (1986) live electronics and instruments on 2 channel tape. Collaborations with Cynthia Wohl and Elaine Barkin, North Hollywood, 1986 (various durations)

“What Are Friends For?" (1986) voices, piano, cello, violin, and cassettes on 2 channel tape. Collaboration with Ronald Al Robboy and Paul Severtson; broadcast 3MBS-FM, Melbourne, 1987 (15 mins)

“Prayer to a Displaced Person" (1986) soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello. Text by I.F. Stone; perf. Merlyn Quaife, Australia Felix Ensemble, Spain, 1986. recorded 1987 ABC, Melbourne, Jacqui Rutten, voice; performed ALEA ensemble, PICA, Perth, 12 July 1990.(3 mins)

“Meditations" (1986) Color NTSC Video and Sound Synthesis perf. International Synergy, Los Angeles; EZTV, Los Angeles; Sydney International Video Festival; Melbourne Film Festival; American Film Institute National Video Show, Los Angeles; 1986; broadcast Group W Cable, USA, 1986; Qld. Uni., Griffith Uni., Qld. Coll.of Art., PICA, Perth, 1988, excerpts at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006.(6 hours, installation, or 2 hours, standalone version)

“The Duck Tapes - Chapter 9 - The Flesh of this Fowl" (1986) color NTSC video tape. Dance/performance art tape made in colloboration with choreographer Lou Blankenburg for broadcast on "Dancings", Iowa City Public TV, 1986 (1hour)

“Lo-Fi Proposals" (1986) Casio SK-1 and environmental sounds. Perf. Experimental Intermedia Fdn., NYC; 1986; broadcast 2MBS-FM, Sydney, 1986 (30 mins)

“Half-Hour Improvisation" (1986) 41 treble tuning forks, solo performer. Perf. WB, Experimental Intermedia Fdn. NYC, 1986; broadcast on "Concerts by Composers" series, National Public Radio, USA 1987 (30 mins)

“Voices, Tuning Forks, and Accordion" (1986) 40 solo voices with one tuning fork each, microtonal piano accordion. Computer program for score made by Henry Hunter, Albany, NY; 1986; perf. Astra Choir, Catherine Schieve, accordion, John McCaughey, conductor, Melbourne, 1986, Issued on "Music for Tuning Forks" cassette, 1987 (15 mins)

“String Trio No. 2" (1981-86) color PAL video tape. Perf. Angela Dillon, violin, viola, cello; Stephen Goddard, video mix; WB, sound mix. Tape perf. MIMA Touring Exhibition, Australia, 1987; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne; Alexander Mackie College of Art, Sydney; La Trobe Uni. Melbourne; 1987 Qld Uni., Griffith Uni., Bellas Gallery, Brisbane, Qld. College of Art., PICA, Perth, 1988 (12 mins)

“Sonata in Memoriam Don Banks" (1987) 2 channel tape (12 mins)

“String Quartet No. 4" (1987) 2 violins, viola, cello. Computer version on 2 channel tape also produced, 1987 computer version perf. U. of Iowa comp. seminar, Oct. 87; winner, Adolf Spivakovsky composition award, Melbourne, 1987; broadcast 3MBS, Melbourne, 6UVS, Perth, 1988 (15mins)

“Improvisation on Two Ancient Greek Modes" (1987) multitracked treble, tenor and bass tuning forks, 2 players. Perf. Ernie Althoff and WB, live on ABC Radio National "Music Line" program, 87, published Experimental Musical Insts. USA, 1987, Issued on "Music for Tuning Forks" cassette, 1987; broadcast 6UVS, 88 (10 mins)

“A Treasury of New Zealand Birds" (1987) 6 cassette recorders or electric guitar and 2 channel tape. Cassette recorders version perf. WB, New Music Picnic, East Malvern, 1987 (17 mins)

“Responses and Compressions" (1987) instruments, electronics and environmental sounds. Collaboration with Angela Dillon, viola; Ernie Althoff, percussion; Herb Jercher, guitar; Simone de Haan, trombone; and Barry Veith, soprano sax; broadcast by ABC Radio National "Surface Tension" program, 1987 (45 mins)

“Responses and Compressions II" (1987) instruments and tapes-live version of the above for four simultaneous performers and tapes. Performed Oct. 10, 87 at Pipeline Concert, Melbourne; Angela Dillon, viola; Ernie Althoff, percussion; Darrell Pratt, percussion; and Simone de Haan, trombone.(10 mins)

“Words and Sounds in the Australian Landscape" (1985-87) voices, electronics and environmental sounds. Collaboration with Chris Mann, Les Gilbert, Walter Billeter, and Kris Hemensley, for ABC-FM/Australian Bicentennial commission; broadcast Jan. 1988; "Northern Tasmanian Topographic Canons", excerpt from this work by WB, broadcast on Northern Tasmanian Radio, Mar. '87, and perf. New Music in Philo, Philo, Ill. April '87 (112 mins)

“Samples for Orchestra II: Ravel Homage" (1987) live electronics. Perf. Aust. Center for Contemporary Art; La Trobe University, Univ. of Iowa, Sydney Con 1987 Qld. Uni., Griffith Uni., Qld. Coll. of Art, 1988; Blue Mountains Fest. Sept 1990; broadcast 3MBS, 6UVS,1988 (8 mins)

“A Treasury of New Zealand Birds, Vol. 2" (1987) live sampler with keyboard. Perf. La Trobe Uni. 1987, broadcast 3MBS, 1988 (8 mins)

“Six Short Inventions on Six Ancient Greek Modes" (1987) live sampler with tuning fork timbre. Perf. La Trobe Uni.; Linden New Music Concerts St. Kilda, 1987; PICA, Perth, broadcast 3MBS, 6WF, 6UVS; 1988 (8 mins)

“An Improvisation for Anzac Day" (1987) percussion and voice. Video of improvisation made by Greg Temple at Geraldine's Lounge Room, April 26, 1987 (5 mins)

“Samba Dodecaphonica for Charlie Buel" (1987) 2 channel tape. Perf. Charlie Buels living room, L.A. Oct '87 (2'13")

“4'33" for a Radiothon" (1987) 2 channel tape. Not broadcast on 3MBS-FM, Melbourne June 15,16, 1987 (4'33")

“Justice, Equality and Beatings IV" (1987) live Akai Sampler. Perf. in excerpt in Contemporary Music Class, Vic. Coll. Arts. June '87; perf. in excerpt at Kenneth Gaburo concert, Elm St. Hall, North Melbourne, July, 87; complete at Blue Mountains Festival, Sept 90. (21 mins)

“for Caroline (Double Concerto for Sampled Tuning Forks, Brass, Strings, Cellist and Whistler in Storm Drain, New Zealand Birds and Kitchen Percussion)" (1987) 2 channel tape. Commissioned by the Victorian Ministry of the Arts for their booth at the Royal Agricultural Show, Melbourne, Sept. '87 (15 mins 25 secs)

“Collaboration" with Amanda Stewart (1987) 2 channel tape. Voice: Amanda Stewart; electronics, WB, perf. Sydney Conservatorium Composition Seminar, Sept. '87, University of Iowa Comp. Seminar; San Jose State Uni. Comp. Seminar Oct. 87; Broadcast Nov. '87 ABC-FM, Certificate of Merit, Australian Hi-Fi Award, 1988, Broadcast Radio Poland, Finland, France, Hungary, 1988 (24 mins 22 secs)

“Homage to Duchamp" (1987) treble tuning forks, pzm and binaural microphones. Perf. New Music America, Philadelphia; University of Iowa, San Jose State University, Oct. 87, recorded ABC radio, Nov. 87 (ca. 20 mins)

“Mayakovsky, Tatlin, Malevich, El Lissitsky" (1987) collaboration with Larry Wendt- live electronics- braille speech synthesizer, Casio SK5, 2 digitising teddy bears on binaural tape. Recorded San Jose, Ca. Oct. '87 (7 mins 30 secs)

“Samples III for Orchestra" (1987) computer processed orchestra sounds on 2 channel tape. Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, James Ferguson, conducting, WB, computer processing and mixing, broadcast ABC-FM, Nov. 87; excerpt broadcast US Public Radio 88-89 (83 mins 26 secs)

“Epigrams" (1987) 3 actors, tuning forks, tube drums, just intonation accordion, violin, viola, sticks, & sampler on 2 channel tape. Howard Stanley, Jane Refshauge, Susie Fraser, voices, Angela Dillon, Ernie Althoff, Warren Burt, instruments; broadcast ABC-FM, Nov. 87 (16 mins 15 secs)

“Portrait of Miriam" (1987) 2 channel tape, Dec. '87 (6 mins 30 secs)

“Love Song-Waltz" (1987) solo harp or piano or 2 channel tape Dec. '87 (1 min 50 secs)

“Three Identical Chains of Harmonies of 5 & 7 Rhythmically Related by 29, 30 and 31" (1987) live electronics or 2 channel tape. Dec. '87 Patch installed in Westpac Gallery, Melbourne, Feb. '88.(8 mins 50 secs)

“Improv on Alemba, Tuning Forks, and Potlids" (1988) in collaboration with Rodney Berry and Ernie Althoff. Perf. Westpac Gallery, Melbourne, Feb. 14, 1988. (14 mins)

“Three Short 3DIS Dances" (1988) collaboration with Shona Innes, using 3DIS system, for HSV7 TV program "Beyond 2000" 1988 (2 mins)

“To the Land of Dreams and Dreaming" (1988) soundtrack for a dance by Sylvia Staehli- text by Sylvia Staehli. perf. Adelaide Fringe Festival; Spoleto Fringe Festival, Northcote Town Hall Anti-Bicentennial Show, Melbourne 1988. (15 mins)

“Ghosting William Buckley" (1988) Sound and music for the Radio Play of the same name by Barry Hill, produced by Rodney Wetherell for ABC-Radio, Melbourne broadcast ABC-Radio National 1988, Australian Entry in Drama Category, Prix Italia, 1988 (70 mins)

“Canter's Deli" (1986-88) Environmental tape or Synthetic Orchestra with Environmental Tape or Synthetic Orchestra or Real Orchestra. Albert Maggs commission, U of Melbourne, 1987 (10 mins)

“Pond" (1988) 50 solo voices and 50 tuning forks (with optional drone) accompaniment for Nan Hassall and Tim Gruchy's "Retort II" perf. Vic. Arts Center, Melbourne, April 1988 (15 mins)

“Fantasias, Quartets and Nocturnes" (1986-88) 2 channel tape in 9 movements; perf. International Synergy, Los Angeles, Bennington College, State U. of NY, Albany, 1986; KPFK, Los Angeles, 1986 (1); Duncan Gibbs Soiree, Templestowe; Bellas Gallery, Brisbane; Qld. Uni.; Qld. Conservatorium; PICA, Perth; 3MBS; 6UVS; 1988 (1,4,7) Broadcast ABC-FM, 1987 (3); Contemp. Music Class, VCA, Melbourne; Syd. Con.; U. of Iowa Comp. Sem. 1987 (4); SIMS Conference, Melbourne, 88 (8); 3MBS 1988 (9) (3 x 30 mins, total)

“Sensus/3DIS Installation" (1988) environmental computer controlled installation at Sensus pavilion Expo 88, Brisbane, using Simon Veitch's 3DIS computer vision system. Revised version- August 8-10, 88 (6 months)

“Entrance Music for Expo 88" (1988) 2 channel tape for Melbourne Street Gate, Expo 88 Brisbane (not used)

“Northbrook House Sound Installation" (1988) Collaboration with Ernie Althoff- soundsculptures and sampler for Malvern Community Arts Festival- May 88 (4 hours)

“Sopra Piano Io" (1988) collaboration with Berni Janssen- electronic setting of poem- 2 channel tape (3 mins)

“Musical Chaology" (1988) 2 channel tape or live electronics perf. Linden concert, St. Kilda, June 88, broadcast on "In Tempo" 3AR Melbourne June 88 (10 mins)

“A Musical Fractal" (1988) 2 channel tape (4 mins 18 secs)

“War Story" (1988) Music and sound effects for the Randelli Video Piece of the same name- video soundtrack- premiered State Film Centre, Melbourne Film Festival, June 88; Aus. Cntr. Contemp. Art 1989 (36 mins)

“An Electronic Realization of John Cage's Writing for the Second Time through Finnegan's Wake" (1988) 2 channel tape -for Bloomsday Celebrations-Collected Works Bookstore, Melbourne (10 mins)

“Fourth Jobim Deconstruction" (1988) accordion, flute, trombone, live mix 4 channel tape; perf. Pipeline, Burnie Art Centre, Tas. 1988 (10 mins)

“Philadelphia Harmonies" (1988) treble tuning forks and tape delay, one performer (20 mins)

“15 Spiralling Tetrachords (Modulating Diatonics) (1988) treble tuning forks and binaural microphones; perf. Griffith Uni, Qlde; Qld. Uni., Bellas Gallery, Brisbane, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda; PICA, Perth, 1988 (15 mins)

“Not for Public Consumption (Unused Sounds from Expo 88) (1988) 4 channel tape and 2 channel tape, improvised live mix; perf. Bellas Gallery, Brisbane; PICA, Perth, 1988 (21 mins)

“Fractals (Harangue)" (1988) piccolo, english horn, trombone, speaking voice, live mixed 4 channel tape; commissioned for SIMS Conference, Melbourne 88, perf. Pipeline, SIMS 88 (15 mins)

“of course, with extracts from Bonaparte, a neo-rationalist mechanical operetta" (1988) collaboration with Chris Mann- voices, live mixed 4 channel tape, Casio SK5 sampler, accordion, 3 whistlers; perf. Burnie Art Gallery, Burnie, Tas.; SIMS Conference, Melbourne; New Directions Festival, Sydney; 88 (50 mins)

“Meat Market Music" (1988) live electronic installation, analog patch installed Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne, 1988 (3 weeks)

“More 3DIS Patches" (1988) interactive electronic installations using 3DIS system, National Composers Conference, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 1988

“Homage to Rik Rue" (1988) live radio collage- collaboration with Lindsay Vickery and James Waring-Smith, 6UVS-FM Perth, 1988 (90 mins)

“Riffs for Ross" (1988) live sampler and tape; broadcast 6WF - ABC Perth, 6UVS-FM, Perth, perf. PICA, Perth 1988 (13 mins)

“Second Bluebell Rhapsody" (1988) improvising ensemble and live sampler; perf. Evos Youth Ensemble, PICA, Perth, 1988 (10 mins)

“Live Mix" (1988) live radio collage- collaboration with Tos Mahoney, Alan Lamb, Lindsay Vickery, Terry Ann White, Ros Bolleter, broadcast 6UVS-FM Perth, 1988 (23 mins)

“Card Piece" (1988) solo reader and 9 vocalists/ movers/ percussionists; perf. Evos Composer-Improvisers Workshop, PICA, Perth, 1988 (ca 30-45 mins)

“From My Window - Concerto for Wind-Controlled Serge and Samplers" (1988) Casio Digital Horn controlling Serge analog synthesizer and Personal Composer controlling Akai S900 and Roland S550 samplers- live performance on two channel tape. (19 mins)

“Thoreau Fragments with Northside Ponds, Fields, and Falls (version for radio) (1989) soprano, violin, flute and taped environmental sounds- produced Jan 1989 for ABC radio- broadcast on ABC-FM "The Listening Room," August 1990 (21 mins)

“Fair Exchanges- Hear the Dance, See the Music" (1989) collaboration with Ros Bandt, Sylvia Staehli, Jane Refshauge, Shona Innes, Simon Veitch, using dancers, 3DIS system, samplers, digital horn, lighting. St Martins Theatre, South Yarra, March 1989 (1 hr)

“Improvisation with Amanda Stewart in New York" (1989) collaboration with Amanda Stewart, voice and sampled voice, performed at Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York, April 1989 (6 mins)

“Justice, Equality and Beatings VI" (1989) live DX21 synthesizer. Performed at Logos Foundation, Ghent,Belgium, April 1989 (21 mins)

“Love Songs" (1989) solo piano. Performed at Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium, April 1989 (8-12 mins)

“63 Whispers in Memoriam Morton Feldman (1989) Bb clarinet, percussion, viola, bass, piano. Performed by Australia Felix Ensemble, October 1989 in Detmold, Dortmund, Nuremburg, Stuttgart, Germany. Perf. Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, April 90, Adelaide Festival, Mar. 1992 (8-10 mins)

“Justice, Equality and Beatings V" (organ and tape version) (1989) version for organ and two channel tape performance 13 June 1990, Stuttgart, & 30 Sept. 1992, Pitea, Sweden, by Gary Verkade; 28 Oct. 2001, Cleveland, Ohio, by Gary Verkade. (10 mins)

“anyway you can always put language down to experience" (1989) collaboration with Chris Mann. reading voice, live computer, live electronic voice processings, video and sculpture. Performed at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Sept. 89; Telecommunications and Art, V2 Gallery, s'Hertogenbosch, Holland, Sept. 89; Monash Uni, March 90; Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, May 90; Broadcast in excerpt, Jan 90 ABC-FM; March 8 90, ABC FM, complete, May 89 ABC-FM; April 89 3MBS-FM, Melbourne - Released on CD from V2, Holland, 1989 (38 mins)

“e'nuff said" (1989) collaboration with Rik Rue and Amanda Stewart. live voice, sampled voice and recorded voice. Performed at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Sept 89. Recorded Hungarian Radio, Budapest, Sept. 89. Broadcast 3PBS-FM, Dec. 89; ABC-FM, Jan '90. (11 minutes)

“A Random Walk Around Melbourne (1989) super 8 film and live electronics. Performed at Modern Image Makers Assn. Show, Melbourne, Nov. 89; Linden Gallery, Apr. 1990 (14 mins)

“There is Nothing More Provocative Than Minding Your Own Business" (1989) 2 super 8 films, live computer system and tape (15'38")

“String Quartet No. 3 (1976-89) 2 violins, viola, cello- cut up of Virgil Thomson's String Quartet No. 2 (6 mins)

“Remembering Griffes" (1989) flute and 2 channel computer tape or live electronics. Performed March '92, Canberra School of Music by M. McSullea, flute and W. Burt, electronics, broadcast ABC-FM "Random Round" 25 Nov.'92 (14 mins)

“Three Inverse Genera" (1989-90) tuning forks, 4 players, multitrack mix. Recorded for New Albion Records "Austral Voices" NA028 (11 mins)

“After Cicero: The Dream of Scipio Africanus" (1989-90) 2 channel tape with optional violin improvisation. Published in "Compositions for Improvisers" Melbourne, 1993; recorded 2002, Sherban Lupu, published on Inner Visions, Capstone Records, 2002 (13 mins)

“Recycled Mother Stories" (1990) improvisation for voice, stories and sampler, Universal Theatre, Jan 90 (14 mins)

“17 Sound Poems with Costume" (1990) computer generated text, and costume for performance in St. Kilda Festival Poetry Float with Pete Spence, Norma Pierce, Charles Roberts, Berni Janssen and Chris Mann, Feb 18, 1990, Costume cover photo on Musicworks 48, Oct. 90, Toronto.

“Justice, Equality and Beatings 7" (1990) live TX81Z synthesizer and keyboard with lead weights. perf. Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Feb 18,1990 (10-12 mins)

“Sea Birds in the Trees" (1990) improvisation for computer, sampler and two gender players - collaboration with Neil McLachlan and Terry McDermott- Monash Uni, Feb 22 1990 (ca 15 mins)

“Speaker Swinging" (1990) improvisation with computer and four performers swinging loudspeakers - collaboration with Liz Landray, Neil McLachlan, Terry McDermott, Gavan Dunn- Monash Uni, Feb 22, 1990 (ca 10 mins)

“untitled" (1990) improvisation for computer, sampler, windwands, crumhorns, and saxophones- collaboration with Landray, McLachlan, McDermott, Dunn, as above(ca 15 min)

“V/Line" by Felix Werder- computer realization by Warren Burt- perf Linden Gallery, St Kilda April 90. Released 1995 on "Machine Messages" CD, ACMA (10'41")

“Chaotic Research Music-1st Part: More Than Mere Dabbling; 2nd Part: Questioning Chaos" (1989-90) Live computer music in 10 movements. Excerpts performed at Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash Uni, August 89; Ars Electronica, Linz, Sept. 89; Styrian Autumn Festival, Graz, October 89; Modern Image Makers Assn, Melbourne; Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Nov. 89, July 90 ; Monash Uni, March 90, Sept. 90, La Trobe Uni, July 90, Museum Theatre, Brisbane, Aug. 90, Blue Mountains Fest., Sept 90; broadcast ABC-FM, Jan 90, July 90; 3MBS-FM, Aug.90 (90 mins)

“Improvisation with Al Wunder" (1990) MIDI wind controller and tapes. Collaboration with Al Wunder, dance. Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, Vic. May 1990 (ca 7 mins)

“Vegetarian Men" (1990) song for SATB chorus a capella. Published in Musicworks 48, Oct 1990, Toronto (ca 2 min)

“Moon Rays" and "The Red Blouse" (1990) electronic arrangements of tunes by Horace Silver and Antonio Carlos Jobim. Tape. (6 mins)

“38:37 - A Machine for Making Sense" (1990) PAL 3/4 U-matic Colour Videotape. Video by Warren Burt, Sound by Chris Mann. Videotape version exhibited Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Oct. 90 as part of Sydney Video Festival. Live version for video projection, reader and synthesizer player/page turner performed Dec. 90, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne as part of Experimenta'90 (40 mins)

“Six Soundtracks in Search of a Visual (An Assemblage)" (1990) live computer and electronics, performed simultaneously with video portion of "38:37." perf. Griffith Uni., Brisbane, Aug. 90 (40 mins)

“"THE" Movie" (1990) black and white silent super 8 film. Collaboration with Phil Larsen and Ed Harkins ("The"). Shown at White Gloves Film Festival, Oct 90 Melbourne (3 mins)

“Improvisations for "Spontaneous Generations"" (1990) Festival of Improvisation, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, 8-22 Sept '90.
1) Solo Sound Poetry Improvisation with Costume 8 Sept.
2) Duet with Jane Refshauge for 2 dancers with piano accordions- 8 Sept.
3) Duet for sampler and Butoh Dance with Gudrun Markovsky- 9 Sept.
4) Duet with Mandy Pickett, trapeze, WB, accordion; 9 Sept.
5) Solo computer improvisation, 14 Sept.
6) Trio performance with Sylvia Staehli, dance; Lisa Dombrowski, voice and dance; Warren Burt, tape mixing and electronics; texts: Berni Janssen, 15 Sept.
7) Quintet performance with Gudrun Markovsky, Linden Nicholls, Peter Trotman, dance; Al Wunder, voice and dance; Warren Burt, voice, ukelele, piccolo, bird call and dance; 18 Sept. 90
8) Quartet with Gudrun Markovsky and Glenda Laslett, dance; Ernie Althoff, percussion, Warren Burt, voice, 22 Sept.
9) Duet with Al Wunder, voice; Warren Burt, electric parsnip and voice. 22 Sept.

