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New releases from the Kenneth Gaburo archive on Soundcloud

Philip Blackburn, composer, record produer, archivist, sound sculptor, and a few other things, has just released a set of 32 recordings from the Kenneth Gaburo archive.  There are interviews with Kenneth, and recordings of a number of pieces, and two recordings of radio programs produced on Kenneth's visits to Australia in the mid-80s. 

Here: https://soundcloud.com/innovadotmu/sets/kenneth-gaburo

Recordings 4 and 31 are taken from a long interview I did with Kenneth in 1979, first on his own work, and then on his work producing Harry Partch's "The Bewitched."  Recording 35  "Choral and Electronic Compositions" is a recording of a radio program about Kenneth's music Paul Petran and I produced for ABC Radio back around 1986-87.  There's a recording of the Astra Choir performing Kenneth's "Ringings" as part of that.  Recording 28 is another ABC recording "Testimony and The Flow of [u]" which was part of "The Scratch Project" consisting of a lot of people phoning in to ABC Radio (produced by Andrew MacLennan and Virginia Madsden) with their responses to Kenneth's question about nuclear war.  I notice that since I was first informed of the archive's existence 2 days ago, there have been seven tapes of Composition Lessons of Kenneth with Philip Blackburn from the mid-80s added.  So the numbers given above might not be accurate.  This is definitely an archive in a state of development.  Well worth exploring the work and thought of one of the most interesting of the late-20th century experimental composers.


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