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Six Preludes and Six Postludes to a Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod - a new album - available NOW!

Just released on the VicMod label, my digital-download-only album "Six Preludes and Six Postludes to a Meeting with the Giant Murray Cod."  It's an exploration of resources available in Martin Fay's venerable softsynth Vaz Modular, as well as exploring some more microtonal scales, and is, hopefully, just plain fun listening.  There are plentiful program notes (of course) and the whole thing is available on the VicMod website at http://www.vicmod.net/index.html.

 Listen for free, or download the whole album for $3 (that's three bucks) or more if you wish.  This is an interesting new model for me - free streaming, and pay-if-you-wish for the whole thing.  They also feature downloading in a whole bunch of formats, so audiophiles among you are bound to find a format that will please your discerning taste.  So if you want to make me rich, a million of you should pay to download the album!

And copious thanks, of course, to Ross Healy of VicMod for asking me to do this, and for his support during the long process of composition and production.  While you're at the VicMod site, check out the other great albums they have there, including music by Richard Lainhart, Todd Barton, and Ross himself - recording under the moniker of Cray.



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