“Interactive Improvisation" (1990) for voice and sampler. Collaboration with Amanda Stewart, voice. Perf. Blue Mountains Festival, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Sept. 90 (9 mins)

“Four Jazz Pieces" (1990) `Song for Lynn,' `Three Little Quarter-Tone Preludes,' `1,2,3,4,' `bopper' -for live computer and electronics with improvised stories. perf. WB, computer and stories, Sept 90, for Melb. Improvisers Association, Organ Factory, Clifton Hill (23 mins)

“A Small Encyclopedia, vol. P-T" (1990) for live reader and slides. Text. Recorded audio version made November 2001 and used in ABC Radio National "Other Worlds - Cathedral" broadcast, 1 Dec. 2001. (30 mins)

“Signs of Life (Semiotica I)" and "In Transit" (1990) sound scores for dances by John McCormick and Hellen Sky; collaborations with Ernie Althoff- for percussion, sound sculptures and live electronics. perf. 4-14 Oct. 90. Beckett Theatre, Malthouse, Melbourne (40 mins each)

“Electronic Soundscape" (1990) live tape collage. Collaboration with Ernie Althoff. perf. Oct 1990 Malvern Community Arts Festival, Malvern; Feb. 1991, St. Kilda Festival, St. Kilda. (30 mins)

“Trio Improvisation" (1991) collaboration with Kate Hunter and Vineta Lagzdina. perf. WB, live electronics, Vineta Lagzdina, acting/voice, Kate Hunter, scuba gear. Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond. Feb. 91 (10 mins)

“3 Songs on Ancient Greek Modes" (1991) voice and microtonal keyboard. Collaboration with Jacqui Rutten. perf. WB, microtonal keyboard, Jacqui Rutten, voice, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda; Melbourne Improvisers Association, Fitzroy; March 91 (9 mins)

“Improvisation for Accordion and Bongos" (1990) collaboration with Natasha Moszenin. perf. Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, March 91.

“A Walk Around My Living Room with Cageian Celebration and Moose" (1983-91) super 8 film, spotlight, Bullwinkle the Moose icons and live moose (small synthesizer in a Bullwinkle radio) perf. WB, moose; Ernie Althoff, spotlight; MIMA series, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda. Apr. 91 (9 mins)

“Tram Piece" (1991) 2 superimposed super 8 films and 2 samplers with samples of tram sounds. Collaboration with Chris Knowles perf. MIMA series, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Apr. 91 (14 mins)

“Jazzmaze" (1991) interactive electronic installation - 3DIS video to MIDI system, computer and synthesizers. Music: Warren Burt; Interactive Technology: Simon Veitch; Graphics, Ernie Althoff. Exhibited at "Les Images en Folie" electronic art show, Martigny, Switzerland, June1-Oct6, 1991, 10 hours daily.

“The Mysterious Baths" (1991) Radio Soundscape for the play by Kris Hemensley. For ABC-FM Program "The Listening Room" broadcast Nov. 25, 1991

“New Work" (1991) voice and interactive computer/synthesizer. Collaboration with Amanda Stewart. Perf. Sydney Spring Festival, Oct. 1991

“Some Kind of Seasoning" (1990-91)Sixteen one-hour live interactive works for solo performer and computer synthesizer. Sections performed at Linden Gallery, Dec. 1990 (Summer Music I-IV); Linden Gallery and Fringe Studio, Brunswick, March 1991 (I Have My Standards, with Jacqui Rutten, voice); Melbourne, La Trobe, and Western Universities, Melbourne, May, 1991 (Glides, 21 Studies in the Modes of Archytas, I Have My Standards, Fred); Griffith Artworks, Griffith University, Brisbane, August 1991 (Four Chords and a Glide, Summer Music I-IV, Talking Greek Theory, Okay...This One's for Arnie, Do Not Despise Other Deities); Sydney Spring Festival, October 1991 (No Critic is Allowed to Review this Piece); Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, Dec. 1991 (all 16); Apollohuis, Eindhoven Holland, May 1992 (excerpts); Centre for New Dance Developments, Arnhem, Holland, May, 1992 (excerpts); Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium, May 1992 (excerpts), Broadcast (Summer Music) ABC-FM, Random Round, 2 Dec. 92.

“Improvisations with Vineta Lagzdina" (1991-92) Limerick Arms and 62 Hotham St. St. Kilda, Nov. 91 and Feb 92. Vineta Lagzdina, voice; Warren Burt, electronics (10 mins)

“Parts of Speech (The New Consonants)" (1992) computer music for tape alone. Perf. March 91, ACMA concert, Elm St. Hall, North Melbourne; Linden New Musicales, St. Kilda, April 92. Broadcast Feb. 92, 3PBS, Melbourne. Released on "Machine Messages" Australian Computer Music Association CD 1992 (5 mins)

“Emanzipation" (1992) dance and live electronics collaboration with Gudrun Markowsky, dance, to a text by Clarissa Stein. Feb-Mar 92. Performed at Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, (Spontaneous Generations '92) and 62 Hotham St., St. Kilda. (10 mins)

“Improvisation for Tube Extended Wind Instruments" (1992) collaboration with Brigid Burke. Feb-Mar. 92. Performed at Theatre of the Ordinary, (Spontaneous Generations) Mar. 92 (12 mins)

“Six Political Piano Miniatures" (1990-92) solo pianist/reader (6 mins) 1.War is a Dumb Idea 2.1494-1992: 500 Years of Genocide and Colonialism 3.All Nations - Hallucinations 4. Fact 5. Yuppie Feeding Frenzy - A portrait of the 80's 6. Act Up! "War" exhibited Mail Art Show Iowa City, Jan. 1991 "1492..." exhibited Mail Art Show, Santiago Chile, July 1991 "Fact" exhibited in "Fact" traveling art show, Australia 1992. "War" published in Aust. Piano Miniatures, vol. 1. Red House, Melbourne, 1991, "War" performed Michael Kieran Harvey, Melbourne 1993; #s 2-6 performed David Ward Steinman, San Diego State University, 1996

“Three Swift Mornings on Mt. Gravatt" (1992) for clarinet, viola, vibes, piano, and optional live electronics or tape. Performed with Australia Felix Ensemble and W. Burt, electronics, Circulo des Bellas Artes, Madrid and Teatro Juan Bravo, Seville, Spain, May 1992, broadcast, ABC-FM "Random Round" 13 Jan. 93. Three Movements performed Melbourne Composers League, 1998 (10 mins)

“Millenial Extensions of a thought of Larry Polansky's" (1992) solo voice. For mail art show Santiago Chile, July 1992 (30 secs.)

“Surprise!" (1992) Unplanned improvisation by Carolyn Connors and Warren Burt, voices and pianos. Melbourne Improvisers Association, Limerick Arms, South Melbourne, April 1992 (38 mins)

“Scherbenkonzert" (1992)- interactive electronic installation - 3DIS video to MIDI system, Roland S550 sampler, music: W. Burt; fabric design: Patricia Holland; sculpture, Xavier Belprat. Technorama Science Centre, Winterthur, Switzerland, May-October 1992, 8 hours daily.

“The White Room" (1992) - installation/performance collaboration with Vineta Lagzdina, Ros Bandt, Alan Lamb and Ernie Althoff, ISCM World Music Days, Warsaw, Poland, May 1992. Installation - 10 days; performance, 30 mins, broadcast ABC-FM, "Random Round," Feb. '93.

“A Small Statement on Aesthetics" (1992) -speaking and screaming voice and tape. Melbourne Fringe Festival, Australian Computer Music Association, St. John's Church, Melbourne, Sept. 5, 1992, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Oct. 21, 1992, perf. by W. Burt (5 mins)

“Twenty Sounds for Mangon" (1992) - speaking voice and found object sounds. To texts from Berni Janssen's "Mangon." Performed Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Prahran, Sept. 12, 1992 for the launching of "Mangon;" Oct. 21, 92 Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Nov. 7, 92, Western Regional Writers' Centre, Williamstown by W. Burt. (15 mins)

“Accompaniments for Eva Karczag" (1992) computer tapes, voices, flagong, electronic birds, percussion, small objects and environmental sounds. Collaboration with Ros Bandt, Chris Mann, and Eva Karczag. Dancehouse, Melbourne, Oct 10-11, 1992; Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Oct 20, 1992. (1 hour)

“Slogans and Abstracts" (1992) computer animation and music-videotape or live computer with EGA colour monitor and EMU Proteus synthesizer. Excerpts performed at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006. (26 mins)

“A Simple Historical Interaction" (1992) theremin and electronics. Interactive installation, Dancehouse, Melbourne, Nov. 6-8, 1992. (open duration)

“Mutual Interactions" (1992) for two voices and two samplers with Lightning MIDI controller. Collaboration with Amanda Stewart. Emergency solo version performed by W. Burt, electronics and voices at Third International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney, Nov. 13, 92 (10 mins)

“Continuously Retitled" (1992) for video projection, live computer animation, videotape, live electronics and Lightning MIDI controller. Collaboration with Csaba Szamosy and Chris Mann. Performed at Experimenta, Melbourne, 28 November 1992. (20 mins)

“for two acoustic or electronic microtonal pianos (We haven't even yet BEGUN to emancipate the dissonance!) (1992) Two acoustic or electronic microtonal pianos OR computer music on tape (10 mins)

“Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 1)" (1992) for microtonally tuned piano sounds on tape alone. (6 movements) Mvt. 5 broadcast Dec. 31, 1992, 3PBS-FM. Broadcast 1993 Mvts.1-4, ABC-FM, "Random Round." (43 mins)

“Racter and Eliza- A Computer Opera (of Mistakes) (1986-93) opera for computer synthesized voices and electronic and environmental sounds. Libretto by Racter and Eliza with assistance from Warren Burt and Allyn Brodsky, and Alistair Riddell. Broadcast 3RRR-FM, 3 Feb. 93. Broadcast on "The Listening Room," ABC-FM (23 mins)

“Same Place, Later" (1993) voice, electronics and Lightning MIDI controller. Collaboration with Chris Mann. Performed at St. Kilda Festival Shortworks Season, Feb. 6-7, 1993 (15 mins)

“Triptych for Sandra Perrin" (1993) concrete sounds on tape. Collaboration with Sandra Perrin, for her dance of the same name. Performed March 4-7, 1993, Dancehouse, Carlton. (ca 15 mins)

“Untitled Improvisation for Spontaneous Generations 1993 (not live sex with gerbils)" (1993) collaboration with Sheila Learmonth. Lightning, Proteus Synth. Performed March 19, 27, 28, 1993, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond. (10 mins)

“The Syd Fish Themesong (Fish Tales)" (1993) radio theme music for ABC radio drama department (3 mins)

“3DIS Commercial Theme, Bossa Nova, Dance & Stings" (1993) music for advertising video for 3DIS system (4 mins)

“Incidental Music for "The Brotherhood (Suite on the death of Pythagoras)" (1993) electronic music for ABC radio play by Barry Klemm (9 mins)

“Homage to Jas Duke" by Pete Spence- electronic realization by Warren Burt (1993) tape alone. Performed 2 April, 1993, Studio A, Fitzroy. (5 mins)

“Tribute to Jas Duke" (1993) speaking voice, Boss SE-50 effects unit, long delay, and Bb Clarinet. Text: Ichio Kinoshita. Performed 2 April, 1993, Studio A, Fitzroy, 22 April, Victoria University, Footscray. Broadcast 3PBS-FM, 7 April 1993. Published on "Oracular Editions # 1" Minneapolis, Mn. 1995 (19 mins)

“Music for Charles Roberts" (1993) electronic tape. (6 mins)

“Music for "The Flummery Room" (1993) live electronics with improvised movement theatre. Collaboration with Andrew Morrish and Peter Trotman. Performed Victorian Moviemakers Hall, Fitzroy, May 27, 1993 (16 mins)

“Three Improvisations for Movements, Concrete and Electronic Sounds" (1993) Lightning, Akai Sampler, Digital Delay and Analog Synthesizer. First movement performed March 7, 1993, ABC Radio Open Day, Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne, 10 April, 1993, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda. Complete work performed at Dancehouse, Carlton, June 10-13, 1993; Eltham College, Eltham, June 24, 1993 (18 mins)

“Does It Stay Pastoral?" (1993) for microtonally tuned wind instrument samples. Electronic tape. Broadcast Plenty Valley FM, Greensborough, June 17, 1993 (15 mins)

“Scenes from the Jungle of Intonational Injustice" (1993) for microtonally tuned piano and wind instrument samples. Electronic tape . Broadcast 3PBS-FM, August 1993 Performed 5 Oct. 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (21 mins)

“Sine Waves/Harbour Waves" (1993) Soundtrack/installation for sampled tuning forks and water with the 3DIS system for Joan Brassil's sculpture of the same name. 26 August-25 September, 1993, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy. (1 month)

“Two Enharmonic Cycles" (1993) for choir and tuning forks. Performed 17, 18 September, Dome Room, State Library, Melbourne, by Vox Pro Tempus, Nicholas Tolhurst, conductor. (8 minutes)

“Three More Improvisations for Movements and Concrete and Electronic Sounds" ("Sines/Forks" "Sound Effects Improvisation" "Piano Sounds Improvisation") (1994) for Lightning, Computer and Tuning Forks. Performed 9 Nov. 1993, PICA, Perth; April, 1994, ArtSpace Gallery, Auckland, NZ; 2 Oct. 1994, Sonic Arts Gallery, San Diego, Ca; 4-5 Nov. 1994, Redeye Theatre, Minneapolis, MN; #3 performed 5 Dec. 1994, Herbert Brun's Seminar, Urbana, Ill.; #1 performed 9 Dec. 1994, Metro State University, St. Paul, Mn.; #2 performed 17 Dec. 1994, Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, Mn; #1 perf. at Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95; #2,3, 1 Feb. 96, Southeastern Louisiana U. Hammond, La.; all 3 performed 6 Jan. 95, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Mn; 2 March 95, Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Berlin, Germany; 4 April 95, Mills College, Oakland, Ca.; 17 April 95, University of Wisconsin, Superior, WI,; 10 May 95, Moorhead State U., Moorhead, Mn.; #1 performed Canberra School of Music, 30 July, 96. (30 mins)

“An Harmonic and Subharmonic Summer" (1993) Interactive installation, Lightning and Computer. PICA, Perth, Nov. 1993. (8 days)

“39 Dissonant Etudes (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 2)" (1993) for microtonal piano samples on tape. "Etude 28" released on "Network: Volume 1" by Discus Records, Sheffield, England, 1994. Entire set released by Tall Poppies, Sydney, 1996 as TP093. (65 mins)

“13 Terpander Melodies" (1994) for synthesizer - Music for Barry Klemm's ABC-Radio play "Aesop's Fables." Broadcast July 1994 by ABC Radio. (12 mins)

“Recitative/Tracing (On Pentagony (On Guns and Cock-fighting)) In Memoriam Kenneth Gaburo" (1994) for organ and electronic tape. - commissioned by Gary Verkade, premiered by him in Feb. 95, Heilbronn, Germany performed Society of Composers National Convention, April 95, Iowa City, Iowa. Released on CD on Innova Records, Minneapolis, 1998. (17 mins)

“Processor" (1994) computer animation and sound - television ad for CTA, Victoria. - broadcast on Australian commercial stations, Spring 1994. (30 secs)

“Fria Improvisation" (1994) live electronics - live keyboard improvisation with Roland SCC1 synthesizer for Forum for Research Into Improvisation in the Arts, 23 March 1994, RMIT Coburg Campus, by WB. (17 mins)

“Dense Room" (1993-94) Computer graphics and music installation for 6 or more slide projectors, and 3 or more stereo, auto-reverse cassette recorders. - First installed at Sound/Watch, Outreach Gallery, Auckland, NZ, April 13-22, 1994. Small version displayed at ACAT Dome, ANU Open Day, Canberra, Sept. 10, 1994; installed as part of "Earwitness" Melbourne, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Nov. 1994; installed at Clark Hall Gallery, Southeastern Louisiana U., Hammond, La., 27 Jan - 16 Feb. 96; Video version - edit of original material, performed at Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, July 2009 (open duration)

"300 Pieces for Large Orchestra for Solo Reader" (1993-94) solo reader. First performed April 28, 1994 at Dr. Feelgood's, Melbourne, by WB; performed live on WEFT-FM, Champaign, Ill, 4 December,94; at Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95; 22 July 95 at Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA. Published in "North American Idiophonics" Mark Nowak, editor, Minneapolis, Mn. 1994. (18 mins)

“A Sound Story for Phil Dadson" (1994) slides and tape for transfer to video. Media piece sent to Phil Dadson, June 1994 for his "Sound Stories" video series. (3 mins)

“THIS Harmony for Forty Minutes (1994) (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, part 3) for live keyboard, SCC1 and long delay. - First performed April 28, 1994, Performance Poetry Evenings, Dr. Feelgood's, Melbourne. Complete performance, 15 June 1994, Royal Derby Hotel, Fitzroy, studio recording- 18 June 1994. (40 mins)

“Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins Penguins" (1994) Improvised Dance-Music Theatre made and performed in collaboration with Al Wunder. (60 mins) for dance, top hats, tails, electronics, tape, accordions, humdrum, film, voices, and hundreds of figures and images of penguins. Performed July 1,2, Cubitt St. Studio, Richmond by Warren Burt and Al Wunder.

“Dance Suites for Eva Karczag's "Horizon Rerun"" (1994) dance accompaniment for 1994 tour -live interactive computer music, recorded voice, environmental sounds, digital delay. Performed 16 July, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; 23 July, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney; 5,6 August, Dancehouse, Melbourne. Movement 8 performed separately at Sonic Arts Gallery, San Diego, 2 October, 1994; at Mills College, April 95; at Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95. Movement 7 performed separately 22 July 95 at Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA; 1 Feb. 96, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA; Movement 8 to be released on "19 for the 90s" CD, late 2000, Xenharmonic Alliance Recordings. "Commas" movement score published in Xenharmonikon 16, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. Nov. 95, p. 103(51 mins)

“Soundtrack for Visual Haiku by Robert Randall" (1994) computer music for the CD-ROM production by Randelli, Inc. Released on CD-ROM 1994, Randelli, Melbourne. (64 mins)

“for carillon, for joan (convergence)" (1994) for National Carillon, Canberra. (for Joan Chia) (4 mins)

“Improvisation for Accordion and Electronics" (1994) Accordion, VCS3, Digital (long) delay, and EMS Filter Bank. Collaboration with Ivana Troselj. Performed by Ivana Troselj and Warren Burt at ACAT Dome, for ANU Open Day, Sept. 10, 1994. (30 mins)

“The Statement of Randolph Carter" (1994) Voice, Effects Unit, Computer. Text by H.P. Lovecraft. Performed 30 October, 1994, Hallowe'en Concert, Rueb 'n' Stein, Northfield, Minnesota (17 mins)

“Combinations" (1994) Video Projection, Environmental Sounds on Tape, Koto, Khene, Live Electronics, Text, Performance Ritual. Collaboration with Philip Blackburn, Leif Brush, Carolyn Erler, Miriam Gerberg, Mark Nowak. Performed 4,5 November, Redeye Theatre, Minneapolis, MN. (38 mins)

“for orchestra and live electronics" (1994) Orchestra, Mixer, Pitch Shifter and Digital (long) Delay. Performed 2 December, Macalaster College Symphony Orchestra, Ed Forner, conductor, WB, live electronics, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. (12 mins)

“Tuning the Furniture of Chaos" (1994) Live computer music with optional trombone and khene parts. Collaboration with Homer Lambrecht (trombone), Philip Blackburn (khene). Performed 9 Dec., Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN (Burt, Lambrecht, Blackburn), 16 Dec, Redeye Theatre, Minneapolis, (Burt, Blackburn) 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA; 25 July 95, Interplayers Theatre, Spokane, WA; 14 Oct 95, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda (Burke, clarinet; Connors, voice) Solo computer version released 1995 on "Land of 10,000 Leaks: Minnesota Alternative Underground" by Ramco Records, Minneapolis (9 mins)

“Drones 1994" (1994) Live computer. Five just intonation computer music pieces. Recorded 9 May, 9 July, 8 August, 29 Sept., 25 Dec., 1994. No. 1 performed April 28, 1994, Dr. Feelgood's, Melbourne simultaneously with "300 Pieces for Large Orchestra for Solo Reader." No. 5 performed with tuning forks 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA; 25 July 95, Interplayers Theatre, Spokane, WA. Score to No. 2 published in Xenharmonikon 16, Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. Nov. 95, p. 99-102, No. 2,3,5 included in Terry McDermott's "Ex-Static" - Melbourne, Oct. 96, Perth PICA, 4 May 97 (20 mins each)

“A Book of Symmetries for Loretta Goldberg" (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 4) (1995) Midi Grand Piano and Microtonal Sampler. Recorded by Loretta Goldberg 96-97 for ABC Australia. Recording released on Centaur Records 2000 (35 mins)

“Pi and the Square Root of 2" (1993-95) tape or computer installation. Excerpt performed 4 April 95, Mills College, Oakland, Ca. Installed Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, Vic. May-June 1998 (tape - 90 mins. installation - open duration)

“A Post Colonialist Poem on the English Language" (1995) computer generated sound poetry for solo reader. Performed at Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95 by WB; 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA, by WB; 25 July 95, Interplayers Theatre, Spokane, WA, by WB and Jaap Blonk. (See later in list for Radio version)(5 mins)

