Some Links with Downloads

Some links to other sites with information about me, or downloads of some pieces.  This list is very incomplete, but all the websites listed here were checked on 17 Nov. 2009 and are still active.  I'll add more sites in the future, as I find other lists of sites I've made, and find some more.

Precis of a talk given in October 2004

1988 Biography from "22 Contemporary Australian Composers"

Australian Sound Design Project

Autralian Music Centre - biog and books, CDs, available

Sean Bridgeman's lovely Clatterbox site has a page about my "5 Pound Synthesizer"

Austrian Radio ORF with a biog and an mp3 of "Radio Namings"
High Quality Mp3 here:

Spineless Books - two scores by WB with mp3 file electronic parts

Miss Furr and Miss Skene - computer opera on Gertrude Stein text - mp3 from

CEC SONUS SITE = Canadian site with mp3s of three pieces available
"Drawn Out Sounds" (1999)
"The Eco-Crimes of the General Electric Corporation" (2001)
"Soundtrack for Scrapbook" (2003)

Processed Reprocessed - Collaboration with Eli Jones - mp3 files

2002 Cathedral Band performances in MP3 with WB in the band