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Sample IV for Orchestral Samples - 2008-2013 - from the ICMC2013 album

For the International Computer Music Conference, the keynote speakers were invited to contribute a piece to the conference album, which was distributed only to the delegates to the conference.  As I'm not sure if the album will eventually be made available to the public, I'd like to post my contribution to the album here.  Samples IV is a piece, like all of my "Samples" series, that is made with orchestral samples, to make music that orchestras wouldn't be able to make.  This one uses that Composers' Desktop Project software and ArtWonk to make sequences of 1000 notes.  The sequences of 1000 notes are them played with the same patterns of notes that generated the original sequence, thus making textures of 1,000,000 notes.  As you may imagine, the texture gets rather thick.  There are some lovely transitions from sequences of recognizable orchestral sounds, some microtonally tuned, into very thick noisebands, and then back to recognizable orchestral sounds.  This occurs several times throughout the piece.  I started the piece in 2008, but then got stuck, then got sick.  In the recovery period, the piece got lost in the shuffle.  Finally, earlier this year, I got it out and dusted it off, and after five years, realized the few things that were necessary to complete the piece.  So here it is - 19 minutes long - now available for you.



 And if you like it, you can download it HERE.

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