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$15 dollars and a few hours of programming later....

Little March 28 Oct 09

So I got this email from PrecisionSound, saying that their Weltmeister Accordion sample set was reduced to $15 until November 1st.  Normally, if I want accordion sounds, I'll just play one of my several accordions.   But I listened to the demos, and the volume control, and the fact that there were separate samples for push and pull of the bellows seemed to make these samples just a bit better than normal.  Plus, I could load the samples into any one of my softsynths which allow microtonality, and that would give me a fairly realistic sounding microtonal accordion-like thing.  So, I decided to take a chance, and bought the sample sets.  I then found that the key to the volume changes was to use midi continuous controller 7 - very nice swells and diminuendos that way.  I made an ArtWonk patch which plays notes and rests, and has swells for the accordion parts, and is tuned in one of Erv Wilson's "Scale Tree" MOS scales - a 13 notes in the octave one - and voila!  A nice little march, one minute and 4 seconds long.  It was fun to make, and I hope it's fun for you to hear.  Enjoy!

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