Voiceprints 15, a new CD of Melbourne Sound Poetry

Voiceprints 15 is a new CD of Melbourne Sound Poetry.  Produced by Sjaak de Jong for F..tloose Productions, with mixing and mastering by the ever capable Harry Williamson, it's a delight.  The tracks are superb, and they are superbly sequenced.  There's a lovely cast list to the album, too.  Here it is:

 Poetry, close to the edge and beyond, featuring :

Peter Murphy, Santo Cazatti,Jeltje Fanoy and Sjaak de Jong, Eddy Burger, Ashley Higgs accompanied by Richard Stringer and Nat Grant, Ania Walwicz, Warren Burt, UQ with guest vocalist Jaap Blonk, Harry Williamson, Razor Hope, Mar Bucknell.

 If you're in Melbourne, you can get your copy from:

Collective Works Bookshop
Level 1 Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone (03) 9654 8873

 And if you're out of town, just go to the F..tloose website:

for a link for ordering from interstate and overseas.
I have a track on the album. Here's how I made it:

 A text was written with the algorithmic composing program ArtWonk. I then read this text while wearing binaural microphones on my front porch. Lots of good traffic sounds!  I then processed that recording through AudioMulch and Glitch2, which produced the rhythmically changing distortions on the voice.  I used Glitch2's "randomization" feature to make the presets, so that I would force myself into kinds of voice modifications I wouldn't normally use.  

Here, as a teaser for the album, is my track:





Open Day Polyrhythms, Box Hill Institute, 23 August 2015

On Open Day at Box Hill, Tim Opie brought his Reactable to display to the public. I showed up with my iPad, and Novation Launchpad.  During the day, we jammed together, occasionally, and in the mid-afternoon, when there was no one around, I made a little polyryhthmic piece using several different rhythms on the iPad, and a rock drum loop or two on the Reactable.  All in different tempi, of course.  I was able to change the tempo of the rock beat by moving the cube on the Reactable's surface, and change which loops were playing on my iPad.  Simultaneously, I was filming this withone hand, while performing with the other.  This is probably taking DIY a bit too far, but what the heck?  I hope you enjoy this little 2 and 1/2 minute exploration!


Three New Articles in

The July issue of is out, and I have three articles in it.  The first is a review of two very fun apps from Mouse on Mars Instruments, WretchUp and Elastic Drums. That's here:

Then there's my review of the new book of music theory writings by the late Jim Tenney, from the University of Illinois Press, ably edited by Larry Polansky and friends.  That one is here:

And finally, here's my review of Philip Glass's delightful new memoir, Words Without Music:




The Third Rail June 9 2015 at Make It Up Club

On June 9, the Third Rail, this time consisting of Gary Butler on Guitar and things, Warren Burt on iPad, Board and things, and Ernie Althoff on home-made Percussion and things, appeared on the Make It Up Club, at the Bar Open in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.  Gary, Ernie and I are particularly delighted with this one.  We all feel that we're really WORKING here - cooperating in making a very nice composite sound, and really interacting with each other.  Catherine Schieve did a really good job with the video (this is 18:40 of the full 29:15), and Stephen Richards did a dynamite job with the sound mix.  Electronically, I'm using the iPad app Bird Stepper to modify Gary's sounds and the sounds from my small Electro-Acoustic Percussion Board. This app allows one to have a number of different sound modifications, which are all changing in real time, and you can change the mix of effects in real time as well.  We all hope that you're as delighted with this improvisation as we are.  Enjoy!


Lateral Listening Episode 13 is up. Featuring 2 hours of WB music for your streaming pleasure.

Tessa Elieff, at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra, has been curating a wonderful series on Australian sound artists and experimental composers on the NFSA Soundcloud site.  It's called Lateral Listening, and it's up to Episode 13 now.  Which features moi.  There are five pieces from the past few years, with spoken introductions.  The pieces are Berries (2011), 100xJohn: The View from Wombat Hill (2012), Samples IV for Orchestral Samples (2008-2013), Six Wilson Tunings (2014), and Kaleidoscope Mix Nr 1 (2015).  This last is a work in progress, which seems to be growing and growing.  Kaleidoscope Mix Nr 1 is the first 21 minutes.




And while you're at it, here are links to the first 12 episodes of Lateral Listening.  A lovely collection of people it is, with lots of good sounds there.