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Four Reviews - the latest crop of Soundbytes articles

The latest issue of soundbytesmag.net is out and I have four reviews in it:


The first is a review of the new Arturia Buchla Easel V, a wonderful emulation of the classic 80s Buchla Music Easel.  The second is a review of a sound set from UVI, the "Complete Toy Museum," which is a lovely, and beautifully sampled collection of musical toys.  Lots to explore there.  The third is a review of the iPad app, iOptigan, a reconstruction of a classic early 70s, "sampler chord organ," which had lots of flaws, which the designers have lovingly preserved.  And finally, there's a first look at a new system, VCV Rack, a free, open source, cross platform virtual analog patching synthesizer.  Sounds like a mouthful!  It's a very powerful system, and the price, as they say (free), is right.  Hope you enjoy the articles!



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