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Samples II (1987) and Artificial Languages (1981) in MixTape 1980s at the National Gallery of Victoria

My piece "Samples II: Ravel Homage - That Which is Neither a Deconstruction nor an Appropriation, Neither Bricollage nor Post-Modern" (1987) is on display as part of

Mix Tape 1980s
Appropriation, Subculture, Critical Style

which is on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square from 11 Apr – 01 Sep 2013.


While mostly a show of visual works, there are four iPads attached to the walls of the exhibition, each with a playlist faceplate (that looks like a blown-up, hand-written cassette label) and a pair of headphones attached to them.  Each iPad has a different playlist on it, chosen by a different person.  My piece is on the iPad in the right-hand room of the exhibit, on the right-hand wall, about half-way into the room.  The playlist was chosen by Peter Tyndall, to whom I give many thanks for including me.  Also on his playlist is "Artificial Languages" (1981) a collaboration between Chris Mann and myself, which was performed by the Astra Choir, John McCaughey directing.  The show is well worth seeing - for me, at any rate, there was a lot of nostalgia in seeing works I'd seen many years ago.  And especially worth seeing, from a new music historical point of view, is a large wall-full of posters, record jackets and other objects from the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre and Innocent Records, designed by Philip Brophy.  So if you're in Melbourne in the Federation Square area, drop in.   



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