“Variations on Sounds of Leif Brush" (1994-5) computer music on tape. Performed 4 April 95, Mills College, Oakland, Ca.; 17 April 95, University of Wisconsin, Superior, Wi.; 10 May 95, Moorhead State U.; Moorhead, Mn.; Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95; 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA. Broadcast KFAI-FM, Minneapolis, MN 4 May 95. Performed 5 Oct 97, TOTO, Richmond. (5 mins)

“Transcribing Silence for Noise (On Information (After Chris Mann and John Cage (got thru with it))) (1995) computer music on tape. Performed 4 April 95, Mills College, Oakland, Ca; Audible Visions, Boston, 17 June 95; 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Spokane, WA. 5 Oct 97, TOTO Richmond. (5 mins)

“Hair Smell" (1995) improvisational live computer music. Collaboration with Roger Skalbeck, Dave Lacey, Loren Stafford, Brian Sistek, Michael McGee. Performed 8 May 95, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Mn; 11 May 95, Redeye Theatre, Minneapolis. (20 mins)

“3 Movements for Movement Controlled Sound" (1995) for Lightning, Sampler and Movement. Performed 7 May 95, Macalester College, St. Paul, Mn.; 8 May 95 St. Olaf College, Northfield, Mn. 7 Dec. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (15 mins)

“And/Or" (1995) for 6 dancers with tuning forks. Collaboration with choreographer Morgan Thorson. Performed 12 May 95, Hennepin Center for the Arts, Minneapolis. (7 mins)

“Five Bursts for Leif Brush" (1995) computer music on tape. Shorter versions of sound combinations for collaborative project with Leif Brush. Recorded June '95, Waterford. (3 mins)

“Scraps from the Lab Floor" (1995) computer music on tape. Recorded 9 July '95, Waterford, NY. Performed 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA.; 1 Feb. 96 Southeastern State University, Hammond, La. 5 Oct. 97, TOTO, Richmond, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia Ca. 7 Nov. 97; Broadcast Koln (Glissando) and Helsinki, Nov. 97. (5 mins)

“Transcribing Silence for Noise II (Artists are the Roadkill of the Information Superhighway)" (1995) computer music on tape. Recorded 23 July 95, Tacoma, WA. Performed 22 July 95, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA; 25 July 95, Interplayers Theatre, Spokane, WA. 5 Oct. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (5 mins)

“Wedding Bells for Anne Kirker and Bob Elliott (1995) computer music on tape. Recorded 18 Aug. 95, Waterford. For AK and BE's wedding, Brisbane, Sept 8,'95. (90 secs)

“Lament for Lost Cultures (String Quartet #5)" (1995) amplified string quartet in just intonation and tape. August 1995 (21 mins)

“Improvisation for Microtonal Piano Samples and Disclavier" (1995) -Ensoniq Sampler and Yamaha Disclavier. Recorded 21 Sept. 1995, Yamaha Studios, New York City. (6 mins)

“Funny Fruits Tunes" (1995) music for Robert Randall's CD-ROM project, part 2. Computer music. Recorded December, 1995, Northcote. (13 mins)

“Improvisation with Ernie Althoff (Was the Trilobite an Early Precursor of the Dalkon Shield?)" (1995) -live sampler, prepared saxophone, cymbal as microphone, cassette recorders. Performed 24 October 1995, at Budinsky's, Carlton, for Melb. Improvisers Association.(20 mins)

“Vingt Enflures sur L'Enfant Melvin" (1995)- microtonal computer music on tape. Recorded 15 Dec., 1995, Northcote. Performed 5 Oct 97, TOTO, Richmond. (20 mins)

“Remembering Griffes II - An Evocation: Speculating, as if..." (1995) - Lightning, Computer, Roland Sound Canvas, Movement, Costume. - Tape version recorded 15 Dec., 1995, Northcote. Live version performed Griffin Gallery, Melbourne University, Nov. 1996 (17 mins)

“for Roman Verostko (Themes without Variations)" (1995) Computer, EPS sampler, on tape. Recorded 15 Dec. 95, Northcote. (8 mins)

“Portrait of Clemente Padin" (1995) - Solo Voice. For Clemente Padin's "Egoism" mail art project. 16 Dec. 95 (1 min)

“The Memory Palace of Chris Wallace-Crabbe (Tetrachords in Well-Temperament)" (1995) - computer music. Kinetic Music Machine, SCC1 synth. Music for ABC Radio Poetry Program. 26-28 Dec. 1995 (15 mins)

“'Fugue' and Preludes (Roman and Erv Pass Each Other On The Freeway) and Three Cat Laxative Sonatas" (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 5) (1995-6) Mvts 1 & 2: Computer, EPS Sampler, Long Delay. Mvts 3-5: Computer, SCC-1 synth. Recorded 15 Dec. 95, Northcote, and 15 Feb. 96, St. Kilda. (30 mins)

“...with proper regard for copyright..." (1996) collaboration with Tim Kreger. Live computer music. Power Mac, Max, Session 8, carrot slices, electric guitar, EPS sampler, giggle tube, lamb baahs, whistle pops. Performed 3 April 96, Canberra School of Music. Recorded 19-26 April 96, ACAT, ANU. (10 mins)

“Palimpsest" (1996) Live Voice, Sampler, Buchla Lightning. Opening piece for Canberrra exhibition of "Palimpsest," curated by Ruark Lewis and Jacqueline Rose. Performed 10 April 96, Canberra School of Art Gallery, also live on ABC-Radio National "Arts Today." Three versions recorded 19-23 April 96, ACAT and Dryandra St. O'Connor. (5 - 8 mins)

“The 18'12" Suite (1996) computer music on tape made with US program. Recorded March-April 96, Dryandra St. O'Connor performed 5 Oct. 97, TOTO, Richmond. Movement 3 performed Cal Arts, LA, 7 Nov. 97. (18 mins)

“Three Bicycles" (1996) computer music on tape. Kinetic Music Machine, SCC-1 synth. Recorded 24 April 96, O'Connor (13 mins)

“The View from Beaumaris" (1996) Any 6 (at least) wind instrumentes capable of playing in the range. For Ross Hazeldine's Red House "Winds" anthology. 28-30 May, 96. Performed May 2002, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign for 3 oboes, 3 english horns, 3 bassoons. (6 mins)

“Two Solo Interactions" (1996) for movement, computer graphics, computer music and speaking voice. Buchla Lightning, computer with Pip software, data projection. Performed 22 June, 96, Canberra School of Art Gallery (10 minutes)

“My Monodies #1 and #2" (1996) solo guitar, tuned microtonally, and reverb unit. Commissioned by Larry Polansky. June-July '96 #2 Recorded on Leonardo Music Journal CD LMJ7, 1998 (9 mins)

“My Monodies #3" (1996) computer music on tape - a musical get-well card for Bill Coates (in 31 tone equal temperament), Kinetic Music Machine, SCC1 synth. July '96 (3 mins)

“A Post-Colonialist Poem on the English Language" (1996) new version for two voices and concrete sounds for radio. Voices: Berni Janssen, Warren Burt. Yamaha REX50 effects unit, EPS sampler, ADAT multitrack. Commissioned by "The Listening Room," ABC Radio. May-June '96 (19 mins)

“Soundings About The Erie Canal" (1995-96) environmental soundscape for radio. Commissioned by "The Listening Room," ABC Radio. Recordings-June-Sept.'95. Mixed and edited using Session, at ACAT, July '96. (34 mins)

“Five Chaotic Monuments for David Tudor" (1996) computer music on tape, live analog and digital synthesizers, Buchla Lightning. "Brown Noise and Fractal Molasses", analog synthesizer, 1st mvt. performed live at Canberra Contemporary Art Centre, 23 August, 96; "Verhulst's Bopper", Lightning, SCC1, PC286 computer, Kinetic Music Machine, performed live at Griffin Centre, Canberra, 15 Sept. 96. "A Journey thru Mr. Verhulst's Domain," PC286 clone, Kinetic Music Machine, Power Basic, US, Sample Vision, Ensoniq EPS, Yamaha REX50 effects, Boss SE-50 effects, also exists in 30 minute solo version. Recorded Aug.-Sept. 96, O'Connor, edited at ACAT, ANU. Performed 19 Oct. 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond. Broadcast ABC-FM, Feb. 1998. (57 minutes)

“Incomputence" and "The Return of the Grapefruit" (1996) collaborative live electronic improvisations organized by Michael Caesar. "Incomputence" for 4 synthesizers and 4 sequencers, collaboration with Michael Caesar, Jim Cotter, and Chris Dench (16 mins). "Return of the Grapefruit" - Michael Caesar, violin, Lightning, WB, electronics. (9 mins) Both performed 15 Sept. 96, Griffin Centre, Canberra.

“Duet on Harmonic Flutes" (1996) improvised duet with Colin Offord on his harmonic flutes. Griffin Centre, Canberra, 15 Sept. 96. (6 mins)

“Two Mann-glings, Homage to Jackson Mac Low, and 'why not sneeze an airy silverspeckled green square cloud with a pendulum of blue smoke?' " (1996) computer music, texts and graphics based on texts and voices. For Frog Peak, Crayon, and Edgar collaborative projects. Elwood, Vic. 30 Oct. and 5 Nov '96. (4 mins, 3 pages)

“Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 6" (1996) for microtonal piano sounds on tape. 1) "11/13 on 13/11 (Gettin' Physical (like a human)) composed at Steim, Amsterdam on 13/11/96 using Buchla Lightning, Steim Lick Machine software, Roland SCC1 and Cakewalk. 2) "Westlandgracht" composed in Andreas Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam, and Waterford between 23/11/96 and 21/12/96. Realized using Cakewalk and SCC1. (5 mins and 34 mins)

“Harmonic Colour Fields" (1996-97) Computer music on tape. Five movements: 1) Portraits (in Saws) of Two Music Theorists: 1) Erv Wilson. 2) Portraits (in Saws) of Two Music Theorists: 2) John Chalmers. 3) Adjacencies (A Drone on Breaking My Kneecap. 4) 11:21:23 - A Drone for Mom and Felix's Birthdays. 5. 48=>53; 53=>48 (Midrashic Exegesis). Made June 96, Canberra (1,2) Nov. 96 Amsterdam, Dec. 96 Waterford (3); Feb.-Apr. 97 Elwood (4,5) Mvt. 2 performed 22 June 96, Canberra School of Art Gallery. Mvt. 1 performed 30 July 96, Canberra School of Music. Mvt. 1 installed at La Guardia Hall, Brooklyn College, NYC, 1 May - 4 June, 1997. Mvts. 1,2,3 performed at ACMA Conference, Auckland NZ, 11 July 1997. Complete performance 12 Oct. 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond. Cakewalk Pro Audio, Drummer, Kinetic Music Machine, Roland SCC1 and SCP55 synths. (13 mins, 11 mins, 13 mins, 16 mins, 15 mins))

“64 Golden Chords" (1997) computer music on tape. Based on Erv Wilson's "64 Golden Horograms" diagrams. Arun's Additive Synthesis Program, US program. April 97. Performed TOTO, Richmond, 12 Oct. 97; Cal Arts, Los Angeles, 7 Nov. 97. Broadcast, Helsinki, Nov. 97. (6 mins)

“Vacation 1 and 2" (1996-97) environmental road videotapes, Victoria and New York State. Oct 96, Jan 97. (3 mins each)

“Wedge in Memoriam Robert Erickson (1997) computer music on tape. Cool Edit 96 and Cakewalk Pro Audio Programs. June 97. Performed 19 Oct. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (5 mins)

“A Day at the Racists" with "Bad Marriage Mantra" (1997) Sampler and CD. Improvised performance with computer synthesized racist remarks accompanied by the CD of Erik Belgum's "Bad Marriage Mantra." Performed at Budinsky's Theatre, Fitzroy, 23 June 1997. (8 mins)

“Sexy Space Romp" (1997) Soundtrack for Robert Randall's CD-ROM project "Access Writing: Vol. 3. Quack, Cool Edit, Cakewalk Pro Audio. June-July 97. (23 mins)

“13 Pieces for Chamber Orchestra" (1997) Chamber Orchestra (fl, ob, cl, bssn, tpt, tbn, acc, cel, hp, pno, timp, stgs). Algorithmic Composer and Cakewalk Pro Audio Programs. July 97. (13-14 mins)

“Albany Memories" (1997) for carillon. July '97 (4 mins)

“Henry Stories" (1997) Storyteller and tape. 21 minutes of improvised stories about Henry accompanied by a tape of his piano improvisations. Performed Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, 18 July 97, by WB. (21 mins)

“This Versions For..." (1997) acoustic instrument and live electronics. Version for Whistler (WB) and electronics on tape made for Rene van Peer and Played by him in his lecture at "Whistling in the Dark 2" conference, Germany, August 97; Version for Electric French Horn and Electronics performed by Alessandro Servadei and Warren Burt 8 August 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (10 mins)

“Four Enharmonics For Al's" (1997) EPS keyboard sampler. Performed by WB at Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, 29 August 97. (20 mins)

“Elwood Evening Improvisations" (1997) Live performance for videotape, Fairlight CVI, and Yamaha SU-10 sampler. Sept. 2-7, 97. Performed at Tantrum, Planet Café, Fitzroy, 18 May 2000, and at Project 3 Street Cinema, Adelaide Festival, March 2006; Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, July 2009. (16 mins)

“Stare/Listen" (1997) Videotape. 1) "Seven Watercolours" May '97 (32 mins); 2) Seventeen Autumnal Minutes in Landcox Park" May '97 (17 mins); 3) "Twenty One Views of a Wetlands Spring" Sept. '97. “Seventeen Autumnal Minutes” performed as part of “Project 3 Street Cinema”, Adelaide Festival, March 2006; Installed Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, July 2009; Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston, April-June 2010. (6 mins)

“Diversity" (1996-8) Solo music theatre performance. Directed and choreographed by Sylvia Staehli. Radio version prepared under the supervision of Andrew McLennan.
1) “An Extended Introduction" (extended vocal sounds, digital delay, effects unit, Lightning, text) Performed 5 July 97, Budinsky's Theatre, Fitzroy. (13 mins)
2) "These Animals Are Not Metaphors" - videotape (5 mins)
3)"A Simple Interaction 2" (Lightning, movement, synthesizer) Performed Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond, 18 July, 97. (5-7 mins)
4)"Movement Is Its Own Language" - videotape (8 mins)
5)"An Illustrated Harangue" (sampler, portable loudspeaker in backpack, text, movement) Performed 30 May 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond; 23 June 97, Budinsky's Theatre, Fitzroy. (5 mins)
6)"A Day at the Racists" - videotape - (5 mins)
7)"Loss" - pedestrian movement, newspaper prop, and interactive computer sound. (5 mins)
8)"64 Views of the Wetlands - 64 Golden Chords" videotape (6 mins)
9)"Water/Texts" texts, movement controlled sound processing, video backdrop, and environmental sounds. (15 mins)
First complete performance - 18-21 June 98, Dancehouse, Carlton (80 mins)

“Improvisation with Objects" (1997) Collaboration with Ernie Althoff - Daisy, cymbals, vibrator, construction paper, percussion. Performed 26 Sept. at Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (25 mins)

“6 Short Pieces for Two Electronic Keyboards" (1997) Collaboration with David Chesworth. Roland U-10 and Ensoniq EPS. Performed 3 Oct. 97, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (20 mins)

“Suite for 31" (1997) Lightning, Computer (with KMM), tuning forks and bowl of water, Audobon bird call. Performed 17 Oct 97, TOTO, Richmond (with Helen Mountfort, cello); Recorded 18 Oct 97 by Melbourne Public Access TV Channel 31. Broadcast on 30 Dec. 97. Performed 7 Dec. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (16 mins)

“Improvisation with Ros Bandt" (1998) Ros Bandt, midi wind controller, WB, interactive electronics. 14 Nov 97, TOTO, Richmond (10 mins)

“Warren and Shona Do a Number on the Wonderful World of Numbers" (1998) Shona Innes, movement, voice; WB, electronics, percussion, movement, voice. 21 Nov 97, TOTO, Richmond (21 mins)

“Pi and the Square Root of 2 Number 2" (1998) installation for microtonal computer piano sounds. (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 7a) First used as part of above piece, 21 Nov. 97, TOTO, Richmond. Installed Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale, May-June '98. (potentially infinite duration...)

“At Lake Wartook" (1997) two guitars and voices. For Red House "Guitar Miniatures" project. Oct. 97. Performed Melbourne Festival, Oct. 98, by Geoffrey Morris and Norio Sato.(1 min)

“Daisy Feeds the Temporal Piano Attractor" (1997) Daisy, EPS sampler,Digitech delay, Roland Pitch/Midi device, Lightning.Performed 7 Dec. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (12 mins)

“Sines/Forks II" (1997) Daisy, Pentium Laptop (with KMM), Sound Canvas, tuning forks. Performed 7 Dec. 97, TOTO, Richmond. (15 mins)

“Reality Check" (1997) Installation for Lightning and interactive computer sounds, with barbed wire wrapped loudspeakers. Installed as part of "Sonic Residues" - a day of installations at Linden Gallery, St. Kilda, 21 Dec 97 (8 hours) Installation travels as photos, text, and CD as part of "Horen ist sehen * Oir es Ver * To Hear is to See", Caracas, 1998; Istanbul, Austrian Cultural Institute, Caracas, April 2000; Terco Bienal Latinoamericano de Radio, Mexico City, May 2000. Berlin and Wiemar 2001. (30 mins) Excerpt published as part of "Horen is Sehen" catalog, Edition AusArt, Vienna, 2000, and 4 CD set, “Horen ist Sehen”, Edition AusArt, Vienna, 2005 (3 mins)

“Accordion Improvisation" (1997) piano accordion, theatrical actions. Performed 26 Dec. 97, TOTO, Richmond (18 mins)

“Solo Electronics Improvisation" (1998) improvisation with Cool Edit Pro and Digitech delay, 2 Jan 98 TOTO, Richmond (20 mins)

“Improvisation with Peter Trotman" (1998) Accordion, movement, language, 9 Jan 98 TOTO, Richmond, (15 mins)

“Improvisation with Brigid Burke (1998) electronically modified clarinet (BB) and sampler (WB), 16 Jan 98, TOTO, Richmond (20 mins) tape piece "for Brigid" for her to play electronically modified clarinet with made April 98 from the same sampler material (19 mins)

“Contact with Two Accordions" (1998) revival and remake of a decade old improvisation with Jane Reshauge for two contact improvisers each wearing a piano accordion. 23 Jan 98, TOTO, Richmond (10 mins)

“Improvisation with Fran Power" (1998) Fran Power, midi violin, Warren Burt, midi keyboard, and both: midi delay lines and computer sound interaction. 6 Feb 98, TOTO, Richmond (15 mins)

“Improvisation with Le Tuan Hung" (1998) Le Tuan Hung, dan tranh and voice, WB, accordion and voice. 6 Feb 98, TOTO, Richmond (15 mins)

“Improvisation with Mardi McSullea" (1998) Mardi McSullea, seaweed flutes; WB, Lightning and computer analog synth program. 20 Feb 98, TOTO, Richmond (20 mins)

“Miss Furr and Miss Skene" (1998) computer voices and accompaniments on tape. Text by Gertrude Stein. For Erik Belgum's VOYS CD project. Released on Voys 3 in September 1998 (16 mins)

“12x12:Evening In Landcox Park" (1998) tuning forks and environmental sounds. For Neil Haverstick's microtonal compilation cd project - recorded Landcox Park, Brighton East, 2 March 98 - Warren Burt, Ernie Althoff, Brigid Burke, tuning forks. CD released 1998. Used as soundtrack for Kim Westwood’s dance “The City of Midnight” Canberra-Melbourne, 2000-2001. (6 mins)

“Five Sound Installations for the Horsham Regional Art Gallery" (1998) - computer and environmental sound installations - 2-5 April 1998.
1) "Wimmera Double Exposure" - environmental sounds mix played on the full gallery sound system
2) "Hallway - Homage to Syd Clayton" - computer sounds in a very resonant hallway.
3) "Wind Voices" - computer generated wind sounds for a small gallery space
4) "The Corner of High and Modernism (Homage to Keith and Felix)" - spontaneous etudes for piano samples played with battery powered synthesizer and tiny loudspeakers on a plush chair in a modern art collection; also installed Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, July 2009
5) "Sines/Forks 3" - live computer generated sounds for a larger gallery.
5a) "Sines/Forks 3 with flutes and humdrums and Wimmera Double Exposure" - live performance by Warren Burt, tuning forks and piano; Alison Thomson, flutes; Al Wunder, humdrums. 4 April 98 - dur 40 mins.

“La Strega Bianca della Luna" (1998) organ and tape - for Sergio di Pieri. Performed Switzerland, Nov. '98. (8 mins)

“In Delicacy There is Hope" (1998) computer tape for ISEA 98 Hope CD project. Published early 1999, Audio Research Editions, Liverpool. (1 min)

“Harry Said..." (1998) computer tape for DOCKS (France) concrete poetry CD project. (2 mins)

“Improvisation with David Tolley" (1998) David Tolley, bass violin and effects, WB, live computer modifying sample of David Tolley's playing. 17 Apr 98, TOTO, Richmond (21 mins)

“Improvisation with Five Poems by Tamaz Salamun" (1998) Hartley Newnham, voice; WB, sampler (with samples of HN's voice) and voice. Texts by Tamaz Salamun. 24 Apr 98, TOTO, Richmond (13 mins)

“Glynis Drone" (1998) computer music. Made for duet performance with Glynis Angell, May 98, TOTO, Richmond. Not used in that performance. Double tempo version used in "Improvisation with Sue Mullane", TOTO, Fitzroy, 28 May 99. Later incorporated into "Winter Solstice Mix." (8 mins - 4 mins)

“A Little Lullaby for Lev and Clara Re-United in Heaven" (1998) speaking voice, theremin, electronics. Performed 29 May, 1998, TOTO, Richmond. Tape version (sound only) performed at "Beaming the Theremin," Grainger Museum, Melb. Uni. Melbourne Festival 18 Oct. 1998. Published on Musicworks CD 76, April 2000. (5 mins)

“Six Sound Installations for the Warrnambool Regional Art Gallery (1998) computer and environmental sound installations - 29 April - 3 May 1998
1) Warrnambool Double Exposure - environmental sounds mix played on the full gallery sound system
2) The Photographer - sampled camera clicks and digital rate changing cassette recorder
3) Chinese Whispers - statements (in Chinese) about atrocities committed against the Australian Chinese community in the 19th century - for tape and 2 loudspeakers in a doorway
4) Sounds for a Building - toy synthesizer and sampler and two tiny loudspeakers playing sampled commercial sound effects inside a wooden model of the Ozone Hotel
5) Mrs. Dahl's Gift of Old Fashioned Piano Music - for two tapes and four loudspeakers playing modified fragments of 19th and early 20th century piano salon music - also installed at Percy Grainger Museum, U. of Melbourne, on 1 April 1999.
6) La Strega Bianca della Luna II - live computer and two loudspeakers - eight minute version for tape wins award to be included in Sonic Circuits VI Electronic Music Festival, 1999. Tape version also played over the Web for Soundbox 2.0 festival, May - Aug. 99, Finland, and included on CD-ROM of the project; and performed at Santa Fe Intl Electronic Music Festival, Feb 1999.

