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Cellular Etudes - A New CD length piece, free for downloading

From about July 2012 until March 2013, I worked on a series of 12 computer music etudes, each one lasting 5 minutes, called Cellular Etudes.  Following on from my earlier Nightshade Etudes, I used a single technique to generate musical information for the piece.  In this case, it was the mathematical technique of Cellular Automata.  Complete notes for the piece can be downloaded HERE.  And you can download mp3 versions of all 12 etudes HERE.

Here are two of the etudes as a sample of the others:

No. 4: A Bureaucrat Tells the Truth

No. 11: Non-Pythagorean Dance for Felix

(which is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Felix Werder 1922-2012)

I hope you enjoy listening to these two pieces, and if you download the whole thing, I hope you enjoy all of them.

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