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Carmen Chan's "for Warren"

'for warren' from Carmen Chan on Vimeo.

Here's a video of a performance of a collective piece by Carmen Chan and myself that happened in March 2010 in the Shepparton, Vic. Regional Art Gallery.  As Carmen writes on her blog:

"A performance of the score 'for warren' at the Shepparton Art Gallery in March 2010. 

I made the score while I was in Piteå and sent them to Warren Burt who was in Woollongong at the time. He then realised the pages with the Swedish graphic synthesis software Coagula, and requested it to be improvised with a snare drum and a single pair of crotales. Well we couldn't find crotales conveniently for the performance so we decided to use salad bowls instead.

Warren Burt (electronics)
Carmen Chan (snare drum, bowls)"

It's a lovely performance - very subtle and delicate.  You'll want to turn the sound UP on your speakers, not to be blasted out by the sound, but to hear all the delicious little delicate things that Carmen is doing.  Enjoy.  And if you want to see it bigger - here's the link to Carmen's vimeo site: http://www.vimeo.com/21291032


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