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Live Internet Performance from Wollongong!

Warren Burt and Catherine Schieve will present "Subharmonics and Sruti Boxes" for computer
and sruti boxes (Indian drone harmoniums) live, on the internet on Friday 9 am Australian East Coast time (see below for other time zones) at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/drea-stream-festival-2010.
The 20 minute drone piece, streamed live, will be performed from their music room in Wollongong, and features the just intonation drones of Burt's computer (playing a sub-harmonic scale with all subharmonics based on 17) with Schieve's orchestra of 6 specially built and tuned srutis.  
The piece is presented as part of the Dream Stream Festival, October 18 - November 18, 2010, which is part of Deep Listening Institute's "Ione's 15th Annual Dream Festival."  Ione, who in addition to her work as a writer and artist, is a practicing psycho-spiritual therapist, has been researching the intersection of dreams and creativity for over 3 decades.  Every year, her Dream Festival brings together artists and performers working with and through the dream state.
The piece will be recorded, and available for future listening on the Deep Listening Foundation 
website at http://deeplistening.org/site/content/dream-stream-festival-2010-0.
Here are some times around the world when you can see the performance live:
Honolulu: Noon
Los Angeles: 2 pm
Chicago: 4 pm
New York: 5 pm
St Johns: 6:30 pm
London: 10 pm
Paris: 11 pm
THURSDAY 12 November
Moscow: 2 am
New Delhi: 3 am
Beijing: 5 am
Tokyo: 6 am
Adelaide: 8:30 am
Sydney: 9 am
Auckland 11 am
If you can, tune in, and enjoy!


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