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Moths and Mathematics - Dance piece by Tess de Quincey and Peter Fraser - Music by Warren Burt

In November, I had the great good fortune to travel up to Sydney and work with Tess de Quincey, Peter Fraser, Boris Morris Boris Baggatini, Martin Fox, Sian James-Holland and the other wonderful members of the production Moths and Mathematics.  This is a dance - music - computer graphics - lighting piece that deals with the intersections of science and movement. This week was a creative development week, and at the end of it, a 23 minute performance was given to a select audience.  An in-progress video was made, and you can see a provisional edit of the video HERE. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that work will continue on with the piece, so that we can bring you the full length production (ca. 40 minutes) sometime in early 2014.

 Peter Fraser and Tess de Quincey in Moths and Mathematics, November 2012


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