Video/Sound Performance, ANU Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, Sept 6, 2014

I've been doing a lot of live performing lately, but haven't been too good at documenting it.  However, here's a documentary video about the video and sound performance I gave at the Drill Hall Gallery at ANU in Canberra on Sept 6, 2014 as part of the "Colour Music" show, curated by Tony Oates.  This video consists of a number of cell phone videos of my live video and sound performing, taken by Catherine Schieve, which should give the flavour of the performance.  I still have to make good renderings of final versions of these pieces, but for now, this will do.  The video is 17 minutes long, which is about 1/3 the length of the entire show.  

In the second piece, "Word Swirl," the name "Helen Demidenko" appears prominently.  In the entire section, the names of four literary hoaxsters appear, in loving homage.  The names are Ms. Demidenko, Ern Malley (who should require no introduction), Hedwiga Tell (Syd Clayton's nom-de-literary-mischief) and I. Frans Nowak (the anagram of writer W A Frankonis, who was one of my undergraduate writing mentors, and the person who introduced me to the wonderful world of the literary hoax). In the excerpt in this edit, only Ms. Demidenko's name appears - I don't want it to appear that I'm singling her out - I include her in the exalted company of all my favorite hoaxsters.

The videos are sometimes a little shaky and the automatic gain control on the camera has trouble coping with the lighting in the room, but all in all, I think this is a good representation of the piece. The video was made on an ASUS Windows 8 Netbook/Tablet using John Dunn's ArtWonk software.  The sound was made on an iPad using a whole raft of music software, all linked together by Audiobus2.  Additionally, a Novation Launchpad controller was used in some of the pieces.  All these live interactive microtonal pieces use algorithmic processes to make both images and sounds in various ways. Thanks to Tony Oates at the ANU Drill Hall Gallery, and to Catherine Schieve for shooting the videos.  I hope you enjoy it!



Some pieces from Melbourne 60x60

Melbourne 60x60 (organized by myself and Susan Frykberg) manifested itself at the 2014 Australasian Computer Music Conference in early July.  Just today, a wonderful review of the Conference and 60x60 in particular by Peter Farnan appeared in Crikey's Daily Review.  For the folks who read the review, and also for the rest of you, here are a few pieces from the 60x60 sets, two by me, two by Susan Frykberg, one by Catherine Schieve, and one by Y H Ippo.  Each piece a minute or less. The notes under the pieces are from the 60x60 program.  Enjoy!



Warren Burt: Audio Fingerpainting

Made entirely in the program High C, using a touch screen computer, all the sounds are drawn by hand onto the screen.  Fingerpainting of sound allows kinds of sounds not attainable by other means.  The hand is quicker than the ear.  



Warren Burt: 8 Tone Bop for J K Randall

Microtonal algorithmic hexachordal chord progression in 8 tone equal temperament made by drawing probability distributions by hand.  In memoriam J K Randall, composer and deep musical thinker.  



Susan Frykberg: SDF One

Composer from New Zealand who lived in Canada for many years, Susan is now based in Melbourne, and is one of the organizers of Melbourne 60x60.



Susan Frykberg: SDF Two

Composer from New Zealand who lived in Canada for many years, Susan is now based in Melbourne, and is one of the organizers of Melbourne 60x60.



Catherine Schieve: Laying on of Hands

Animal magnetism for human electrostatic energy and Anakie chicken orchestra. Quasi-voodoo experiences across media and species; the hand as medium; micro electrical storm; feathered expressivity.  Catherine Schieve, inter-media artist, lives and works in the Goldfields region of Central Victoria. This work is informed in some way by her time visiting Umbanda ceremonies in Brazil.



Y H Ippo: Isopathologus IX

Y. H. Ippo, originally from Woonona, NSW, now lives and works in the Goldfields region of central Victoria, where, using the latest technology, he continues to compose Complexist New Age music with childlike insouciance.  Isopathologus IX is one of a series of chamber works which explore juxtapositions of different emotional and structural nano-mini-worlds.


Six Wilson Tunings - Performance at Make It Up Club - July 22

Here's a video of me performing a new piece "Six Wilson Tunings" which Catherine shot on her cell phone at the Make It Up Club, at the Bar Open in Fitzroy, last Tuesday, July 22.  It was one of those performances where everything came together nicely, and I'm really happy that the piece was able to be recorded. 

Here's what I said about the video on YouTube:

Warren Burt plays "6 Wilson Tunings" on iPad at The Make It Up Club on 22 July 2014, Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne.  This is a live iPad performance using the still-in-beta-testing Wilsonic app, and Thumbjam, Jasuto, Musix Pro and Audiobus apps.  Wilsonic generated the scales, which were loaded into Thumbjam.  Both apps were played live, Wilsonic with its own internal keyboards, Thumbjam with the Musix Pro hexagonal MIDI keyboard.  Both went into Jasuto, which was patched to provide phase shifting and seven-second delays. There are six overlapping sections in the piece, each of which uses a different Wilson "Moment of Symmetry" scale, each successive one based on the 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, and 21st harmonics.  Each section also uses a different organ, accordion, or flute-like timbre.  The video was shot on a Sony Xperia phone by Catherine Schieve. 

I hope you enjoy the performance!


Pierre Schaeffer book and XEN-FMTS2 - 2 new reviews out now

The July 2014 issue of Soundbytes Magazine ( is now on-line.  It has two new reviews of mine.  One is of Pierre Schaeffer's "In Search of a Concrete Music" recently published in English translation by University of California Press.  The other is a review of Jacky Ligon's new FREE softsynth - XEN-FMTS2.  This synth is a treat for microtonalists and those who want to experiment with timbre and tuning.  Highly recommended.

URLS for the two articles:


URL for Jacky Ligon's Xen-Arts:

URL for UC Press "In Search of a Concrete Music":




IVOR DARREG FUNDRAISER - worth supporting!

I don't usually plug fundraisers, but this one is special.  Brian McLaren, of Corvallis, Oregon is attempting to raise funds to make the work of the late Ivor Darreg (1917-1994) available.  Ivor was a microtonal composer, theorist and instrument inventor who lived most of his life in Southern California, well out of the loop of just about any musical establishments of the time.  During his life, he was one of the chief investigators of the realms of different equal temperaments, the relation of tuning to timbre, and the inventor of several amazing acoustic instruments, including the awesome megalyras (megalyrae?), shown in this photo.  Their sound has accurately been described as "tuned thunder."  

Since Ivor's death, despite the best efforts of his friends and supporters, including Brian, Ivor's work has been disppearing from public view and even accessibility.  This fund raiser will hopefully make Ivor's pioneering (and controversial, the say the least!) work available.  As mentioned above, Ivor was pretty much out of the loop for most of his life, so this is a rare opportunity to help with the accessibility, and to acquire a good amount, of his almost impossible to find and extremely valuable work.  
Check out the fundraiser, which is happening during the month of July, at this url: