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Two New Articles in soundbytesmag.net

The latest Soundbytes web magazine is out, and in it, I have two articles.  "Music on Tablets: A Taste of Some iPad Apps" is the start of a bi-monthly column where I hope to write about one of my main areas of research over the past couple of years, the music making potential of touch-screen tablet computers.  A greeting here to all the makers of the software I covered in the article, to the makers of Lemur, AudioBus, Analog Midi Sequencer, Bird Stepper, Thumbjam, Fairlight CMI Pro, Cubasis, Wilsonic, Sector, and Borderlands Granular - many thanks for your programming efforts! Read the article here:


The second article was a review of Echobode, a new sound processor from Sonic Charge, in Sweden.  This is a very flexible frequency shifter/delay/phasing unit with lots of compositional potential, and reasonably priced, too.  Here's a link to that review:




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