“Four Sound Installations for the Gippland Art Gallery, Sale" (1998) computer and environmental sound installations- 3-7 June, 1998.
1) Port of Sale Triple Exposure - environmental sounds installed inside
2) Whispers from the Cinema - quotes from Hollywood movies dialogue and music - accompanying paintings based on cinematic themes
3) Pi and the Square Root of Two no. 1 - installed in an interior courtyard open air space - electronic sounds on tape
4) Pi and the Square Root of Two no. 2 - installed in a different interior courtyard open air space - microtonally tuned sampled piano sounds

“Nocturnal Ribbons" (1998) computer sounds on tape. For "Beaming the Theremin" exhibition organized by Ros Bandt Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne, Oct. 98. (Not used) Completed July 1998. Later incorporated into "Winter Solstice Mix" (5 mins)

“16+8:(time of day) in (location) (1998) Partch Adapted Guitar I and environmental sounds. Commissioned by Didier Aschour, Paris. July 1998. (6 mins)

“Incongruous Meetings" (1998) a) voice and tape b) tape and three actors. a) "Meetings with Remarkable Quotations - performed 11 August 1998, La Mama Theatre, Carlton; 11 Sept. 98, Crossroads on Anderson, Yarraville, by WB; b) performed 11 August 98, La Mama, by WB, David Harris, Fiona Wiseman, Peter Murphy - tape part published as part of IM98 Audio Supplement, Vittore Baroni, Viareggio, Italy, April 99 (a)6 mins) b) 4 mins)

“Diatonic Julia Dust" (1998) solo piano. (1 min)

“Meditation" (1998) for winds, brass and percussion. For Alison Thomson to be used with high school students in Ararat and Stawell, Vic. 1 page of text instructions. (6 mins)

“Improvisation with Ros Bandt and Brigid Burke" (1998) clarinet, casio midi horn, electronics - 21 Aug 98 Theatre of the Ordinary Richmond (10 mins)

“Improvisation with Alessandro Servadei" (1998) electronic mellophone, electronics - 22 Aug 98, TOTO, Richmond (14 mins)

“Improvisation with Daniel Stefanski" (1998) violin, electronics - 23 Aug 98 - Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (15 mins)

“Improvisation with David Tolley, Ren Walters, and Brigid Burke" (1998) bass violin, electric guitar, clarinet, computer, electronic processing for all - 26 Aug 98 - Musician's Club, St. Kilda (90 mins)

“Improvisation with David Tolley and Ren Walters" (1998) voice with electronic processing, digital portastudio, computer - 28 Aug 98, Theatre of the Ordinary, Richmond (30 mins)

“Improvisation with David Tolley, Ren Walters and Dure Dara" (1998) - bass violin, electric guitar, percussion, computer - 8 Sept 98, Planet Cafe, Fitzroy (90 mins)

“Sorrento Suite" (1998 - live computer performance - (7 movements) - 4 mvts. perf 29 Aug. 98, TOTO, Richmond; 2 mvts. perf 21 Sept 98, San Diego State University; 2 mvts. perf 30 Sept 98, University of California, Santa Barbara; 2 mvts. perf. 5 Oct 98, Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, Ca. Live version recorded November 98 at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, Ca. Version with dancers Angie Potsch, Clare Bartholomew, Wendy Smith, Peter Trotman, Noelle Rees-Hatton, Llewelyn Wishart, and Zjamal Xanitha performed 25 April 99, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy. "Krillsong" performed 27 Nov. 2000, Albany, NY; 29 Nov. 2000 Boston. (36 mins)

“Lovecraftian Vivisection Sound Poem" (1998) two whispering voices and tape of whispering computer voice. Sept. 98. Performed Halloween Evening 1998, at Djerassi Artist's Barn, Woodside, Ca. by Warren Burt and Elizabeth Block (5 mins)

“Twenty Dekanies (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 7)" (1998) computer controlled piano samples on tape. Oct. 98. (42 mins)

“Soft Journey Through Two Hebdomekontanies (Music for Microtonal Piano Sounds, Part 8)" (1998) computer controlled piano samples on tape. Oct. 98. (28 mins)

“String Quartet No. 6 - for String Quartet Samples played through String Quartet Cases" (1998) collaboration with sculptor/installation artist Gwyan Rhabyt. Four prepared string instrument cases, 4 fm receivers, 4 fm transmitters, 2 CD players, 2 CDs. Djerassi Program, Woodside, Ca. Nov. 98 (15 mins)

“Leaky Faucet for Dr. Leakey" (1998) collaboration with Elizabeth Block, text and reading. Live computer modification of prerecorded voice. Performed 12 Nov. 1998, Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, Ca. (9 mins)

“de-orbit burn" (1998) movement, text, live computer. Collaboration with Eva Karczag and Chris Mann. Performed 7 Dec. 98, New York Improvisation Festival, Judson Church, NYC, Eva Karczag, movement; Chris Mann, voice, Warren Burt, live computer. (28 mins)

“Sounding the Space" (1998) speaking voice, live computer sounds, small loudspeakers moved by people. Farewell improvisatory performance for Cubitt St. Theatre, (Theatre of the Ordinary) 12 Dec. 1998, Warren Burt and Anne O'Keeffe, loudspeaker moving. (6 mins)

“Double Dachshund Memory Trace" (1998) live computer performance. Performed at Musician's Club, St. Kilda, 23 Dec. 1998; St. Alipius Church, Ballarat, 16 Jan 1999; Victoria U., Wellington, NZ, 9 July, 1999 (14 mins)

“Sorry I Had Sex With the Chicken" (1998) a joke - live computer performance. (conceptual rewrite of S. Reich "Come Out" with a sample from South Park) Performed at Musician's Club, St. Kilda, 3 Dec. 1998. (3 mins)

“Three Poems of Tamaz Salamun" (1999) computer and live voice - collaboration with Hartley Newnham. Performed at St. Alipius Church, Ballarat, 16 Jan. 1999. (6 mins)

“Divining Time" (1999) computer, gender, voice, drum, viola da gamba - collaboration with Ros Bandt, Hartley Newnham, Miriam Morris. Performed at St. Alipius Church, Ballarat, 16 Jan. 1999 (9 mins)

“Three Portraits of Water in Vision and Sound" (1999) - 3 computer graphic printouts, 3 1-minute computer sounds. For "Water" mail art show, Oslo, Norway, March 1999. (3 mins)

“Point King Beach Memories" (1999) radiophonic piece - computer sound and environmental recordings. For "Ear of the Sea" project, Helsinki, Finland. (10 mins)

“A Thick Sound for Imola" (1999) computer music with computer graphics printout for mail art show "La Musica" Imola, Italy, June 1999. (2 mins)

“Six Short Movements Backwards in Time from Dorian to Lespugue" (1999) live computer. Premiered 13 Feb. 99 at Synaesthesia Records, Prahran. Also performed 1 April 1999 at Percy Grainger Museum, U. of Melbourne. Used by Nicole Peyrafitte as part of her performance "Ninon", 8 Sept. '01, Hudson, NY, 1-9 Mar 02, Albany, NY (13 mins)

“Heat Wave" (1999) four acoustic instruments and four small portable CD players with loudspeakers. For the Downtown Ensemble in New York, June 1999. Alternative orchestration for Topology, Brisbane, July 1999. (10 mins)

“Vibraphone and/or Piano, and Sine Waves" (1998-99) for piano and/or vibraphone, with CD or cassette player and small loudspeakers. Nov. 98, Djerassi Program, Woodside, Ca. revised Feb. 1999, Elwood. Performed 12 Nov. 99, Grainger Museum, by Peter Neville, vibes; 21 Aug. 99, Melb. Composers League Concert, Richmond . Performed by Vanessa Tomlinson, Melbourne Museum, May 2001; 21 Sept. 2001, Sydney Spring Festival; performed by Peter Neville, Speak Percussion, Montsalvat and Melbourne Recital Centre, June 2010 (10 minutes)

“Funky Kinda Love Gods (1999) computer soundtrack for Robert Randall's web piece of the same name. (3 mins)

“In Memoriam Dick Higgins - Danger Music No 4" (1999) computer music for Alison Knowles - two 5 min realizations of Dick Higgins' "Danger Music No. 4" (1961) (10 mins)

“Drawn Out Sounds" (1999) computer music - stochastic spectra and shapes, both machine generated and hand drawn - coagula work. Premiered on EuCuE series - Concordia University, Montreal, 7 October 99. (13 mins)

“Krillsong2" (1999) computer graphics and music - animated visual poem for Komninos Visual Poetry Website at the State Library of Victoria, March 99. (20 secs)

“Equinox Elegy" (1999) microtonal piano sounds - computer music. Used in improvisation with Sue Mullane at TOTO workshop, 26 May 99. (4 mins)

“Actors and Musicians - a 3 act play" (1999) improvised theatre and music organized by Warren Burt for Planet Cafe, 30 March 1999. Four quartets of improvising actors and musicians. Quartet 1: Warren Burt, Carolyn Connors, Anne O'Keeffe, Karen Berger. Quartet 2: David Tolley, Daniel Goode, Peter Trotman, Zjamal Xanitha. Quartet 3: John Britton, Warren Burt, Brigid Burke, Ren Walters. (1 hour)

“April 1st Trio" (1999) 2 clarinets, pitch-to-midi converter, electronics - collaboration with Daniel Goode and Brigid Burke, using folksongs collected by Percy Grainger. Improvised fun finale to concert by DG, BB, and WB at Percy Grainger Museum, 1 April 1999. (6 mins)

“Sun Reflections" (1999) computer music - conversions into sound of 6 drawings by Jan Lancaster for use by Miriam Morris, viola da gamba. Performed 12 Nov. 99 Grainger Museum; 14 Nov. 99, 101 Collins St. Melbourne (12 mins)

“April 9th Tape (1999) tape of randomized sound effects files to accompany 8 minute improvised movement/theatre performance on 9 April, 1999 Theatre of the Ordinary Out-House performance about the lost rhinoceros. (60 mins - to be used in any duration)

“Another Look at Physicality" (1999) Lightning, computer, movement, reader/text. Performance for 10 April 1999 Elbow Room Concert of Melbourne Composers' League, Collingwood, Vic. (10 mins)

“Three Minute Sonata - Quasi Una Fractal - Ernst Krenek Stands at the Corner of Grand and Snelling, Waiting for the Lights to Change, 1942" (1999) computer piano samples or acoustic piano. Used in improvisation with Sue Mullane, Extended Performance Workshop, Cecil St. Fitzroy 26 May 99. Midi-file sent to various composers world wide for further treatment, May 99. Notation for live version finished Dec. 99 Performed 6 December 2004 on Disklavier computer controlled piano at “compatible/downloadable” concert, Paris Autumn Festival, Paris. (3 mins)

“Lonely Obsession" (1999) piccolo and improvising computer. Performed 12 Nov. 99, Grainger Museum, by Alison Thomson, piccolo, and Warren Burt, computer. (10 mins)

“Sextet for Improvising Musicians and Actors" (1999) Improvisation by Warren Burt, computer, theatre; Amanda Owen, sax, theatre; John Britton, theatre; Brigid Burke, bass clarinet; Ernie Althoff, amplified board zither; Brendan Murley, electric bass. Planet Cafe, Fitzroy, 25 May, 1999. (40 mins)

“Improvisation with Sue Mullane" (1999) Movement, theatre, tuning forks, prerecorded music. Duet with Sue Mullane for T.O.T.O. Extended Performance Workshop Season, Cecil St. Theatre, Fitzroy, 28 May 99. (30 mins)

“Three Contemporary Pop Songs" (1999) computer drum'n'bass. Number 1 used 26 May 99, in workshop improv with Sue Mullane at TOTO, Cecil St. Fitzroy. Numbers 2 and 3 used 5 June '99, as fake electronics in improvisation below. No. 1 broadcast ABC Radio National July 99 (3 x 3 mins)

“Improvisation for Accordion, Movement, Stories, Stuffed Toys, Meat Cleaver, Four Musicians, and Fake Electronics." (1999) accordion, movement, stories, stuffed toys, meat cleaver, four musicians, Lightning and computer turned off (they crashed), and prerecorded music. Solo improv for T.O.T.O. Extended Performance Workshop Season, Cecil St. Theatre, Fitzroy, 5 June 99. Accompanied by Amanda Owen, sax; Kathrin Ward, voice; Al Wunder, humdrum; Brendan Murley, guitar. (30 mins)

“Solo Improvisation with Raoul Hausmann CD" (1999) Movement improvisation to Raoul Hausmann's "SoundReel" (1919) at Outhouse Performance, T.O.T.O. 25 June 1999. (5 mins)

“Privatised Duet with Hans Foir" (1999) Duo movement and acting improvisation with Hans Foir for Outhouse Performance, T.O.T.O. 26 June 1999. (10 mins)

“Amanda's Silhouettes" (1999) computer music made from traced silhouettes of a video of a dance by Amanda Owen on 28 June, 99. For "Trace" project, CD collection released in conjunction with Liverpool Biennale, Nov. 99 by Audio Research Editions, Liverpool (2 mins)

“Winter Solstice Mix" (1999-2000) live computer music mix made as accompaniment to live performance by Dirk de Bruyn of his films. Live computer, cassette, mini disc, contact mic, toys, CDs of Antarctic Sounds and improvisations with Benjamin Chadabe. 30 June 1999, Musician's Club, St. Kilda; 18 May 2000, as part of Tantrum, Planet Café, Fitzroy; 8 August, 2000, at Sun Theatre, Yarraville, 8-9 September 2000, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale; 21-22 September 2000, Brisbane Powerhouse. Live soundtrack recording made 22 September 2000, Brisbane Powerhouse. (59 mins)

“Winter Solstice Mix Mix" (1999) tape piece made with fragments of the above live computer music performance. For Eamon Sprod's CD-R "Hard Listening Project". 3 Sept. 99. (8 mins)

“Composed in Bed with David Tolley's Sounds" (1999) tape piece made with fragments of David Tolley's improvisations on bass and voice. For David Tolley/ John Crawford "New Music Australia" project. 28 Aug. 99 (6 minutes)

“Axle 7 September Piece" (1999) voice, plush squirrel with Buchla Lightning, computer. Live performance of poem and computer recorded phonemes. For Axle Poets Night at La Mama, Carlton, 7 September 1999. (6 mins)

“Five for the Coming of Spring (algorithmic etudes in square root scales" (1999) live computer or computer music on CD. Composed August - Sept. 99. Performed live 12 Nov. 99, Grainger Museum, Melbourne; 6 Oct. '00, Arts Centre, Troy, NY; 29 Nov. 2000, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. (15 mins)

“for Sylvia" (1999) improvisation for accordion and voice (telling an anecdote). At Sylvia Staehli Memorial, Dancehouse, Melbourne, 10 Oct 99. (5 mins)

“A Tour Thru Temperament" (1999) live computer, plush toys. Performed 12 Oct 99 at Planet Cafe, Fitzroy. (45 mins)

“Installation for Three Laptops (Remembering Kenneth's Lemons)" (1999) three laptop computers interacting. 5 min version for "First Iterate" conference CD made 14 Oct. 99. Installed at Monash Uni. Caulfield Campus, 1-3 December 1999 (5 mins, CD - 3 days, installtion)

“Charles Ives' 125th Birthday" (1999) laptop computer, CD, voice, movement. Performance art piece performed on Charles Ives' 125th birthday, 20 Oct 1999, at Collected Works Bookstore, Melbourne. 2 minute excerpt broadcast on ABC Radio National "Music Show" on 23 Oct. 1999 (30 mins)

“Fast Random Walk Around a Microtonal Fingerboard" (1999-2000) solo microtonal acoustic guitar. For Claudio Calmens. First performed 27 Jan 2000 at "Cyberarte", El Bolson, Patagonia, Argentina by C. Calmens. Performed many times by him since, including Feb. 2001 tour of USA, and Jan 2010, Wollongong. (5 mins)

“The Bakerloop Line" (1999) computer music using a sample of Chet Baker. For Glyn Perrin and Alex Kolkowski (2 mins)

“Dadaduo" (1999) live computer processing of samples of Jas Duke and Arthur Blythe. For "Dada Cabaret" 14 Nov. 99, at Yelza Bar, Fitzroy. 30 April 2000, Musician's Club, St. Kilda; 1 Nov. 2003, Jas Duke memorial book launch, Adelphia Studios, Fitzroy. (3 mins)

“Summerlake" (1999) Installation for "Recent Ruins" 2 CDs on random shuffle, 4 loudspeakers in the Summer House at Rippon Lea Estate, Elsternwick, 21-28 Nov. 99 (8 days)

“Calvinesque Connections" (1999) live performance for laptop computer and unamplified voice reading Chinese Poetry. For "Recent Ruins" at Rippon Lea Estate, Elsternwick, 21-28 Nov. 99. Live performance each day at 2 PM in the Ornamental Tower. (8 x 1 hour)

“Four Possible Soundtracks for Dirk De Bruyn's "Schist" (1999) drums and live computer. Collaboration with Benjamin Chadabe. 27 Dec 99, Albany. First performed with live electronics added to CD by WB 8 August, 2000, Sun Theatre, Yarraville. (10 + 6 + 6 + 7 mins)

“Two Japanese Pictures" (1999-2000) computer music. Made on various planes and trains while on the road, Dec. 99 - Jan. 2000 (2 x 4:33)

“Alternations Around Zero - Water" (2000) Computer music of environmental sounds. For Colin Fallowes' "ZERO" CD project. 3 February 2000 from sounds recorded at Erskine Falls, Vic, 2 Feb. 2000 and Peebles Island 25 Dec. 1999. (1 minute)

“Four Solo Improvisations and a Trio for the Planet Café" (2000) Live computer. Performed Feb. 8, 2000 at the Planet Café, Fitzroy. Trio with James Wilkinson, trombone, and Tom Fryer, electronics. Three of the solo improvisations ("Milk Bottle", "Some Physical Virtual Sensuality", "Looking Towards Antarctica") later incorporated into "Antipodean Collection: A Laptop Symphony". "Some Physical Virtual Sensuality" "Milk Bottle" "Doppler Drone" "Looking Towards Antarctica" "Untitled" (4 mins + 9 mins + 9 mins + 13 mins + 20 mins)

“Five.Three.Two" (2000) accordion and tuning forks. Sound for dance of the same name by Kate Kaos. Performed by WB 1-2 April 2000 Dancehouse, Melbourne; 11-14 May 2000, Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy; 15 Sept 02, Darebin Music Feast, Northcote (13 mins)

“Improvisation for 5 Pound Synthesizer" (2000) rewired transistor radio, movement, voice, 7 April 2000, Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy. (7 minutes)

“E-magik Movie" (2000) computer animation and sound. First performance 30 April 2000, Musician's Club, St. Kilda (5 mins)

“Improvisation with Tom Fryer" (2000) live electronics, movement, voice. 25 April 2000, Make-It-Up Club, Planet Café, Fitzroy. (30 mins)

“Antipodean Collection: A Laptop Symphony" (2000) live computer, and voice telling stories, with optional computer graphics projection. "Some Physical Virtual Sensuality" "Milk Bottle" "Looking Towards Antarctica" (5 mins + 5 mins + 5 mins) performed 8 Feb. 2000, Planet Café, Fitzroy. "Milk Bottle" and "Looking Towards Antarctica" also performed 7 March 2000 Canterbury U. Christchurch, NZ. "Brisbane Nocturne" (10 mins) first performed 8 July 2000, ACMA Conference, QUT Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. "VoiceChords II with "Dedication" by Rewi Alley Poem" (text: Rewi Alley) (2 mins) performed 7 March 2000 Canterbury U. Christchurch; Musician's Club, St. Kilda, Melbourne, 30 April 2000. "Five Tango Permutations" (5 mins) computer sound, graphics, and animation. For Dimitry Bulatov's "Homo Sonorus" Anthology, Kaliningrad, 2000. Live version with computer graphics. 30 April 2000, Musician's Club. St. Kilda, 7 Nov. 2000, Chatham College, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sound only version first performance. 14 May 2000, Café Retro, Fitzroy. "Ten Windy Oscillators" (10 mins). First performance 14 May 2000, Café Retro, Fitzroy, Melbourne Composers' League Concert. "Fractal Follies" and "Debussy Cloud" first performed with complete work. Performances of complete work or excerpts: Bucknell University, Lewisburgh, Pa. 3 October, 2000; University of Illinois, Urbana, 23 Oct. 2000; Nobles Space, Metropolitan State U. St. Paul, Mn. 27 Oct. 2000 (7 mvts); Engine 27, New York City, 4 Nov. 2000; Millvale Industrial Theatre, Pittsburgh, 10 Nov. 2000; "Physical Virtual Sensuality" and "Milk bottle" incorporated into Improvisations with Curtis Bahn, 29 Nov. 2000, Boston.

“Poems by Rewi Alley" (2000) live computer and voice. Texts: Rewi Alley. Performed at EXP at Centriphugal, Mercat Cross Hotel, Melbourne, 26 May 2000 (40 minutes)

“Conjuring" (2000) collaboration with tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - live voice (tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE), radio mic, live computer (WB). Performed 30 May, 2000 at Make-It-Up Club, Planet Café, Fitzroy. New versions made 10 November 2000, Pittsburgh. (30 mins)

“The Return of the Squirrel!!!!!" (2000) improvised movement and talk, live computer, Lightning with controllers in toy squirrel and on accordion, two accordions, accordion case, prepared CD. Performed 2 June 2000, Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy. (30 mins)

“Improvisation with John Britton" (2000) improvised movement and talk, with Penguin Metronome, and music improvised by Brendon Murley, bass; John Fenelon, guitar; Michelle DeStone, percussion; Ian Holdaway, tuning forks; and Debra Redley, CD player. Performed 10 June 2000, Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy. (30 mins)

“Chords and Currawongs" (2000) CD of environmental sounds, and live computer. Performed at Melbourne Super 8 Filmmakers Group, Erwin Rado Theatre, Fitzroy, 13 June 2000, in version with optional Ruth Westheimer words. Performed in version with fragments Dr. Ruth words, La Mama, Carlton, 19 August 2000. (30 mins)

“Lost and Abducted" (2000) Two one act operas for 4 speaking voices, live electronics, harmonic canon, tuning forks, improvising dancers and slide projections. Texts by Robert Randall. Performed 14-16 July 2000, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy by Ian Holdaway, John Britton, Hartley Newnham, Carolyn Connors, Warren Burt, Peter Trotman, Lynne Santos, Brendon Murley. (20 mins + 46 mins)

“Conundrum Improvisation" (2000) collaboration with Anne O'Keeffe and Kate Kaos. Movement, voices, harmonic canon, found sounds. Performed 30 July 2000 on Conundrum Improv series, Cecil St Studio, Fitzroy. (15 mins)

“Five Environmental Displacements" (2000) environmental recordings on five separate CDs for the Cross References Project, organized by David Dellafiora for the Geelong Regional Libraries. Recordings made Elwood, St. Kilda, and Richmond, 14 August 2000. (5 x 10 mins)

“Back to Back" (2000) collaboration with Hilary Archer, concept; and Wendy Suiter, flute. Improvisation for flute, computer and living room. Performed at Salon AHHA, Abbotsford, 1 Sept. 2000. (30 mins)

“Music for The River Project" (2000) improvised collaboration with Brendon Murley, guitar; John Fenelon, piano; Warren Burt, accordion; Annea Lockwood, river recordings. For John Britton's "The River Project", La Mama Theatre, Carlton, 23 Aug. - 3 Sept. 2000. (72 mins)

“Shaman: In Memoriam Terrence McKenna" (2000) installation for sound tape and computer graphics copied onto acetate transparencies, mounted in a display cabinet. Shown at Avago Korfeel, Sculpture Department, Monash University, Caulfield, 4-10 September, 2000. Video documentation shown at AXLE concrete poetry group meeting, Fruscolino Café, Richmond, 5 September, 2000. (Installation: 7 days; sound loop: 1 min; documentary video: 7 mins)

“Palato-Uvular Improvisation" (2000) extended vocal techniques, movement, stories. Improvisation by WB for "Taking the Plunge" performances at Theatre of the Ordinary, Cecil St Fitzroy, 15 Sept. 2000 (5 mins)

“Improvisations with Ben Chadabe" (2000) drums, percussion (B. Chadabe), computer (WB) Improvisations at Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY, 6 Oct, 2000 (30 mins)

“Dance of the Banana Slugs" (2000) computer music made on 9 Oct, 2000 with a cellular automata program - for Jerome Joy's "Jukebox 3.0" installation. (5 mins)

“Belusov-Zhabotinsky Double Exposure" (2000) computer music made with cellular automata program and coagula. (13 mins)

“Fire in the Lake" (2000) - improvisation with David Means for amplified score, computer, guitar and midi wind controller. Performed at Nobles Space, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, Mn. 27 October, 2000. (20 mins)

“Effie the Rhinoceros" (2000) - improvisation for voice and handheld sampler with animal sounds samples. Performed for Brenda Hutchinson's "Vagabond Vaudeville". 28 Oct. 2000, Effie, Minnesota; 29 October, Big Fork, Mn. (5 mins)

“Improvisation with Michael Pestel and tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE" (2000) - improvisation for acoustic and electronic instruments. Michael Pestel's apartment, Pittsburgh, 8 October, 2000. (64 minutes)

“Contribution to Nuclear Brain Physics Surgery Project" (2000) - live electronics and voice improvisation recorded to cassette and not listened to again for tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE's "Nuclear Brain Physics Surgery" project. 10 November, 2000, Pittsburgh (9 minutes)

“Manhattan Fantasy" (2000) live computer, environmental recording - Used as background entrance music at concerts at Engine 27, New York City, 4 Nov. 2000; Millvale Industrial Theatre, Pittsburgh, 10 November, 2000. Incorporated June 2001 as movement 1 of "Playing in Traffic." Performed live 9 Mar. 2001, Independent Media Center, Urbana, Ill., 4 July 2001, Logos Foundation, Ghent Belgium, Recorded version June 2001. (13 mins)

“Improvisations with Ben Chadabe, Tom Burre, and James Lani, and Troy Pohl (2000) computer, electronics, guitar, sax, drums. Improvisation concert at Savanna's, Albany, NY, 27 Nov. 2000 (90 mins)

“Improvisations with Curtis Bahn” (2000) computer, sampler, Curtis Bahn’s “Rig” (live electronics and bass system). Three duo improvisations at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, 29 Nov. 2000 (45 mins)

“Pythagorean Extraction Chant" (2000) computer voices and harp samples. Published in Fumms bo wo taa zaa Uu - Stimmen und Klange der Lautpoesie Christian Scholz Verlag, Basel, 2002. Based on ideas of Brendan McKay and Ron Robboy. 1-3 Dec. 2000 (2 mins)

“The Eco-Crimes of the General Electric Corporation" (2000-01) live computer, environmental recording and live voice, with text by Warren Burt. Premiered 10 Dec. 2000 at Open Space @ Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, as "Story Telling and Cellular Sounds." Performed 9 March, 2001, Independent Media Center, Urbana, Ill.; 4 July, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium; 6 Aug 2001, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. Incorporated into "Playing With Traffic" and recorded version, June 2001. (21 minutes)

“Memories of Cecil Street on a Hot Summer's Day" (2000-2001) computer, environmental recording. Premiered 7 Jan. 01, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. 24 minute version performed as part of "Sound Spaces" 30 March - 8 April, Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, WA. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recorded version made June 2001. Performed Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium 4 July 2001. (13 minutes)

“Six Fortunate Poems" (2001) recorded computer voice and sounds. Based on texts from fortune cookies. January 2001. (3 mins)

“Fortune Cookie" (2001) choir and piano. For Astra Choir's 50th Anniversary Concert. Performed at it, 4 & 5 November, 2001, Gasworks, South Melbourne. (1 minute)

“Autumn in the Garden of Peeble's Island" (2001) Quicktime slideshow sampled video stills with music accompaniment. (1 and 1/2 minutes)

“New Equations" (2000-2001) live computer, environmental recording. Performed 9 Mar 2001, Independent Media Center, Urbana, Ill.; 4 July 2001, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium; 6 August 2001, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recorded version, June 2001. (8 mins)

“Notes in a Dream" (2001) live computer, environmental recording. Made with sounds made for William Duckworth's "Cathedral" project. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recording made June 2001. Performed 4 July 2001, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium; 1 Dec. 2001, ABC Radio National as part of "Other Worlds- Cathedral" broadcast. (13 mins)

“Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Radiator" (2001) environmental recording, live computer. Recording of a malfunctioning radiator, Urbana, Ill. Feb. 2001 with sounds made for William Duckworth's "Cathedral" Project. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recording made June 2001. Performed 4 July 2001, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium. 20 minute version performed 1 Dec. 2001, ABC Radio National as part of "Other Worlds-Cathedral" broadcast. (8 mins)

“Birds at Many Speeds" (2001) environmental recording, live computer. Made with sounds made for WIlliam Duckworth's "Cathedral" Project. Performed 26 Mar. 2001, Environmental Conference, University of Illinois Union, Urbana. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recording made June 2001. Performed 4 July 2001, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium. (13 mins)

“Improvisation with Samples" (2001) live computer and other performers or environmental recording. Performed 9 Mar. 2001, Independent Media Centre, Urbana, Illinois with environmental recording; 27 Mar. 2001, Krannert Art Museum, with JD Parran, Mark Deutsch, Scott Currie, Jason Finkelman; 28 Mar. 2001 on WEFT, Champaign, Ill. with poet William Gillespie; 12 June 2001 at The Larkin, Albany, NY with Ben Chadabe, Tom Burre, James Lanni; 4 July 2001 at Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium with environmental recording; 6 August 2001 at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne with David Cubberly, trombone. Incorporated into "Playing in Traffic" and recording made June 2001

“Four Short Microtonal Pieces" (2001) computer music in 23 tone, 16 tone, 18 tone, and 12 tone et, for Music 304 Microtonality CD project. April 2001. (7 minutes)

“Construction Recordings for Nigel Helyer's "Babel" Project" (2001) environmental recordings of Urbana Middle School construction site, April 2001. For Nigel Helyer's "Babel" Project. (40 mins)

“Sentimentals No. 3: Grainger Counterfeit No. 1" (2001) computer music cutting up 2 measures from Percy Grainger's "Scandinavian Suite". Performed at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY 26 May 02. (3 mins)

“Contribution to Herbert Brun Seminar Performance 3 May 2001" (2001) computer music with live voice. One of about 20 performers contributions to a larger performance. (2 minutes)

“Playing in Traffic" (2001) live computer and environmental recordings. Consisting of these pieces. "Manhattan Fantasy", "New Equations", "The Eco-Crimes of the General Electric Corporation", "Memories of Cecil St. on a Hot Summer's Day", "Birds at Many Speeds", "Notes in a Dream", "Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Radiator", "Improvisation with Samples". Environmental recordings made May/June 2001 and recorded versions produced June 2001. (110 mins)

“Bog Girl and Mud Womyn" (2001) two female voices and live electronics. Collaboration with poets Druis Beasley and Lori J Anderson. Performed 12 June 2001 at The Larkin, Albany, NY. (29 mins)

“Ghost Names 7" (2001) electric guitar, drums, reeds, and electronics. Collaboration with Tom Burre, guitar and electronics; Ben Chadabe, drums; James Lanni, reeds, WB, computer. Performed 12 June 2001, The Larkin, Albany,NY. (37 mins)

“The 4:33 Hat Pieces" (2001) 10 specially made hats, videocamera, environmental sounds. Two videotape realizations of John Cage's 4'33" using 10 specially made 4:33 baseball caps (made by Mr. Anandam of Mugs and More, Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY. and Andrew Culver's ic and tic programs. (2 x 4:33)

“Number Made Visible Made Audible" (2001) computer music on CD. Collaboration with Paul Panhuysen. Sonic realizations of Paul Panhuysen's "Number Made Visible" and "Calcucos" drawings. Made at Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, June/July 2001 and on various trains in Europe, July 2001. Three movements: Overlapping Mix (48 mins); Calcucos Mix (24 mins); Single Sections from Overlapping Mix (73 mins)

“23 Tone Boom Boom" (2001) live computer controlled by Casio Midi Horn. Performed 28 Sept. 2001 Melba Hall, Melbourne Uni. for Melbourne Composers' League Federation Music Week. (4 mins)

“Accordion Improvisation for John Britton" (2001) accordion. Improvisation on accordion to accompany a theatrical improvisation by John Britton. Performed at Conundrum, 30 Sept. 2001, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy, Melbourne (20 mins)

“Expanded Cinema, Mark 2" (2001) 3 film projections, environmental recordings, experimental chord harmonica, live computer. Collaboration with filmmaker Dirk de Bruyn. Performed at Glowbar, Melbourne 4 Oct. 2001 for Lumpen Intelligentsia Film Society's Isoscoles Film Night. Sound only recorded version made 18 Oct. 2001, Coburg. (30 mins)

“Improvisation with David Cubberly" (2001) voice, Alesis AirFX effects unit, trombone. Interactive collaboration with David Cubberly, trombone for Wiseworld Salon, 29 October 2001, Collingwood, Melbourne. (5 mins)

“9 Out Of 23: Harmonic Canon, Tuning Forks, Accordion, Computer (2001) harmonic canon, tuning forks, accordion, computer, movement using a 9 out of 23 tone equal temperament moment of symmetry scale. Performed 9 Nov, 2001, Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy (canon and movement only); 23 Nov 2001, Theatre of the Ordinary (with Vanessa Case mixing computer sound); 1 Dec 2001 on ABC Radio National as part of "Other Worlds-Cathedral." (30 mins)

“Duet with Vanessa Case" (2001) theatrical movement, voice, electronic sound and found music. Improvisation with Vanessa Case at Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy, Melbourne. "Tone Cluster Study" used as part of this performance. (30 mins)

“Tone Cluster Study" (2001) computer music for piano samples. Made November 2001. Used in "Duet with Vanessa Case". (2 mins)

“John Cleese Noise Study" (2001) computer music. Made November 2001 by processing the Fawlty Towers "Basil the Rat" routine through a sound shredding patch made with Infinity software. (3 mins)

“The Air of Other Worlds" and "Bossa Noise" (2001) computer music. Made November 2001 by processing music by Arnold Schoenberg and Miucha through a sound shredding patch made with Infinity software. Used as intro and outro music on 1 December ABC Radio National "Other Worlds-Cathedral" broadcast. (2 mins and 3 mins)

“Australian Mega-Mix" (2001) radio music. In collaboration with Brent Clough. Collage of "A Small Encyclopedia, vol. P-T", "Expanded Cinema, Mark 2", Fred Wood's recording of "My Beautiful City of Sydney" and dozens of Australiana sound sources mixed in spontaneously by Brent Clough. For ABC Radio National "Other Worlds - Cathedral" broadcast 1 Dec. 2001. (30 mins)

“English Chords I" (2001) computer music with piano samples. Mixed in with "Notes in a Dream" as part of "Other Worlds - Cathedral" broadcast, ABC Radio National, 1 Dec. 2001. (13 mins)

“The Air of Other Worlds - Cathedral" (2001) Live Radio Broadcast 1 Dec. 2001, ABC Radio National. Made in collaboration with Brent Clough. Part of William Duckworth's "Cathedral 48 hour webcast concert. Pieces used in the collage/mix included "The Air of Other Worlds"; "Birds at Many Speeds"; "O'Connor Dawn Chorus"; "9 Out Of 23"; "Notes in a Dream"; "English Chords I"; "Australian Mega-Mix"; "A Small Encyclopedia, Vol. P-T"; "Expanded Cinema- Mark 2"; "Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Radiator"; and "Bossa Noise I". (115 mins)

“English Chords II" (2001) harmonic canon, tuning forks, humdrum, computer, voice. Improvised piece in an ancient Greek scale. Performed 15 Dec. 2001, Theatre of the Ordinary, Fitzroy; 18 Dec. 2001, Planet Cafe, Fitzroy. (24 mins)

“Percy, Charles and Henry" (2001) voice and computer. Improvisation for live computer and voice using samples of music by, and stories about, the relationships between Percy Grainger, Charles Ives, and Henry Cowell. Performed at Planet Cafe, Fitzroy, 18 Dec. 2001. (12 mins)

“Gating" (2001) computer music made Dec. 2001 for Michael Graeves "Gating" sound installation 16 May-8 June 2002, WestSpace, Melbourne. (5 mins)

“Two Sketches on Poems of Rewi Alley" (2001) voice and computer. "The Family Supper" (1957) and "On Meeting a Young Reporter" (1977) poems by Rewi Alley set electronically, made as demos for ABC-Radio National program proposal. (4 mins)

“Melanie's Modes” (2002) cello or violin and live or recorded computer music. Performed by Melanie Robinson, cello, and Warren Burt, electronics, at Independent Media Centre, 18 January 2002; electronics part only at Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, April 02; Performed by Steina Vasulka, violin and Warren Burt, electronics, at Art Science Lab, Santa Fe, NM, 23 March 2002. (20 mins)

“The Things We Did Last Night” (2002) (in collaboration with Lindsay Vickery, and Melanie Robinson) Improvisation for computer, winds, cello and effects units. Performed at Independent Media Centre, 18 January 2002 (7 mins)

“Smooth Jazz” (2002) live computer music, with accompaniments by friends. Performed by William Gillespie, voice and Warren Burt, 30 January 2002, WEFT-FM, Urbana, Illinois. By Jesse Guessford, saxophone and Warren Burt, electronics, Unit One, University of Illinois, Urbana, 7 Feb 02; solo, at Independent Media Centre, Urbana 22 Feb 02 by Warren Burt; solo, at Art Science Lab, Santa Fe, NM, 23 March 2002; by Chris Burchell, trombone and Warren Burt, electronics, Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, 26 May, 2002; by Oskar Mann, saxophone, and Warren Burt, electronics, at Planet Cafe, Fitzroy, 02 July 2002. (dur ca. 21 mins)

“The Mossy Slopes of Mt. Meru” (2002-3) live computer music in scales derived from Pascal's Triangle. Performed at Art Science Lab, Santa Fe, NM, 23 March, 2002; Faculty Recital, University of Illinois, Urbana, 25 April 02; at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY 26 May, 2002; at ACMA Conference, VCA, Melbourne, 6 July, 2002. Expanded version performed Rechabite Hall, Northcote, Melbourne, 13 July 2003; University of Wollongong, Sonic Connections Festival, 2 August, 2003. (variable length - 15 or 20 or 120 minutes)

“The Disco Fat Arkestra Live at the Cafe Montmartre, Madison” (2002) live computer music. Performed at Art Science Lab, Santa Fe, NM, 23 March 2002; at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, 26 May 2002; at Planet Café, Fitzroy, 2 July 02. (7 mins 30 secs)

“Pledge Drive with Blue Green Algae” (2002) live improvisation for radio and electronics by William Gillespie and Warren Burt, WEFT-FM, Champaign, Illinois, 10 April, 2002. (25 mins 36 secs)

“Having a Ball with Julia” and “Clusters of Random Organs” (2002) two short microtonal computer music pieces for class CD, Microtonality Class, University of Illinois, May 2002. (2 mins 46sec and 2mins 25secs)

“Improvisations with Justin Smith, Jason Finkelman, and Anthony Ptak” (2002) Improvisations with acoustic and electronic instruments. Sandwich Boy, Urbana, Illinois, 8 May 2002 (45 mins)

“The Lurking Trilobite” (2002) computer music made at Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Kingston, NY, using Metasynth. Performed at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY, 26 May 2002 (13 mins 36 seconds)

“Variations on a Quote from Henry Cowell” (2002) computer music made at Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Kingston, using Metasynth and a quote from Henry Cowell. Performed at Deep Listening Space, Kingston, NY 26 May 2002. (5:22)

“Lucky Numbers” (2002) computer music made from lucky numbers from fortune cookies. (11:13)

“Seven Environments” (2002) Seven recordings for Chris Cutler's London Resonance-FM, project. Recordings from Urbana, Ill, 19 Apr. 2002.; Albany, New York, 15 May 02; Kingston, New York (with Pauline Oliveros), 25 May 02; New York City, 30 May 02; Kyoto, Japan, 8 June 02; Flinder's St. Station, Melbourne, 19 June 02; Olinda Falls Reserve, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, 23 June 02. (30 mins each)

“Never Trust a Man with a Beard” (2002) electronic setting of Al Drummond's poem of the same name. Performed at Planet Cafe, Fitzroy, July 02, by WB. (2 mins)

“Improvisations with Boo Chapple and Nick Hempel” (2002) Improvisations for electronics, accordion, laptop, cello, nostril microphone, etc. Planet Cafe, Fitzroy, 02 July 2002. (ca 40 mins)

“13 July 02 Dancehouse Carlton Melbourne” (2002) Voice, electronics, cds, chord harmonica, chicken plucker, baritone ukelele, piano, electronically processed voices of Eva Karczag, Bryn Kerry, Jane Refshauge, Warren Burt. To accompany dance performance by Eva Karczag. (50 minutes)

“Sound Environment for Cyclops Alley” (2002) live computer music soundscape for the John Britton play of the same name. Performed La Mama Theatre, Carlton, 17-21 July 2002 (35 mins)

“Contributions to William Duckworth's ‘Cathedral’” (2002) computer sound banks based on Erik Satie, and contributions to group improvisations at Mini[]Max Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, 27, 29 July, 1, 3 August (2 hours each)

“Almond Bread Harmonies III” (2002) for six players on 54 tuning forks. Performed by Topology, and W. Burt, Mini[]Max Festival, Powerhouse, Brisbane, 3 August 02; broadcast live in excerpt on ABC Radio National, 3 Aug. 02 (10 mins)

“Herbert and Arun go to Homer (2002) any solo string instrument and 2 cds of computer generated sounds. Uses Arun Chandra's program "Wigout". Written for Polish violinist Ania Zielinksa. (8 mins)

“Air Guitar, Air Oboe, Air Tuba, Air Tibetan Monk and the MX” (2002) theatrical improvisation. Cecil St. Studio, Taking the Plunge Series; 20 Sept. 02 (8 mins)

“Mortadelo y Salaminho” (2002) (in collaboration with Catherine Schieve) Scenes from a music theatre work in progress. Two speaking voices, 2 accordions or melodicas, toy piano, electronic parts on mini disk, video computer graphics. Scene 1 written September 02; Scene 2 written November 02. Scene 1 performed by WAB and CFS at Quiddity Theatre Benefit, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy, 28 Sept 02; Scene 1 + 2 performed at Articulating Space, Footscray Community Arts Centre, 18 Nov 02. Scene 2 performed at Poetry and Music night, Footscray Community Arts Centre, 29 Nov. 02. Scene 1 performed at Adrian Montana's Surrealist 50th birthday party; Fitzroy, 30 Nov. 02; (each scene ca 10 minutes)

“More Chains than Clank” (2002) (in collaboration with Catherine Schieve). Computer, toy piano, 2 melodicas. Performed at Melbourne Composers League Elbow Room concert, Cafe Retro, 29 September 2002 by WAB and CFS. This piece is intended to become an interlude in Mortadelo e Salaminho. (9 mins)

“Soundscape for Sex and Death” (2002) Environmental recordings and sound environment for Anne O'Keeffe's theatre piece Sex and Death. Chapel off Chapel, Prahran, as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 17 - 20 Oct. 02. (variable duration)

“Improvisation with Suzanne Hurley and Catherine Schieve” (2002) dance, movement, acoustic and portable electronic instruments. Performed at Cracking It Open, Dancehouse, Carlton, 20 Oct 02; and at Conundrum, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy, 27 Oct. 2002 (10 mins)

“Scrapbook” (2002) video and sound (8 mins 36 secs) Made with Intel Play camera on Gateway laptop and Cool Edit Pro. for Anthony Ptak. Performed as part of “Project 3 Street Cinema” Adelaide Festival, March 2006

“Soundtrack for Scrapbook” (2002) - for maniac splicer. 2795 sounds, each 1/13 sec. long. (9 mins 49 secs) (Aug - October 2002)

“Mask Improvisation with Catherine Schieve” (2002) theatrical improvisation for instruments, voices, and seaweed mask and penguin mask. Cecil St. Studio, Taking the Plunge Series, 8 Nov 2002. (10 mins)

“343 Oscillators” (2002) computer music - Nov.-Dec. 2002 Edition of unique versions of a piece using the I Ching to generate harmonic spectra, harmonies, and structure differently for each version of the piece. (9 versions including 1 public version and 1 version that is the soundtrack for "Women's Cave, Uluru" by Catherine Schieve) (21 mins each)

“Improvisation for Toy Piano and Ecuadorian Shaman's Drum” (2002) (In collaboration with Catherine Schieve). Improvisation in Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park, as part of Jacqui Rutten's "Improvisations in the Forest", Dec. 1, 02. Video of event by Malcolm Ellis. (8 mins)

“31 or 41 Ways of Listening to a Prime Numbered Spiral, And the Canonic Afterthought" (2002) Two computer music pieces. 18-31 Dec. 2002. Based on Ulam's prime numbered spiral diagrams as received from Erv Wilson. (23 mins 19 secs and 13 mins 7 secs)

“Duo Improvisation with Vanessa Case” (2003) Theatrical Improvisation, Theatreworks, St. Kilda, 2 Feb 2003 as part of St. Kilda Festival. (10 mins)

“How to Make a Million Bucks with Galactic Fowl Meditation” (2003) Computer Musique Cluckrette. Conceptual Art Piece and CD. 12 Feb 2003 (70 mins)

“Puzzle Canon for Felix’s 81st” (2003) Any keyboard instrument. 22 Feb 2003 (1 min)

“Graphic Descriptions” (2003) Computer Music in Five Movements made with graphic synthesis techniques, Feb. - Mar 2003. “Brain Scans and Penguin Tracings” (9:11) “The Walk to Cremorne Gardens, Richmond (3:05) “Handmade Fantasy (4:04) “The Easy Beauty of Parallel Lives” (5:37) “Maps of Canada” (10:03) (total duration 32 mins)

“Stretti” (2003) Computer Music in Three Movements made with graphic synthesis and sound stretching techniques, Mar - Apr 2003. “This is Not a Proposition From Wittgenstein” (15:13) “Ipanema” (20:03) “Hong Kong Hero” (5:12) (total duration 41 mins)

“Oulipian Ipanemas” (2003) Computer music for voice synthesis and instrumental samples. For class demonstration of Oulipo Techniques, Victorian College of the Arts, Apr 03 (2 mins)

“Vocabulary Requiem for Nicholas Zurbrugg” (2003) Computer Music for voice synthesis and instrumental samples. For forthcoming memorial album to Nicholas Zurbrugg produced by John Connor. Live version performed Footscray Community Arts Centre, 17 Aug 2003 by WB (duration 6 mins)

“Leech in a Feverish Concrete. Urban World Ranter” (2003) Collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Live computer music for 2 laptops. Performed 20 May 03, Art and Soul Gallery, Preston, Melbourne; 1 June 03, Melbourne Composers League “Elbow Room” concert, Café Retro, Fitzroy; 15 June 03, Art and Soul Gallery, Preston (Videotaped by David Peel); 27 July 03, Rushing for the Sloth, Omeo Studios, Newtown, Sydney; 2 August 03, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong, NSW. All performances by WB and CFS (10 mins)

“Pythagoras’ Babylonian Bathtub” (2003) Live computer music installation/performance for 3 laptop computers. Performed 14 June 2003, Cecil St. Studio, Fitzroy by WB, and 1 August, 2003 at Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong by WB (150 mins)

“Duet with Anne Shirley-Peel” (2003) Violin and computer sampler. Improvisation with Anne Shirley-Peel. Performed 20 May 03, 15 June 03, Art and Soul Gallery, Preston, Melbourne. Videotaped by David Peel (6 mins)

“22 June 2003 AXLE Piece” (2003) 2 voices, transparencies, computer sounds. Performed by WB and CFS 22 June 2003, AXLE performance, Heide Gallery, Templestowe, Melbourne; 2 Aug 03, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong; 17 Aug 2003, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. (7 mins)

“Arrows for William” (2003) performers and optional computer sounds. Graphic score for William Gillespie’s “Spineless Books” website. June 2003. (open duration)

“A Sunday Picnic” (2003) Chamber Orchestra (2 fl, cl, bs cl, 2 bssn, 3 trmbn, stgs) Mar - July 2003 (7 mins)

“Anagrammatic Polyphonies” (2003) Graphic score on 19 transparencies for installation. Installed at AXLEnt show, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne, July - Aug 03. (open duration)

“Rule Gnu, See Nice Mr. Zoo, Calm Fit Nouns" (2003) Computer music made with sounds of malfunctioning Microzone keyboard. Performed 1 Aug 03, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong. (7 mins)

“Improvisation on a 53 tone Scale” (2003) Collaborative improvisation with Christian Van der Vyver, Xenophone; and WB, laptop. 2 August 03, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong (6 mins)

“In Collaboration - Eva Karczag, Warren Burt and Catherine Schieve” (2003) Collaborative dance and music performance by EK, WB and CFS. Music for homemade instruments and computer processing. Dancehouse, Melbourne, 9 Aug 03 (45 mins)

“Two Soundtracks for Elizabeth Block’s Films” (2003) computer music for “strewnpackedcinderwhateverlight” and “color time” by Elizabeth Block. (8 mins and 4 mins)

“Penguin Waltz for Al” (2003) soprano recorder and accordion. Performed by WB, acc, and CFS, sop. rec. 17 Oct 03 - Al Wunder’s 60 Birthday Party (1 min)

“Jas Rhythms" (2003) live computer using Jas Duke recordings for amplitude tracings. Performed at Jas Duke memorial book launch, 1 Nov. 2003, Fitzroy (6 minutes)

“Two Pieces for Weddings" (2003) 1) A Little Wedding Song for Brendon Murley and Natalie Bernetzki. Computer music with bell sounds. Given on CD as wedding gift, 8 Nov. 2003, Taggerty, Vic. 2) Improvisation in G Major with Tuning Forks. Collaboration with Catherine Schieve, performed 9 Nov. 2003 at wedding of Gudrun Markowski and Richard Perry, Brunswick, Vic. (3 mins and 5 mins)

“Poems of Rewi Alley” (2003) Newly composed radio version of settings of 19 poems by Rewi Alley for speaking voice and electronic sounds, John Britton, voice, WB, electronics. (40 mins)

“Improvisation - Eva Karczag, Warren Burt, Catherine Schieve” (2003) dance, bass and alto recorders, melodica, Yamaha SU-10 sampler with electronic samples. Performed 11 December, 2003, end of term work showing, Dance Department, Bennington College, by Eva Karczag (dance), Catherine Schieve (recorders), and Warren Burt (melodica and electronics). (12 mins)

“Thy Sting” and “Schrodinger’s Catch” (2003-2004) Two stories by Damien Broderick for radio. Voices, John Britton, Hilary Elliott, Catherine Schieve; Music, Voice Modifications, and Production, Warren Burt. (58 mins)

“Radio Background Music Foregrounded” (2004) Five computer pieces used as backgrounds for Damien Broderick stories presented as pieces in their own right. (58 mins)

“The Wistful Armadillo” (2003-2004) Alto Flute and Piano. (7 mins)

“Shaman’s Drum and Beat-Sliced Samples” (2004) Ecuadorian Shaman’s Dog-Skin Drum and Computer. Collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Two versions made: a) for Electronic Music Foundation 10th Anniversary Installation; b) for Spanish Electro-Acoustic Miniatures Contest. 5-7 March 2004, Coburg. Performed June 2004, Elbow Room, Café Retro, Melbourne, Sept. 2004, Sonic Connection, University of Wollongong, 1 Nov. 2004, Frequency Lab, Knot Gallery, Sydney, CD Version performed 6 December 2004 at EMF10 Celebrations, Chelsea Art Museum, New York. (2 mins and 4 mins- live version, 6 mins)

“Quintet” (2003-2004) Any five instrument with optional electronic sounds. Five pages of graphic notation for five performers, with CD realisation of graphic score, for use as possible accompaniment. Nov. 2003 - Apr. 2004, Coburg. (CD part duration 8 mins, Score duration, indeterminate.)

“Bluebearry and Chicken’s Zen Adventure” (2004) Video piece. Made with Intel Play camera and Bluebearry and Chicken. A home movie for friends. (2 mins)

“after JSB and JT: Non-Directional Journey Out From The Enharmonic” (2004) Retuned Solo Harp. Two versions: Contest Version (shorter) and Concert Version (longer). (contest duration: 7:40; concert version 9:20)

“Saturday in the Triakontahedron with Leonhard” (2003-2004) live laptop computer for installation performance. Recorded 15 May 2004, Coburg. Performed September 2004, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong. (72 mins)

“And Pterodactyls Danced in Dewsbury” (2004) live laptop computer improvisation. Edition of 10 unique versions recorded between 30 April and 1 June 2004, burned to mini-CDs and mailed to 8 friends in UK, USA and Spain. (20 mins)

“Bossa Blotto” (2004) computer music - 5 pieces made of superimposed found midi files, made in an edition of 10 mini-CDs, and mailed to friends around the world. (13 mins)

“A Hermeneutic Reflexive Hexachordally Inversional Retrograde Combinatorial Xenharmonic Klangfarbenmelodie” (2004) computer music - for Jacky Ligon. June-August 2004 (2 mins)

“Response Ability” (2004) audience participatory music theatre, for “preacher” and “audience”. (5 mins)

“Belly” and “tENT aTTRACTOR for tENT No. 1" (2004) two piece for Godfried-Willem Raes computer controlled instruments. “Belly” for Belly, computer controlled carillon, “tENT" for computer controlled piano. “tENT”performed Oct. 04, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium. “Belly” performed at summer festival, outdoor performance, Ghent, July 2005. (8 mins + 3 mins)

“3 Everything Poems” (2004) collaboration with Pi O, with him reading 3 of his “Everything Poems.” Voice and live electronics, performed 23 September 2004, Wollongong City Art Gallery. (9 mins)

“Three Nostalgias” (2004) computer music using PD. “Serial Melodies (60s Nostalgia)”, “9-11-13 (70s Nostalgia)”, “tENT aTTRACTOR for tENT No. 2 (80s Nostalgia)” (2 mins + 8 mins + 4 mins)

“Improvisation with Gary Butler and Houston Dunleavy” (2004) live computer, board instruments, portable electronics and toys, guitar and toys, percussion and small instruments. Performed Uni Bar, University of Wollongong, 29 Oct 2004 (20 mins)

“Board Instruments, Flute Head Joint, Convolution Reverbs, and Electronic Effects” (2004) collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Improvisation with electronics and acoustic instruments. Performed 1 Nov. 2004, Frequency Lab, Knot Gallery, Sydney (19 mins)

“Thoughts on Volume” (2004) computer music for David Worrall’s 50th birthday. Performed at his house, 7 Nov, 2004 (7 mins)

“The Malleable Urn” (2004) solo baritone ukulele restrung and tuned in quartertones. Performed by WB 14 November 2004, Gallery East, Clovelly, as part of the “Ukulele Dreams” show. Recorded 25-26 Nov, Russell Vale. (1 hour)

“Probable Occurrences - In Layers” (2004) computer controlled piano (Yamaha Disklavier) for performance 6 Dec, 2004, “compatible/downloadable” concert, Paris Autumn Festival Disklavier Concert. (6 mins)

“Improvisations with Bernhard Langer, Gary Butler and Catherine Schieve” (2004) collaborative improvisations at home in Russell Vale on 6 December 2004, for acoustic and electronic instruments and electronic looping setup. Recorded and lightly edited by Warren Burt. (80 minutes)

“15-17-19 (15, 17 and 19 tone) (2004) computer music. (7 minutes)

“The Animation of Lists and the Archytan Transpositions (2004-05) tuning forks, two players, multi-tracked and computer detuned. For XI records, New York (XI130) released 2006 (2 hours)

“Collective Improvisation” (2005) Improvisation by Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Collective (Warren Burt, Gary Butler, Houston Dunleavy, Catherine Schieve, Brent Williams) 18 January 2005, Wollongong City Art Gallery (25 minutes)

“Homage to Wyschnegradsky” (2005) for tubi, computer controlled quarter tone tubulon, built by Godfried-Willem Raes at Logos Foundation, Ghent. Performed at Logos Foundation, Feb. 2005. (6 minutes)

“Lehmer’s Kookaburra” (2005) for puff, computer controlled quarter tone organ rank, built by Godfried-Willem Raes at Logos Foundation, Ghent. Performed at Logos Foundation, March 2005. (4 mins)

“Beneath the Slopes of Mt. Corrimal” (2005) for tubi, puff, belly, player piano, computer controlled instruments at Logos Foundation, Ghent. Performed at Logos, March 05, performed (recording) at ACMC Conference, QUT Brisbane, July 2005. (13 mins)

“18 New Fuguing Tunes For Henry Cowell (Pocket Calculator Music III) (2005) - computer music (63 minutes)

“The Collage of Cardinal’s” (2005) Interactive computer musique concrete. Performed with AudioMulch. Performed at University of Wollongong, May 2005. (21 mins)

“Someone Moved in a Room” (2005) Computer music from Sonified Movement Data. Collaboration with Arthur Jenkins’ Wollongong Room Calorimeter Project, University of Wollongong, June-July 2005. (64 mins)

“Accordion Duet” (2005) with Catherine Schieve. Improvised duet for 2 accordions - Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective, Wollongong City Art Gallery, 5 July 05 (13 mins)

“Nepalese Flute and 5 Pound Synthesizer” (2005) with Catherine Schieve, nepalese flute. Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective, Wollongong City Art Gallery, 5 July 05 (4 mins)

“Processed Re-Processed” (2004-05) collaboration with Eli Jones. Computer music by correspondence - six pieces, each successively made by either Jones or Burt, processing the version of the piece sent by the other. For CD release and download. (49 mins)

“The Scaling of Lucas Heights” (2005) Computer music for sampled strings. For Generative Arts Conference, Sydney 2005 (not presented) (18 mins)

“After Sea Pieces” (2005) Choir and electronics. Performed by Astra Choir, Melbourne, Oct 2, 2005. (15 mins)

“Radio Namings” (2005) Radiophonic music for ORF Kunstradio, Vienna. Made for Andrew Garton’s “Frequency Post” project. Broadcast ORF Vienna, October 2005. (35 mins)

“Mouse Music” (2005) collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Catherine Schieve, recorder, Warren Burt, sampled and slowed down ultrasonic mouse sounds. Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective, Flame Tree Café, Wollongong, 9 November 05. (6 mins)

“Art Language Opener” (2005) prerecorded voice and electronics, and live voice. For opening of Ruark Lewis’s “Art Language” show - Nowra City Art Gallery, Dec. 2005. (10 mins)

“Illawarra Raga” (2005) ambient computer music for CD-Release on Tropicapricorn, Dec. 2005. (43 mins)

“Three Watermoods” (2006) ambient computer music for CD-Release on Tropicapricorn, Mar. 2006 (51 mins)

“Sound Presence” (2006) computer music collaboration with Andrew Garton for ORF Kunstradio, Vienna. Warren made the sounds, Andrew composed an order for them. Broadcast on ORF, Vienna, Feb. 2006 (15 mins)

“17 Pieces for Adelaide” (2006) live computer graphics and computer music. Made for Michael Yuen’s “Project 3 Street Cinema”, Adelaide Festival. Performed March 10, 2006, 151 - 153 Hindley St., Adelaide - 8 pm - 2 am. (6 hours)

“Window Blogging” (2006) collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Live typing on a computer screen, video projected onto a shop window, accompanied by loops of old electronic music pieces. Performed once an hour as light relief for Michael Yuen’s “Project 3 Street Cinema” project, Adelaide Festival, March 10, 2006. (Variable durations)

“Samples for Softness" (2006) live electronics - computer modified sounds controlled by game controller with live movement performance. Performed Thirroul Festival, 1 April, 2006 (20 mins)

“Improvisation with Kjell Goyer and Gary Butler" (2006) improvisation with Kjell Goyer (acoustic guitar), Gary Butler (electric bass and toys) and Warren Burt (SU-10 sampler). Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective concert, 10 April 2006, Illawarra Institute of Tech. Auditorium, Wollongong, (13 mins)

“5 Unconventional Realizations for Ruark Lewis" (2006) live computer graphics and computer music. First performance, Sonic Connections Festival, University of Wollongong, 10 May, 2006 (10 mins)

“Hands and Samples” (2006) Reconstructed Electric Eye Tone Tool 2, manually played, controlling AudioMulch patch with antique computer music samples. First performance: Sound Symposium, St. Johns, Newfoundland, July 06, performers, WB and C Schieve, also performed Wollongong TAFE, June 07, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra, and Performance Space, Sydney, June 08. (5 mins)

“Percy’s Dream: Harmonics Fantasy” (2006) Reconstructed Electric Eye Tone Tool 2, played with cardboard “hills and dales” templates, controlling AudioMulch patch with stable pitch and changing harmonics. First performance: Sound Symposium, St. Johns, Newfoundland, July 06, performers, WB and C Schieve, also performed Wollongong TAFE, June 07, National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra, and Performance Space, Sydney, June 08. (6 mins)

“Harbour Symphony” (2006) collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Environmental performance for 5 boat horns in St. John’s harbour, co-ordinator, Paul Steffler. Performed 14 July 2006, Sound Symposium, Newfoundland. (7 mins)

“Silliac Piece for Stephen Jones” (2006) computer music made with samples of Silliac computer, Sydney Uni, mid 1960s. Made for Stephen Jones’ Silliac Project, July 06. (3 mins)

“Sentence Slides and Others” (2006) computer settings of Elizabeth Block’s poetry. For live poet and computer sound. Performed San Francisco, by Elizabeth Block, New Langton Arts, August 07. (11 mins)

“Chan Wavs” (2006) collaboration with Carmen Chan. Computer sound realization of Carmen Chan’s graphic scores, designed for her to play solo snare drum and crotales with. August 07. Performed Carmen Chan, percussion, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery, March 28, 2010. (7 mins)

“Rods Work” (2006) for rods and paper clips board instrument and computer with convolution reverb patch. Performed in Tim Nohe’s sound art class, University of Wollongong, Sept. 07. (6 mins)

“6 Irrational Improvisations” (2006) Computer music for microtonal piano samples. Oct. 06. (6 mins)

“Proliferating Infinities” (2006) Installation for microtonal harp samples. 264 three minute etudes for computer controlled microtonal harp samples. To be heard in an installation setting. First installation, De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong, June 6-16, 2007. (13 hours)

“Morning Etude” (2006) spontaneous microtonal computer music, home studio, Russell Vale, Dec. 06. (5 mins)

“Scrambled Etudes” (2006) algorithmically mangled piano etudes by Debussy, Schoenberg, and Scriabin, microtonally retuned, and computer performed. Home studio, Russell Vale. Dec. 06. (21 mins)

“Thesis Final Version” (2007) audio realization of Word doc file of PhD dissertation. Academic computer music. (1 min)

“Scrabbles” (2007) computer music using cellular automata as spectra. For ACMC computer music conference, June 07. Home studio, Russell Vale, Mar. 07. (6 mins)

“Wet Weather in Wollongong (2006-2007) computer music using daily weather maps of Wollongong as spectra. For Robert Voisey’s 60x60 project, and Miniaturas Electroacousticas project. March 07. (Two versions - 2 mins and 1 min)

“Ice Cream Headache” (2007) Computer music made from modified recordings of ice cream truck jingles. For aborted “Ice Cream Headache” project, New York. April 07. (4 mins)

“Ama: Story: Time” (2007) by Timothy Nohe, collaboration by Warren Burt. For invented instruments and recorded bedtime story. Performed by Tim Nohe and Warren Burt, Wollongong TAFE, 04 June 07. (9 mins)

“21s” (2007) Algorithmically generated poetry, performed live through electronic effects. Performed at De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong, 8 June 07, by WB. (Possible duration - up to 20 minutes - first performance, 7 mins).

“A Found Gong” (2007) collaboration with Catherine Schieve. For 2 software Moog synthesizers, 2 gongs, 3 Tibetan bells, and 4 sruti boxes. Improvisational drone performance at De Havilland Gallery, Wollongong, 10 June 2007 by WB and C. Schieve. (48 mins)

“The Writings Of” (2007) Computer music realization of Rudiger Schloemer’s graphic notation project. June ‘07. (1 min)

“Gong - 12 minutes” (2007) collaboration with Eva Karczag. Recorded music for large Balinese Gong. Performed Eva Karczag, Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance and Improvisation, 4 August 2007, Seattle, WA.; Bennington College 75th Anniversary Dance Gathering, 7 October 2007, Bennington, VT. (12 mins)

“Mantrae” (2007) flute and movement controlled live electronic processing of flute. Performed by Jean Penny, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, 26 August, 2007. Performed by Jean Penny, ACMC 2008 Conference, Sydney, July 2008. Australia Council Commission (8 minutes)

“iOrpheus Expo Memory” (2007) live performance installation for William Duckworth’s iOrpheus project. Two CDs, live electronics, computer-processed kalimba. Performed by Catherine Schieve, kalimba; WB, electronics, Nepalese Pagoda, South Brisbane Parklands, 31 August, 2007 (2 hours)

“iOrpheus Piazza Mix” (2007) Live electronic performance - contribution to Act 5 of William Duckworth’s iOrpheus project, Performed as part of Cathedral Band performance, Suncorp Stadium, South Brisbane Parklands, 31 August, 2007. Solo performance by Warren Burt, at Launch concert for “Ventilate” CD, Music Farmers, 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong, 14 Sept. 2007 (25 minutes)

“Soundtrack for Dirk de Bruyn's Four Seasons” (2007) Three mini-disk players, live keyboard performance with Vsampler. To accompany 3 Projector Performance by Dirk de Bruyn. Other Film Festival, Brisbane, 18 Nov, 2007. (30 mins) Documentary DVD of performance exists.

