for EB and MF - an excerpt of a performance for electronics, percussion and dancers

This is a short video of an excerpt from "for EB and MF" for electronics, percussion and dancers.  Electronics: Warren Burt; percussion: Carmen Chan Schoenborn; dancers: Brendan O'Connor and Tony Yap.  From a concert on May 7, 2018 at Melba Hall, University of Melbourne.  Video by Catherine Schieve.



Three new reviews in

The latest issue of is now online, and I have three reviews in it.

First up, in the Music for Tablets column, reviews of Elastic FX and Objeq, two new effects units that will enable you to change your sounds in unique and unusual ways.

Then there's a review of UVI's new VERY impressive "Augmented Piano" sound set.

And finally, a review of Ample Sound's gorgeous sounding 12-string guitar sample based instrument.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed playing with the software to write these reviews!


Memento Memori: A Malaysian Circus on The Garden of Evening Mists at La Mama Courthouse Carlton Monday May 21


Mike Cooper and Warren Burt, April 23, 2018, Two Duets

Mike Cooper, guitarist and electronicist extraordinaire, did a Departmental Forum at Box Hill Institute on April 23, 2018.  While he was doing it, he asked me to come up and do a couple of short duets with him.  I noticed that Mike and I were using some of the same apps, and this got my "duet juices" flowing, in making some live electronic fun with him.  I liked them, and Mike liked them as well, so here they are.  Hope you enjoy them as well.



Arturia CMI V and Semantic Danielou - two new reviews in

The new is out, and I have two reviews in it. 

First a review of Arturia's recreation of the Fairlight CMI, the CMI V:

And then, a review of the "Freebie-of-the-Month," Semantic Danielou - a free microtonal program which allows you to perform in Just Intonation in about 72 different scales: