Mike Cooper and Warren Burt, April 23, 2018, Two Duets

Mike Cooper, guitarist and electronicist extraordinaire, did a Departmental Forum at Box Hill Institute on April 23, 2018.  While he was doing it, he asked me to come up and do a couple of short duets with him.  I noticed that Mike and I were using some of the same apps, and this got my "duet juices" flowing, in making some live electronic fun with him.  I liked them, and Mike liked them as well, so here they are.  Hope you enjoy them as well.



Arturia CMI V and Semantic Danielou - two new reviews in

The new is out, and I have two reviews in it. 

First a review of Arturia's recreation of the Fairlight CMI, the CMI V:

And then, a review of the "Freebie-of-the-Month," Semantic Danielou - a free microtonal program which allows you to perform in Just Intonation in about 72 different scales:



Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music - preprint of WB chapter here

The Oxford Handbook of Algorithmic Music, edited by Roger Dean and Alex McLean, is out and available now.  As a teaser, you can download my chapter "Thoughts on An Algorithmic Practice" here: 


It's a great collection, with lots of interesting essays.  If you are at all associated with a library, you should get your library to order it (like all academic publications, it's 'spensive), and enjoy it in it's full.



ABC New Waves Podcast with Mosaics and Transparencies out now!

Stephen Adams, from the ABC, produces a weekly podcast of New Music.  The latest edition features a unique version of my Mosaics and Transparencies, made specially for the ABC in late January.  Also featured are pieces from the five ex-Box Hill composers featured in the Astra Now and Then festival last September: Jeffrey Dunn, Tamara Violet Partridge, Dave Weaver, Dylan Imeneo, and Matthew Paine.  It's quite a nice show, and Stephen has done a great job of putting it together.  Have a listen!




Astra Choir CD on New World (with WB Elegy) out now!

The long awaited Astra Choir CD, conducted by John McCaughey, recorded by Michael Hewes, with pieces by Morton Feldman, Will Ogdon, Earle Brown, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Carl and me, is now out on New World Records. Here's a link for more information and sound samples:

Like all Astra adventures, this CD places the featured works -  by Morton Feldman - in juxtaposition with other works which reflect off it, and hopefully reflect back, making a collection of pieces into a musical dialogue, revealing aspects of each which might not be heard in isolation.  For 40 years, John McCaughey has heroically led the choir, through thick and thin, gracing Melbourne's music scene with a shining example of what can be done when musical events are organized with care, intellectual precision, and love.  Visit the website for more information, and while you're there, download the liner notes, which feature a wonderful and detailed essay by John about the pieces and their contexts. Thanks also to Paul Tai and Paul Zinman from New World who shepherded this project to completion! I'm delighted with this CD, and I hope you will be too.