“Attunements III” (2007) by Catherine Schieve, collaboration by Warren Burt. For 2 software Moog synthesizers, 4 gongs, Tibetan bells, 4 sruti boxes, harmonium, pre-recorded soundscapes. Performed by Catherine Schieve and Warren Burt, Vision and Space Gallery, Austinmer, NSW, 25 November 2007. (50 mins)

“Experience of Marfa: A Book of Drones” (2007) 9 pieces, live computer music. Movements 1-4 performed by Warren Burt, Vision and Space Gallery, Austinmer, NSW, 2 and 7 November 2007. Excerpt from Movement 7 published on Australia-Asia Foundation Sonic Gallery website, January 2008. Movement 6 performed Bomaderry Artists Studios, June 08. Movement 3 performed April-May, 08, Bennington College, Bennington VT, USA. 2009 Performances at Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne - Mvt 1, 5 July 09; Mvts 7-8, 8 July 09; Mvt 5, 15 July 09; Mvt 6, 22 July 09.; Mvt. 5, April 11, 2010, Peoples' Culture Palace, Camperdown, NSW. (Total duration 4 hours 16 mins, duration of published excerpt 8 mins, duration of movements 1-4, 89 mins)

“11 Anagrammatic Chance Poems” - (2008) Computer music for recorded voice and computer sounds. For Robert Voisey's “60x60 Project (Pacific Rim Version)” Performed April 18, 2008, Mills College, Oakland, Ca; Sept 16, 2008, Happy, New Zealand. (1 minute)

“Do You Suppose He Didn't Know What He Was Doing?” (2008) Computer music made with voice samples and CDP software, with data for CDP generated by ArtWonk. Performed July 08, ACMA Conference, Sydney Conservatorium. (7 minutes)

“Convoluted Pragmatics” (2008) Piece (6 minutes) and set of samples for Chris Mann's “The Use” website. Piece consists of a number of samples from Mann's site begin convolved with each other, and mixed into a continuity

“Noisy Lullabies” (2008) Computer music investigating the continuum between consonance and noise. (2 CDs, 45 and 60 minutes long.)

“Samples IV” (2008) Computer music in which noisebands are made by piling orchestral samples layer on layer, fractally, until noise results. Made with CDP software with data generated by ArtWonk. (21 minutes)

“Board Instruments, Frequency Shifter, and Delays” (2008) Electroacoustic Percussion Board instruments and computer processing. Performed 15 June 08, Bomaderry Artists Studios, WB – DVD made of performance. (10 minutes)

“Bells and Photocells” (2008) Free Music Machine, Percussion and Live Computer Processing. Performed 15 June 08, Bomaderry Artists Studios, WB – DVD made of performance. (8-10 minutes)

“Neurological Testing Canon” (2008) 3 voices, a capella. (30 seconds) – Canon for Larry Polansky's Frog Peak Canons Project. On Frog Peak Website www.frogpeak.org. August 2008

“I'm Back (Lapsang Souchong and the Moog) (2008) live computer music, for ArtWonk, Plogue Bidule and 3 Arturia Moogs. Sept 27-Oct1,2008. (10 mins)

“Star Sample Sound” (2008) live computer music, for ArtWonk, Plogue Bidule, and Jodrell Bank stellar seismography samples. Oct 24-27, 2008. (8 mins)

“Dream: A Theatrical Scene” (2008) 6 actors with3 stylophones or equivalent. Text score for a theatrical scene. Oct 31-Nov1, 2008. (indeterminate, but short, duration)

“Belugas and Hummingbirds (2008) computer music using beluga, hummingbird, and human (John Lilly) sounds. For David Rothenberg's Whale Music Remix project. Oct. 25 – Nov 12, 2008. (5 mins – extended version for CD – 8 mins)

“Harmonic Canon Modulations" (2008) Harmonic Canon processed by live computer. Nov. - Dec. 2008. Perf. Warre n Burt, ARC Workshop, Canberra School of Music, December 08. Video of performance by Catherine Schieve (9 mins)

“Repetitive Rant for Peace" (2008) Mezzo-Soprano and Microtonal Guitar. Nov. - Dec. 2008 Performed by Lotte Latekefu, mezzo, at ARC Workshop, Canberra School of Music (with backing tape) Dec 08; London, Microfest, (with backing tape) March 7, 09; with Gary Butler, guitar, Sydney June 20, 2009; at recording session, Australian Institute of Music, with Gary Butler, guitar December 09. Published by Frog Peak Music. (5 mins)

“Emergence" (2009) Two quarter-tone trumpets in Bb and C, quarter-tone French Horn in F, and electronic sounds on CD. Oct. 08 - Jan. 09. Performed by Microblech - Stephen Altoft, Matthias Mainz, microtonal trumpets, Samuel Stoll, microtonal horn; at Microfest, London, Mar. 7, 09. Published by Frog Peak Music. (12-15 mins)

“RoboJam" (2009) collaborative internet improvisation for midi computers controlling Logos acoustic robot instruments. Feb. - Mar. 2009 Devised by Kristof Lauwers - performers - Warren Burt, (Australia), Juan sebastián lach lau (Mexico), Jaime Reis (Portugal), Yvan Vandersanden, and Kristof Lauwers, (Gent, at Logos), and Simon Halsberghe (Antwerp). Live concert, March 17, 2009 at Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium, and on the internet. (13 mins)

“Divine Permutations" (2009) Regular or Microtonal piano with or without Electronic Sounds. April 09. Optionally for Warren Summers' microtonally tuned acoustic piano. Published by Frog Peak Music. (10 mins)

“Sound Patches for Catherine Schieve's 'Graphic Music'" (2009) - live computer musique concrete conceived for graphic scores by, and under the direction of composer Catherine Schieve. Mar. - June 2009. Performed with Catherine Schieve, sruti boxes, and Speak Percussion, Frankston Arts Centre, Melbourne, 30 May 2009; Melbourne Recital Centre, 2-3 June 2009. (60 mins)

“Bass Drum, Vibraphone, Voice and Electronics" (2009) Solo percussionist, with theatrical performance and electronic sound. June-July 2009. For Matthias Schack-Arnott, and performed by him, July 31, 2009, Quiver concert, Melbourne. Reviewed in Resonate, Australian Music Centres Web Journal. Published by Frog Peak Music. (10 mins)

“Waystations" (2009) Computer generated texts for live or computer voice, processed by computer. June-July 09. Performed 5 July, 26 July 09, Warren Burt, live voice, Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne; 11 Sept. 09, Anjali computer voice, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne. Computer voice version published in "Going Down Swinging 29" Melbourne, Nov. 09. (5 mins)

“Latoocarfian Piano" (2009) Interactive computer improvisation using Latoocarfian fractal controlling Pianoteq computer piano. June-July 09. Various versions installed as music of new version of "At the Corner of High and Modernism" installed at Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne, July 09; live performances by Warren Burt 12 July, 26 July, Kinross House Gallery, Toorak; 3 Sept 09, University of Wollongong (5 mins)

“Exploring Ivan's Modes" (2009) Live performance of microtonally tuned sampled tuning forks with Midi Keyboard and Alesis Air F/X motion controlled effects unit. July 09. Performed by Warren Burt, 19 and 26 July 09, Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne, 3 Sept 09, University of Wollongong.; 11 April 2010 Peoples' Culture Palace, Camperdown, NSW. (11 mins)

“Bells and Ring Modulator" (2009) Live performance of microtonally tuned sampled small bells with Midi Keyboard and Alesis Air F/X motion controlled effects unit, and live Nepalese donkey bells. July 09. Performed by Catherine Schieve, donkey bells; and Warren Burt, electronics, 26 July 09, Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne; by Stephen Ingham, donkey bells, and Warren Burt, electronics, 3 Sept 09, University of Wollongong. (6 mins)

“Souvenirs de Polynesie" (2009) Tahitian 8 string ukulele, live electronics, and video. May - July 09. Video by Warren Burt using images of Tahiti by Catherine Schieve. Performed by Warren Burt, Tahitian ukulele; Catherine Schieve, electronics; Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne, 19 July 09. (8 mins)

“Another Noisy Lullaby" (2009) 3 to 9 instruments, each with electronic sound on their own personal boom box, widely separated in space. Flute, bass clarinet in Bb, violin, viola, cello, piano, harp, percussion. Composed August 09. Performed by flute, bass clar, violin, cello and electronics by decibel, Perth, September 2009. Reviews exist in Resonate, Real Time. Version for flute, viola, harp, percussion, electronics at Melbourne Composers League concert, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Feb 09. Published by Frog Peak Music. (10 mins)

“The Sandwich Variations" (2009) Algorithmically generated text read live and modified by Korg Mini KP effects unit. Aug-Sept. 09. Performed by Warren Burt, voice and electronics, 11 Sept. 09, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne. (4 mins)

“Collaboration with Josephine Truman" (2009) Live voice improvisation modified by live electronics. Aug - Sept 09. Performed Josephine Truman, voice, and Warren Burt, electronics; 31 August 09, Nownow, Sydney; 6 Sept 09, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne. (15 mns)

“Reading My Email in Public" (2009) Live algorithmically generated texts (generated by Babble), read by live voice modified by computer, with interactive computer music performed by the same performer. Aug - Sept 09. Performed by Warren Burt 8 Sept 09, Make It Up Club, Melbourne; 22 Sept 09, 1/4 inch series, University of Wollongong. (15-30 mins)

“Plotinian Variants" (2006-2009) Live voice reading algorithmically generated texts modified by live computer. Texts generated 2006, electronics designed 2009. Performed 11 Sept. 09, Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne by Warren Burt. (10 mins)

“Prototype and Composite: Obsessive Compulsive Re-Order" (2009) Piano and pre-recorded electroacoustic microtonal piano. Sept-Oct 09. Published by Frog Peak Music. (10 mins)

“54" (2009) Live voice with algorithmically generated texts and electronics. Oct-Nov 09. Performed at SNO Gallery, Sydney, 7 Nov 09 by Warren Burt. Video of performance by Catherine Schieve published on YouTube, Nov. 09. (18 mins)

“YouTube Videos" (2009) Computer generated video and electronic sounds. 5 short pieces composed Oct-Nov. 09. (Graphics for '3 Little Noise Studies' made July-Aug 1971): "Birthday Loop;" "Hilbert Trace;" "One-Dimensional Chaotic Chaos Games;" "Lissajous Fun 01;" and "3 Little Noise Studies." Published on YouTube, Oct-Nov 09. Shown as part of Illawarra Digital Artists Collective “Zeitbytes” Show, Project Art Space, Wollongong, 24 March – 4 April 2008 (18 mins total)

“December Medley" (2009) Computer music. Dec. 09. Sections "The Ryokan Gurgle Processed by Peacock Feathers;" "A Stretched Christmas Tie;" "Finnegans Wake Vs. The World's Longest Prime;" and "Streams and Cicadas" published on www.warrenburt.com, Jan. '10. (25 mins)

“Finnegans Wake vs. The Worlds Largest Prime (60x60 version) – 1 minute computer version for Rob Voisey's 60x60 project, 2010. Performed 2010: Apr. 14, Turkish State Conservatorium, Istanbul; Apr 27, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; June 1-2, Electronic Music Foundation, New York; June 3-5 International Computer Music Conference, Stony Brook University, New York; June 9, Charlestown Working Theatre, Charlestown, MA; July 14, Grey Matter Books, Hadley, MA: July 24 (as part of 60x60 dance), Stratford Circus, London, UK; Sept 30, Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois; Oct 03 (as part of 60x60 dance) American Arts Experience, St Louis, MO; Oct 07 (as part of 60x60 dance) Slippery Rock University; Slippery Rock, PA; Oct 14 EMM Festival, Lewis University, Illinois; Nov 04, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois; Nov 17, Music Farmers, Wollongong; Nov 20 (as part of 60x60 dance) Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Nov 20, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago, Illinois; Nov 22-Dec3, Arts Centre Library, San Juan Potosi, Mexico. (1 min)

“Algorithmic Demos" (2009) Computer Music. Mar-Dec. 09. Eight very short demo pieces for computer sound. Sections: "Irritating Song" published on "Voiceprints 09" Footloose Recordings, Melbourne, Sept. 09. "Little March" published on www.warrenburt.com Nov. 09. "Playing the Lottery in Plano - parts 1 & 2" published on http://algoart.com, Dec. 09. "Rossler Canon" performed live 12 July 09, Kinross House Gallery, Toorak, Melbourne, by Warren Burt. Entire work published Jan '10 on www.warrenburt.com. (9 mins)

“Bourbaki One” (2010) for orchestra – for 60x60 orchestral competition. Jan 2010 (1 min)

“Bourbaki Two” (2010) for violin and percussion (2 hand drums, 7 small gongs resting on a table). For Eugene Ughetti for tour of Europe, Feb 2011. (4 mins)

“Texan Stretches with Springboard, Owls and Electronic Sounds (2010) live electronics and electro-acoustic percussion board. Part 1 & 3 – excerpts, perf. WB, 5 islands Brewery, Wollongong, Feb 16; Part 1, excerpt, Project Art Space, Wollongong, 25 March; complete, Peoples' Culture Palace, Camperdown, NSW, 11 April 2010; Camperdown performance put up on YouTube, July 2010. (19 minutes)

“Illawarra: The Lake in Winter” (2008 - 2010) 3 channel 16x9 Video and Sound Installation. All video scenes shot May-June 2008, soundtrack completed 2009, final mixing and production 2010. Installed (3 DVDs, 3 projectors, 6 loudspeakers) FCA Gallery, University of Wollongong, 8-26 March 2010. Video version posted on YouTube, April 2010. (each DVD ca. 1 hour, endlessly combining)

“E-Phi (didn't care)” (2010) – video and string quartet samples – for Computer Music Journal DVD competition. Rejected. Live performance April 11 at Peoples' Culture Palace, Camperdown, NSW – both video and sound, and sound only versions. (5 mins)

“Robo-Jam 2010” (2010) Collaborative internet-based musical improvisation organized by Kristof Lauwers, Logos Foundation. Involving Kristof Lauwers, Yvan Vandersanden (Gent), Celio Vasconcelos (Aachen), Scott Barton, Steve Kemper (U. Virginia), Jaime Reis (Linda-a-Velha, Portugal), Warren Burt (Wollongong), Simon Halsberghe (Antwerp), Brent Wetters (Providence, RI), Juan Sebastian Lach Lau (Morelia, Mexico). Live performance at Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium, 21 April 2010. Recording posted on www.warrenburt.com. (19 mins)

“Frankston Beach / Illawarra Rainforest” (2010) computer music in 8 channels, or for live stereo mixing. 8 channel version performed at ACMA 2010 Conference, 25 June, ANU Canberra. (10 mins)

“Vibraphone and Tuning Forks” (2010) for vibraphone and treble tuning forks. For Speak Percussion 10th Anniversary Tour. Performed 12 June, Montsalvat, Melbourne (along with Vibraphone and Sine Waves), 29 July, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne (along with Vibraphone and Sine Waves); 28 August, Australian Percussion Gathering, Griffith University, Brisbane; 18th September, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne; 19th September, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston; 22 Sept, Australian National University, Canberra; 25 Sept. Sydney Conservatorium, Sydney (12 mins)

“Prime Subharmonics Starting from 17” (2010) – live computer with Korg Sliders control. Written May 2010, not yet performed. (15-20 mins)

“Situation, by Kenneth Gaburo (1966)” (2010) video realization by WB of linguistic composition by Kenneth Gaburo, performed Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, 22 June, as part of Gaburo Symposium (3 mins)

“Three Microtonal Piano Roll Etudes” (2010) – computer music for microtonal piano samples based on piano roll midi files and other sources. “Memories of You Two”, “At Sunset” “Chorale for Ben with John's Moving Biases” - pieces, with story, posted on www.warrenburt.com, July 2010. (12 mins)

“Convalescent Etudes” (2010) live computer music for netbook performance. Composed Aug-Sept 2010. Recordings made for CD “The Netbook Project, Part 1, posted on www.warrenburt.com October 2010. “Sunbeams on a Puffin,” “Goatscape,” “Is a Symmetrical Canon One That Shoots from Both Ends at Once?” “The Aardvarkestra Returns to the Cafe Montmartre,” “The Walk Thru Meroo Meadow.” (33 mins total)

“Concert at Electronic Music Foundation” (2010) live computer music for netbook and iPhone. Performed 20 December at Electronic Music Foundation, New York City Posted on www.warrenburt.com 24 December 2010 (45 mins total)

“Healing Mix” (2011) Computer and iPhone.  Diatonic chord in several intonations made with Henry Lowengard’s “Droneo” and mixed on ASUS netbook. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 24 April 2011.  (56 mins)

“City Night Rain” (2011) Cell phone video and electronic sounds processed on computer. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 24 April 2011. Performed at Brigid Burke’s Loop Bar series, May 2011. (8 minutes)

“Easter Colour Mix” (2011) Cell phone video and electronic sounds processed on computer. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 25 April 2011. Performed at Brigid Burke’s Loop Bar series, June 2011 (5 mins)

“Why Don’t Jazzpersons Use These Chords?” (2011) Microtonal electric piano or Virtual microtonal electric piano. Score and computer synthesized version posted on www.warrenburt.com 8 May 2011. (45 mins)

“Before, During and After The Port” (2011) Musique Concrete made with Process Pack software. Made May-June 2011. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 19 June 2011. (10 mins)

“Isopathologus I, II, V, and IX” (2011) 1) For piano, 2) Woodwind Quintet and Viola, 5) Clarinet, Bassoon and Viola, 9) Piccolo, English Horn and optional Woodblock. (Collaboration with Y. H. Ippo) (1 + 6 + 2 + 1 mins)

“Berries” (2011) Cell phone photo and Coagula producing electronic sound. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 26 June 2011. (30 mins)

“Mike Cooper’s Shirt, Sonified” (2011) Photo of tropical shirt by Mike Cooper, processed and sonified using AudioPaint. Computer music. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 22 August 2011 (8 mins)

“20 Sounds for Kenneth Gaburo (After Herbert Brun’s Mutatis Mutandis)” (2011) Computer graphics and sound, made to accompany a performance of Gaburo’s “The Beauty of Irrelevant Music” July 2011 Box Hill Institute, July 2011 Bendigo TAFE. Solo electronic version posted on www.warrenburt.com 22 Aug, 2011. (2 mins)

“The Bird is the Word” (2011) Live computer music, sounds prepared using Process Pack software. Performed 6 July 2011, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Auckland NZ. Video of live performance posted on www.warrenburt.com 27 Sept. 2011. (12 mins) Full length version released on Music of Textures (2011) Scarlet Aardvark CD 93. (24 mins)

“Gravel” (2011) Cell phone photo and Coagula producing electronic sound. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 22 August 2011. (30 mins)

“The Idea of Blue Line” (2011) Collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Six Sruti Boxes and Computer. Performed 13 August 2011, Undue Noise, Old Fire Station, Bendigo. Recording posted on www.warrenburt.com on 22 August 2011. (21 mins)

“The Shape of the Voice I: Milton Babbitt” (2011) Computer music based on a stretched and transposed sample of Milton Babbitt’s voice. Published in “Milton Babbitt: A Composer’ Memorial” Open Space PNM\OS3 CD; Perspectives of New Music, vol. 49/2 (bis) Supplement (6 mins)

“Improvisation at ICU, Castlemaine” (2011) Collaboration with Catherine Schieve - improvisation with Sruti Boxes, Electro-acoustic Percussion Boards, and Electronics. (29 mins)

“Flash Brunn: Saw-Dusty Variations on Mac Raboy’s Drawings” (2011) Computer music converting drawings by Mac Raboy into sound then composing with them. (3 mins)

“Three Movements for Fokker Organ” and “Fokker Organ Wren” (2011) International MIDI link-up concert 13 November 2011. (Daylesford) ArtWonk and Max (Max program by Tim Opie) - (Amsterdam) computer and Fokker 31-tone Organ (technical help Danny De Graan and Ere Lievonen). Movements - 1: Time Lock Puzzles in the Random Oracle Model; 2: Guaranteed Repetition Free, or Double Your Drachmas Back; 3: Being Generous with Those Genera; 4. Fokker Organ Wren. Video documentation posted on www.warrenburt.com 13 November 2011. Live version for one computer and Hauptwerk Virtual Organ program, Undue Noise, Old Firestation, Bendigo, 3 December 2011, performed by WB. Recordings of Virtual Organ Version posted on www.warrenburt.com 26 January 2012 (14 mins)

“Dry Ice Metal Mix” (2011) Computer music using samples of dry ice on metal originally made for the Wusik Station softsynth. Released on Music of Textures CD - Scarlet Aardvark CD 93 (2011) (19 mins)

“A Retuning for Vexations” (2012) 21 note tuning devised for Erik Satie’s Vexations, 13 Jan 2012. Performed at part of Erik Satie’s Vexations: The Vincentino Variations by Richard Valitutto, Microfest 2012 Los Angeles 1 April 2012. (9 mins and etc...)

“Summer in the Park” (2012) Improvisation for live electronics and video in the Conservatory, Roslind Park, Bendigo by Jacques Soddell, Paul Fletcher, Ross Healy and Warren Burt. Feb 10, 2012 as part of Undue Noise series. 21 minute video of event shot by Catherine Schieve posted on www.warrenburt.com 18 Feb 2012 (21 mins)

“In Memoriam Richard Lainhart” (2012) Video and electronic sound for Richard Lainhart memorial. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 19 March 2012. (5 mins)

“100xJohn 16: The View from Wombat Hill” (2012) Environmental sounds and electronics. Composed for Electronic Music Foundation’s 100xJohn project and posted on their website in 2012. Live performance 22 Dec 2012, White Box, 329 Broome St. New York. Work posted on www.warrenburt.com 20 April 2012 (17 mins)

“A Ramble Through Russian Music History” (2012) Improvisation for Voice and Live Electronics. Undue Noise, Old Fire Station, Bendigo, 29 April 2012 (18 mins)

“Six Preludes and Six Postludes to A Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod” (2012) Computer music exploring compositional resources of Martin Fay’s Vaz Modular software synthesizer. Composed Jan-May 2012 for, and published on VicMod. www.vicmod.net 16 October 2012 (61 mins)

“Improvisation for Sruti Boxes, Electronics and Gong” (2012) Collaboration with Catherine Schieve. Performed 16 June 2012 at Undue Noise, Old Fire Station, Bendigo. (22 mins)

“Brisbane Nocturne Revisited” (1992-2012) 2012 Re-construction of 1992 computer music piece. Performed on 6 July 2012 at Australasian Computer Music Conference, Brisbane. (9 mins)

“Two Improvisations with Dancers” (2012) 1) With Jason Shorter, Vanessa Case, John Fenelon and Warren Burt. 2) With Sally Smith and Warren Burt. Movement, acting and electronics. Cecil Street Studio Benefit, July 27, 2012 (10 + 10 mins)

“A Steinway Filled with Prune Juice” (2012) Computer music for Peter James’ “Experimental Melbourne, vol 3" CD. To be released 2013. August 2012 (9 mins)

“Flaming Yellow Shirts with Red Polka Dots is the new Black - Melbourne Fashion Police Take Note!” (2012) Live computer music for Jasuto softsynth on Android Tablet feeding into Netbook running AudioMulch and GRM Tools. Performed on 3MBS-FM 13 August 2012; performed on 3CR “Let Your Freak Flag Fly,” 3 October 2012. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 6 October 2012. (5 mins)

“Hand Held Hong Kong Hero” (2012) Live computer music for LAS9 sample player on Android Tablet going GRM Tools plugins on Netbook. Performed on 3MBS-FM 13 August 2012; performed on 3CR, “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” 3 October 2012. Studio version recorded 6 Oct 2012 and posted on www.warrenburt.com on that date. (10 mins)

“Improvisation for Microtonal Guitar and Electronics” (2012) collaboration with Mario Lattuada. For 72 tone guitar and Audio-Mulch running GRM Tools software. Performed 22 August 2012, Performance Seminar, Box Hill Institute. (10 mins)

"In Memoriam William Duckworth” (2012) Computer music. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 13 Sept 2012 (3 mins)

“Music for an Imaginary Dance” Live computer music for AudioMulch and plugins. Performed 3 October 2012 on Michael Smith’s “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” radio show, 3CR. Posted on www.warrenburt.com 6 October 2012 (19 mins)

“Nightshade Etudes” (2012) Computer music. 24 3 minute etudes using protein patterns from the Solanum family controlling virtual keyboard instruments. ArtWonk, Scala and Pianoteq. Book 1 released on www.warrenburt.com 5 July 2012. Book 2 released on www.warrenburt.com 29 August 2012. Books 3 & 4 released on www.warrenburt.com 29 December 2012. (76 mins)

“Music for Moths and Mathematics” (2012) Live computer music for the dance by Tess de Quincy and Peter Fraser. Video made of Creative Development performance, Rex Theatre, 23 November 2013. Link to video posted on www.warrenburt.com 29 Dec 2012. (23 mins)

“Improvisation for Tuning Forks, Electro-acoustic Percussion Board and Computer” (2012) Performed 5 December 2012, Hand Made Music, Wesley Anne, Northcote, Vic. (35 mins)

“The Celestial Yoga Dream Faeries of Spirit Bliss (2012) Ambient computer music for background shop music. (Collaboration with Y. H. Ippo) (63 mins)

“Cellular Etudes” (2012-2013) Computer music etudes using Cellular Automata. Art-Wonk, and Chipsounds, Dimension Pro and Garritan Jazz and Big Band softsynths. (60 mins)

“Note Edit Pianoteq Fantasy (2013) computer etude (5 mins)

“Phrygian then Mixolydian Ikeda” (2013) piano, algorithmic fractal piece made with ArtWonk. Performed by Michael Keiran Harvey, October 2013, Box Hill Institute (7 mins)

“Lettrist Fantasy” (2013) iPhone, iPad with abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz app, alphabet beads, belt-mounted loudspeakers, and voice.  Performed by WB at La Mama Theatre, March 18; Box Hill Institute, May 9 (7 minutes)

“Improvisation with Pauline Oliveros and Vineta Lagzdina” (2013) Intercontinental radio linkup (with Google +) broadcast on 3MBS-FM Melbourne March 25, 2013) (20 mins)

“Trichords Random Reverie Doubled” (2013) March 28, 2013, computer etude (3 mins)

“Morning on Princes’ Pier” (2013) Live performance on iPad (using SoundSquares app) and Alesis Air F/X.  Performed May 9, 2013, Box Hill Institute (15 mins)

“Without Glue” (2013) jazz musicians with live computer generated scores, and live computer modification of their playing.  Performed May 9, 2013 at Box Hill Institute with Craig Schneider, piano and WB, electronics.  Performed Aug 11, 2013 at International Computer Music Conference, Perth, by Stuart James, piano; Sean Little, sax; WB, live electronics.  Recorded by ABC Classic FM. (15 mins, 9 mins)

“Elegy” (2013) a capella choir.  Performed by Astra Choir, John McCaughey, conductor, June 1-2, 2013, Meat Market, North Melbourne; November 25, 2015, Carmelite Church, Middle Park (5 mins)

“Electronics for “Experience of Marfa” by Catherine Schieve” (2013) live electronics installation (4 laptops, 16 channels). Performed by Astra Choir, Astra Improvising Choir, John McCaughey, conductor, Catherine Schieve, director. June 1-2, 2013, Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne (45 mins)

“Launching Piece” (2013) for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablets, using sound materials by Percy Grainger.  Performed June 5, 2013, Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne, for launching of Linda Kouvaras’s “Loading the Silence” (6 mins)

“The 19th Century” (2013) collage mix of all listening examples for my Romanticism and Impressionism Course at Box Hill.  Played to the class on the last class of 2nd semester 2013. (2 mins)

“Pianos 12 tone Up Down” (2013) two etudes for Box Hill Composition class a) with Schoenberg Row (Piano Concert0) b) with WB row.  (4 mins)

“Yellow Hippos’ Morning Lullaby to Get Over A Cold” (2013) iPad with multiple apps.  Computer etude. (2 mins)

“Memento Memori: A Malaysian Circus on ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’” (2013) a realization of John Cage’s “____, A _____ Circus on _____” based on Tan Twan Eng’s “The Garden of Evening Mists” for Conference “John Cage 101” August 2013 Sultan Idris Education University, Tanjung Malim, Malaysia.  Environmental recordings at photography by Catherine Schieve (1 hour)

“Like Billy Pilgrim, He Had Come Unstuck in Time” (2013) musique concrete piece for broadcast on fBI-fm radio Sydney, November 7, 2013.  Later played as installation at Ohrenhoch Gallery, Berlin, March 9 and 16, 2014. (20 mins)

“Three Definitions” (2013) Video and computer treated environmental sounds.  Performed at SeenSound Series, Loop Bar, Melbourne, Nov 24, 2013 (10 mins)

“Terminator Duck” (2013) computer etude for Kraig Grady and Terumi Narushima (3 mins)

“Phrygian the Mixolydian Ikeda Stretched” (2013) computer etude based on Michael Kieran Harvey’s performance of the piano piece of the same name. (56 minutes)

“Messier 15 in Three Different Modes for an Hour” (2013) graphics to sound conversion piece based on a Hubble Telescope photo (1 hour)

“Bob Baldwin Chameleon Loop Stretch” (2013) computer etude mixing different time stretches of a loop from Bob Baldwin’s version of Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”. (10 mins)

“Suite for “More Talk, Less Action” (2013) Three short pieces for iPad with Lemur app controlling computer programs.  Performed Dec 5, 2013 at More Talk, Less Action, WestSpace Gallery, Melbourne. (15 mins)

“Phi Scale Etudes” (2013-4) three short computer etudes in Erv Wilson scales based on Phi (10 mins)

“Caustic Noise Studies” (2014) computer etudes using “8-bit Synth” in Caustic app.  (2 mins)

“Soundtrack for Dragonfold” (2014) soundtrack for Istvan Kantor’s film project “Dragonfold.” (7 mins)

“Spectral Arpie” (2014) computer study made with LinPlug Spectral Synthesizer. (2 mins)

“Milton Shift Spec Accu Multi Mix Time Stretch” – using a Milton Babbitt quote and modifying it with new functions in CDP software.  Computer etude.  (1 min)

“Three Ravel Studies” (2014) computer etudes.  Ravel String Quartet treated with CDP Software.  1) “Ravel Scramble and Smear” (9 mins). 2) Ravel Glisten Vowel Smear (10 mins). 3) “Another Visit to Montfort l’Amaury with a Tardis and a Laptop. (2 versions 8 mins and 5 mins)

“Ohrenhoch Interview” (2014) interview with Knut Remond, realized as audio, with his questions done with computer voice, and my answers recorded on a Number 109 tram.  Mixed and released as a limited edition on 8 cassettes for the show on March 9 – 16 at Ohrenhoch Noise Gallery in Berlin. (13 mins)

“Masala Dosa, Slowly” (2014) for tuning forks.  Score somewhat used in improve with Tim Catlin and his Vibrissae on Feb 15. (10 mins)

“Baritone Ukulele and iPad” (2014) baritone ukulele and iPad (sequencer programs and Thumbjam). Performed Feb 15, 2014 at Quiet Noise, Clinton Green’s house, Footscray. (11 mins)

“Duet for Tuning Forks and Vibrissae” (2014) collaboration with Tim Catlin.  Warren Burt, tuning forks; Tim Catlin, vibrissae (stroked rods instrument).  Performed Feb 15, 2014 at Quiet Noise, Clinton Green’s house, Footscray. (16 mins)

“Daylesford Vocal OIRII for Alice Chang” (2014) extended vocal techniques improvisation processed with Composers Desktop Project software.  For Radio Enemy, radio program, Beijing. (8 mins)

“Rainbow Experiments, March 9” (2014) computer etudes.  Rainbow brush sketch made on Sony Cell Phone, then realized with Coagula computer software. (2 mins)

“4:33 Recordings” (2014) 2 recordings made with “John Cage 4:33” app – Daylesford, Vic, and Box Hill Train Station (the 4:33 to Lilydale) and posted on the 4:33 website. (4:33 each)

“Audio Fingerpainting” (2014) computer etude made with HighC software.  For Melbourne 60x60 program at ACMC conference, July, Melbourne. (1 min)

“April iPad Studies” (2014) computer etudes made with iPad apps on various train rides.  “Baked Bakerloop,” “Enharmharp,” “HexaTwinks,” “Microsunrizer Drone,” “MosArpeggio iPad Etude,” “Trumpets and MOSses,” “Wilson and Friends” (1-2 mins each)

“Triangle Mix April 21” (2014) computer etude.  Triangles drawn in Virtual ANS on Android Tablet, sonified in Virtual ANS and also with kalimba samples in AudioPaint, and mixed. (1 min)

“Touch Screen Suite” (2013-2014) Eight Movements mostly using Lemur interfaces controlling PC sound synthesis and sampling.  Some movements have video demos put up on www.warrenburt.com in April 2014.  “A Degenerate Practice,” (4 mins) “Four Parisian Mods,” (6 mins), “Hexy Bouncer” (4 mins), “John’s Echoes” (5 mins), “Lucas C Right Drone” (5 mins), “Sprott Canon” (7 mins), “Tenebrae Chorale” (3 mins), “The Dunn Chorus” (5 mins)

“Computer Studies May 2014” (2014) computer etudes.  Including “May 1 Sounds” (5 mins); “CDP May 3” – 3 etudes – including “Internationale Stack” (2 mins + 1 min + 5 mins); “Wilsonic Lush Crystalline” (4 mins); “Happy Tune” (6 mins); “May 14-15 Addsynth” (8 mins); “1st Collage with Launchpad” (1 min)

“Flutes Guitars Celli” (2014) for flute, guitar, cello and recording.  Recording made with Novation Launchpad.  Recorded January 2016 by Flavio Virzi and Sonja Horlacher.  (indeterminate duration – Virzi/Horlacher version – 5 minutes)

“5-4 Scale A Right Drone” (2014) iPad just intonation study.  (21 mins)

“8 Tone Bops and 8 Tone Waltzes” (2014) computer etudes using Xen FMTS softsynth. “8 Tone Bops” played as part of Melbourne 60x60, July 2014.  (1 min each)

“Hexany Fantasy” (2014) for Wilsonic and Crystalline apps, on iPad. (19 mins)

“For Pianist and Recordings” (2014) Two recordings made on iPad: a) “8 9 10 11 June 16-18” made with piano samples in 8, 9, 10, and 11 ET and mixed with Cubasis” (10 mins); b) “13 14 15 16 June 21-23” made with piano samples in 13, 14, 15 and 16 ET and mixed with Cubasis (10 mins).  For improvising pianist and any portions of either or both recordings (indeterminate duration)

“Hexany and Shaper 3” (2014) computer etude made with Wilsonic and Jasuto apps on iPad (5 mins)

“The PMs Voice” (2014) collaboration with Philip Brophy.  Text by Philip Brophy.  iPad and Drumset improvisation.  Make It Up Club, Fitzroy, July 22, 2014 (15 mins)

“Lucas (2-1) C Right Drone” (2014) iPad with Lemur and Thumbjam Apps.  Live performance. (19 mins)

“Six Wilson Tunings” (2014) iPad with Wilsonic, Thumbjam, MusixPro, Audiobus and Jasuto apps.  Live performance July 22, 2015 Make It Up Club, Fitzroy. (20 mins)

“Real Time EVT Demo” (2014) Small musique concrete etude with extended vocal sounds made in real time in front of Mus322 Composition Class at Box Hill, Sept 1, 2014 (1 min)

“Six Video and Sound Works for Canberra” (2014) Video and sound live performances.  Performed at ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Sept 6, 2014 as part of “Colour Music” exhibition. Graphics: ArtWonk on Win8 tablet.  Sound: Various iPad apps. Includes “Frost Softening,” “Word Swirl,” “Lissajous Fun 2014 Edition,” “Black Ice Mergings,” “Fractile” and “On Structure and Form, Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin”.   Video documentation on www.warrenburt.com (40 minutes)

“October Etudes” (2014) computer etudes made with various software and hardware.  “Oct 4-5 Piano Notes Sample and Drawing, (2 x 2 mins); “Gestrument Studies” (2 mins + 3 mins); “Etudes with Alexander Zolotov’s Phonopaper and Nature Oscillator” (2 mins + 30 secs + 30 secs); “Room Spin Nature Oscillator” (5 mins);  “5-7-9 Accel Decel FortePiano Meru Scale” (8 mins); “Yellow Hippos Sleepy Wakeup Music” (3 mins); “Oct 23-24 Polychords” (2 mins); “Oct 25 Crystal FM and Random Sequences” (7 mins)

“for Morris Louis” (2014) video and sound piece.  Performed live at Box Hill Institute, Oct 16; Seensound concert, Loop Bar, Melbourne Nov. 2014.  Video: Win8 netbook with Artwonk; Sound csSpectral app on iPad. (10 mins)

“for Helen Frankenthaler” (2014) video and sound piece.  Performed live at Seensound concert, Loop Bar, Melbourne, Nov 2014.  Video: Win8 netbook with ArtWonk.  Sound: iPad with Lemur, Thumbjam and Audiobus apps.  (10 mins)

“Sound Examples for Peggy Glanville-Hicks Lecture” (2014) computer music on iPad.  Incorporated into posting of lecture text on www.warrenburt.com.  (ca. 1 min each)

“Perfect Harmony for David Dunn” (2014) computer piece made with Bazille Softsynth.  Exhibited on Sonic Gallery website, April 2015. (15 mins)

“Tram Dream” (2014) musique concrete.  Entry for 60x60 radio competition (1 min)

“3 Part Random Walk Canons” (2014) using Random Walk Array Generator in ArtWonk.  (6 mins)

“3 Movements for String Quartet Samples using Random Walks” (2014) computer etude with string quartet samples and ArtWonk Random Walk Array Generator (9 mins)

“Duet for 2 Old iPhones” (2014) Improvisation recorded at Wesley Anne, Northcote, November 15 as part of WB live performance.  Not recorded.  (ca 6 mins?)

“Fungi of the Wombat Forest” (2014) organist and recording.  Recording made with Fungi DNA, ArtWonk, Garritan Organ Samples, Novation Launchpad.  For performance by Gary Verkade in April-May 2016, Sweden.  (indeterminate duration)

“Percussionist and Recording” (2014) percussionist and recording.  Recording made with ArtWonk and Chromophone synthesizer.  Performed by Louise Devenish, Sept 16, 2015 as “Chromophone.” (indeterminate duration.  Louise’s version: 10 mins)

“Sound Drawings” (2006-2014) Drawings of spectra made in hand-made paper book in 2006.  Made into spectra for electronic realization using Phonopaper and Virtual ANS, Nov-December 2014.  Final version made Dec 30, 2014. (3 mins)

“Sounds for Simon” (2014) improvising duet with Simon Edwards, electric guitar and effects.  Sounds made mid-Sept 2014 using BitWiz, AudioPaint, Sony Phone Android Graphics and Virtual ANS.  Performed with Novation Launchpad.  Live performance, Oct 15, 16, Box Hill Institute Melbourne. (20 mins and 10 mins)  Repeat performance April 29, 2016, Box Hill Institute. (13 mins) Improvised recording version for use with electric guitarist made Dec 31, 2014. (indeterminate duration)

“Tonal Rhythms Demo Patch” (2015) computer etudes.  3 realizations of a patch using the ArtWonk Tonality Generators. (3 x 2 mins)

“Movements in Memoriam Paul Panhuysen” (2015) algorithmic sampled piano etudes.  Posted on www.warrenburt.com website, Feb 2015.  (3 x 7 and ½ mins)

“Third Rail at La Mama” (2015) Live improvisation at La Mama, Carlton, by Gary Butler, Houston Dunleavy, Warren Burt, Rod Cooper, Ren Walters, Dale Gorfinkel and Julia Reidy. “Dale Gorfinkel  Warren Burt Jan 26” (12 mins); “Ren Walters Warren Burt Jan 26” (10 mins); “Warren Burt solo” (9 mins)

“Preparations” (2015) computer etudes for prepared piano samples. Eight etudes, ca 5 mins each.  “Preparations 7+8” (13 mins)

“Word Swirl Two” (2016) computer etude for voice, text and environmental sounds.  Released as part of “Voiceprints 15” CD by F..tloose Productions, Fitzroy, Melbourne, August 2015 (5 mins)

“Kaivo Studies” (2015) two computer etudes using the Kaivo softsynth. “Polyrhythmic Pulse Sequence” (8 mins); “34 Sound Collage” (8 mins)

“Abstract Voyages” (2015) computer composition designed for 4 channel (crossed stereo) playback. Made mostly with Kaleidoscope software and other graphic synthesis programs. (80 mins)

“Isopathologus VI” (2015) flute, viola, harp.  Etude for Mus321 composition class, showing various composing techniques.  (2 mins)

“Third Rail at Lebowski’s” (2015) Improvisation with Third Rail: Gary Butler, Houston Dunleavy, Margaret Dunleavy, Adam Simmons, Dave Brown, Warren Burt, at Lebowski’s, Brunswick. 26 April 2015. (49 mins)

“Tuning Forks and Recording (Subharms Mix B)” (2015) tuning forks, movement, and electronic sounds.  Performed by Warren Burt and Simon Edwards, April 29, 2015 on Performance Seminar series, Box Hill Institute. (21 mins)

“Borderlands Piano Winds” (2015) Borderlands app on iPad – screen graphics projected. Installed by Warren Burt April 29, 2015 on Performance Seminar series, Box Hill Institute. (6 mins)

“72 Tone Guitar and 71 Tone iPad” (2015) collaboration with Simon Edwards. 72 tone guitar, and iPad with Thumbjam app in 71 tone ET. Performed by Warren Burt and Simon Edwards, April 29, 2015 on Performance Seminar series, Box Hill Institute. (7 mins)

“Other Studies May 15” (2015) 4 computer etudes made with iPad and computer software. (4 x 2mins)

“Colour Fields” (2015) 3 video and sound studies. Video: ArtWonk and Vegas.  Sound: ArtWonk and Kaleidoscope. (10 mins)

“Voice Improv” (2015) real-time musique concrete and extended vocal sounds made as a live demo for Mus322 composition class, Box Hill. (3 mins)

“Isopathologus III” (2015) percussion ensemble.  Score made on iPad with Notion software. (2 mins)

“Glideys” (2015) computer etude made with iPad and computer interfaced with Studiomux software. (6 mins)

“Grapevine” (2015) computer etude made with Hayward Tuning Vine and other software. (4 mins)

“SteelDrumGliderVerbEvolutionTwinkles” (2015) computer etude made with iPad and computer software linked up by Studiomux. (3 mins)

“A Plethora of Polys” (2015) live iPad computer performance using Gestrument, Thumbjam, Scale Gen, and other iPad apps.  Performed Nov 20, 2015 at Australasian Computer Music Association conference, Sydney. (12 mins)

“Improvisation with Adam Simmons for 100:25:1” (2015) collaboration with Adam Simmons, Nov 23, 2015 at Conduit Arts, Fitzroy as part of Adam’s 100:25:1 project. Adam Simmons, multi-winds; Warren Burt, iPhone and iPad with multiple apps. (31 mins)

“Nave Mixdowns” (2015) three computer etudes using Nave softsynth and Cubasis on iPad. (2 mins + 2 mins + 7 mins)

“Algorithmic Miniatures for Piano” (2015) solo piano.  Ten short pieces for piano made with different algorithmic processes using ArtWonk. Some sections workshopped on Performance Seminar series at Box Hill Institute, Oct, 2015, by Kathleen Solose. (12 – 14 mins)

“More Preludes and Postludes to Another Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod” (2015) computer music.  A series of etudes in every equal temperament from 5 to 23 tone tuning, except 12.  Taken 3 at a time, then the 3 are mixed together. Uses many different computer and iPad apps for the pieces. Plus, in the middle, a photo of the Giant Murray Cod is turned into 1 minute of sound. (61 mins)