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Upcoming broadcast - interview with WB on 3CR

Aplogies for the short notice for this - on Saturday afternoon, Oct 6, from 5:30 - 7:00 pm, on Melbourne Community Radio Station 3CR, Michael Smith will present an extended interview with me, along with 3 new pieces, which he recorded at 3CR studios last Wednesday night.  The show is called "Let Your Freak Flag Fly," (which has been going for the better part of a decade), and features experimental, noise, new, improvised, indie and other hard to find musics.  3CR, a venerable part of Melbourne's cultural landscape can be heard on the AM band at 855, or on digital radio 3CR, or worldwide, on the web at www.3CR.org.au.  Michael did a wonderful job recording the pieces, and the interview with him was a delight.  Many thanks to him and 3CR.  I'm looking forward to listening to the result, and so, I hope, will you.

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