Four Reviews - the latest crop of Soundbytes articles

The latest issue of is out and I have four reviews in it:


The first is a review of the new Arturia Buchla Easel V, a wonderful emulation of the classic 80s Buchla Music Easel.  The second is a review of a sound set from UVI, the "Complete Toy Museum," which is a lovely, and beautifully sampled collection of musical toys.  Lots to explore there.  The third is a review of the iPad app, iOptigan, a reconstruction of a classic early 70s, "sampler chord organ," which had lots of flaws, which the designers have lovingly preserved.  And finally, there's a first look at a new system, VCV Rack, a free, open source, cross platform virtual analog patching synthesizer.  Sounds like a mouthful!  It's a very powerful system, and the price, as they say (free), is right.  Hope you enjoy the articles!




Two Ruined Pianos for Ross Bolleter

Ross Bolleter, composer-improviser in Perth extraordinaire, loves collecting Ruined Pianos ( Recently, my wife, Catherine Schieve, discovered these two.  (One is a frame rather than a true Ruined Piano, but what the heck?)  This tiny cell-phone video is the result of visits to these two in December 2017 and January 2018.  Enjoy!  And greetings Ross!


Mosaics and Transparencies on 3MBS-FM live, now streaming

Last Tuesday night, December 5th, I was Tony Thomas's guest on his new music radio show, Contemporary Visions, on 3MBS-FM.  On the air, I played the group of pieces by the recent Box Hill Institute graduate composers that I played recently also on 3PBS-FM, and then I did a live performance of "Mosaics and Transparencies" my improvisational live electronics multichannel piece, in a half-hour version.

That show is now up on the 3MBS-FM website, available for streaming. Here's the link to it.

 I play and talk about the pieces from the Box Hill composers first: Dylan Imeneo, David Weaver, Tamara Violet Partridge, Jeffrey Dunn, and Matthew Paine.  Then I talk about and we play my piece.

If you just want to hear my piece, we talk about it from 47:30, and I begin playing the piece at 56:20.  Enjoy!



Five New Reviews in

The new issue of has come out and I have four reviews in it.  First of all, there's a review of Anthony Saunders absolutely wonderful Quantum Sequencer app.


Then I review some nifty new modules for Softube's Modular softsynth:

And I also review IK Multimedia's powerful new softsynth, Syntronik:

and finally, there's a review of Amplesound's sampled Ukulele, which amazed me with it's sound quality and versatility:

And then, two months ago, in the July issue of Soundbytes, I reviewed two new iOS apps by UVI - Ravenscroft 275 Sampled Piano, and Beathawk, a rather nifty sampler/sequencer:

A lot of testing went into these articles, and it's a lot of writing to read, but I hope that some of you will find something of amusement or value in these articles.  Enjoy.



Mosaics and Transparencies on FBi-FM in Sydney, Thursday night

Following on Sunday night's broadcast on PBS-FM in Melbourne, on this Thursday night, Nov. 16, on Ears Have Ears, hosted by Scarlett di Maio and Brooke Olsen, on FBi Radio, 94.5 FM in Sydney, from 9pm-11pm, will be a presentation of a different version of Mosaics and Transparencies, made specially for this broadcast, as well as two pieces from the group of Box Hill composition graduates that were commissioned for the September Astra Now and Then Festival. (The other 3 pieces will be played next week.)

Here's a promo for the show:

And you can stream the show on

For international folks, 9-11pm on a Thursday night in Sydney translates into the following:

New York 5-7am Thursday

Los Angeles 2-4am Thursday

London 10am-noon Thursday

Europe 11am-1pm Thursday.

I'll be interviewed via phone at about 10pm, with the piece shortly after that.  And sound artist Holly Hearndon will be featured in the first half of the show.

Thanks to Scarlett and Brooke for asking for the piece, and for doing the broadcast.  I hope some of you can tune in to the show.