Two new reviews in soundbytesmag.net

It's that time of the bi-monthly cycle again, and I now have 2 new reviews out in soundbytesmag.net.  The first one is of the marvelous sample set World Suite from UVI.  That's an incredibly comprehensive sample library of beautifully multisampled instruments from around the world.  Well worth checking out, and the price, for what you get, is ridiculously cheap.  Here's the URL to that review:


And there's also a review of Joel Kivela's marvelous microtonal composing software Dhalang MG.  This one is for Mac or iOS, but will "soon" be available for PC and Linux.  It's a really complex and deep multi-function program.  Again, very much worth having a look at.




Applebox Orchestra Realization for Pauline

On 8 January, a whole crew of folks gathered; in person, telematically, and by correspondence; at the Fridman Gallery in New York City and performed a Tribute to Pauline Oliveros.  All the participants made realizations of Pauline's "Applebox Orchestra" score, each one making a part with an Applebox, or other wooden box used as a resonator for their own choice of sounds.  It was a splendid event, even on streaming web radio, which was how I heard it.

I made a recording for it, and was delighted with it.  It consisted of 3 tracks of a set of Applebox sounds I made, using kitchen utensils, stationery, crockery, and whatever else I could find.  After the performance on 8 Jan., I realized I could do this process again (and again and again) until I got 10 tracks of Applebox instruments happening.  Pauline's score for Applebox Orchestra specifies up to 10 players of Applebox sounds.  I repeated the process - set up the Applebox, attach contact mics to it, place a wide variety of sound-making objects on the box, perform and record them.  After recording, go through it and top and tail each sound, normalise it if necessary and load it into a sampler.  Then sequence the samples (using MusicWonk), such that each one appears only once in the first 29 minutes of the sequence.  Record this sequence.  Repeat this process four times. (Recordings 1 and 3 are 3 tracks each, recordings 2 and 4 are 2 tracks each.)  Then mix the results, with a slightly different panning for each of the four recordings.

I'm delighted with the result.  I think all the sounds have their own sonic identity, and juxtapositions of various sounds make interesting complexes where the identity of each component sound is preserved.  So here it is.  Applebox Orchestra by Pauline Oliveros, realized in loving memory of her by Warren Burt.

You can listen here:



Or, if you can't see that flash player above, you can download the piece HERE (mp3, 68MB). Enjoy!


If you're in New York, tonight, January 8.....

You could do far worse than go to the Fridman Gallery, 287 Spring St New York City for the opening event of their New Ear Festival, which goes from Jan 8-16.  Tonight is a "Tribute to Pauline Oliveros," and it includes a massive version of Pauline's "Applebox Orchestra" piece, to which I'm a contributor.

Here's a link to the whole festival:


And from 6PM on, New York time, or 10AM Monday Jan 9, Melbourne time, you can stream the whole event at


Here's the whole program, with the cast of thousands (well, 25) for the Applebox Orchestra at 8PM:


Tribute to Pauline Oliveros 
Fridman Gallery   287 Spring Street   New York City 
Sunday, January 8, 2017 
Begins at 6 pm  
6-8pm – special dedication and performances of 3 works by Pauline Oliveros  
Presenting the video document of Pauline and Seth playing Apple Box Duo at 9E +50 
Maria Chavez - special dedication 
Peter Evans/Nate Wooley - Earth Ears 
Leila Bordreuil - Dissolving Your Earplugs 
Susie Ibarra - All Fours 
Some photos from Gordon Mumma and Julie Martin with short films by Billy Klüver and Aura Satz 
Apple Box Orchestra: a piece for 10 performers by Pauline Oliveros accompanied and extended by 
telematic streaming, supplemental collaborative performers and contributed sound files.  
Performing live: 
Tom Beyer,  Michael Bullock, Joel Chadabe, Seth Cluett, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein,   
Joshua Fried, Susie Ibarra, John King, Ron Kuivila, Eric Leonardson, Alan Licht,  
Paula Matthusen, Liz Phillips, Michael Schumacher, Hans Tammen 
Sound Files from : Warren Burt , Danny McCarthy, Al Margolis, Phil Niblock, Aura Satz,  
Stephen Vitiello 
Telematic performers Shelley Burgon, Stephan Moore, Spencer Topal


If you're in NYC, I hope you can make it.  I'll certainly be listening to the live stream from here in Daylesford.




Launching Piece 2, for the launch of Chris Mann's new book, Dec 13 and 14, 2016

Kent MacCarter, of Cordite Books, has just published two volumes of poetry, one by Chris Mann, and the other by Kris Hemensley, two of Melbourne's most interesting poets.  Kent invited me to perform a small piece for the launch of Chris's book, with Gig Ryan launching Kris's book on the same evening.  (She is seen sitting next to me in the first video, patiently waiting her turn.)

The launch took place on the evening of December 13, and it was very well attended.  Here's a picture (all pictures by Catherine Schieve) of the assembled crowd in Collected Works Nicholas Building aerie.

Here are the covers of Chris' and Kris' books.


Here's Kent MacCarter introducing the evenings proceedings.

And here is Kris Hemensley reading from his new book.

And here's a one minute excerpt of my performance on the night.  Here I'm doing a smaller "chamber" version of the piece, using only an iPhone and an iPad and two Marshall stacks. Like the pix, the video is by Catherine Schieve.

Here's a picture of the crowd listening to me.


The next day, back in Daylesford, we videoed the full seven minutes of the piece, this time in the version for 3 devices.  The iPhone is playing the small collage of time-stretched Chris Mann sounds I made using the Composers Desktop Project sofware.  The Windows 8 Tablet is playing other versions of the processing of the sounds made with the same CDP processes.  The iPad has Chris Mann's own app, "the use," on it (also available on-line as "theuse.info").  The idea of performing the piece outdoors and on the verandah was Catherine's, as was having me stand up and placing the Windows 8 tablet and the iPad fairly far apart.  She was right, that arrangement produced a much livelier performance on my part.  Thanks to Kent for commissioning the piece, to Catherine for videoing and lots of great creative input, to Chris, for years and years of friendship, and to Kris for hosting the event.  A wonderful time was had by all.  

Oh yes, and Cordite Books, PO Box 393, Carlton South, VIC 3053 Australia for the finest in contemporary Australian poetry! (http://corditebooks.org.au/)





I'm back - and 5 new Soundbytes articles have appeared.

Sorry for the lack of news - it's been a VERY busy semester.  Meanwhile, in the September soundbytesmag.net, I had 2 reviews - one of Xotopad-2, a lovely Windows based touchscreen controller toolkit, and then reviews of four new-ish books from University of Illinois Press: biographies of Johanna Beyer, John Cage, and Robert Ashley, and a collection of writings from Gordon Mumma.



In the current November 2016 issue, I've got 3 reviews.  One of Henry Lowengard's classic Droneo, now updated, one of Tracktion's extremely powerful BioTek softsynth; and one of a very fun sampling/sequencing app from the Mouse on Mars crew, fluXpad.