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Polyrhythmic Composition - A new piece using VCV Rack

I've been working with VCV Rack, a free open-source cross-platform virtual analog synthesizer for a while now.  This patch is an early result.  We have all these new big computer video monitors in the new Music Building at Box Hill Institute (where I work), and although I could do a screen-grab, I wanted to project my computer monitor through the screen, and captured it with a pretty good video camera.  I'm performing with the buttons at the upper right.  There are 6 presets or scenes, and I can advance through them, and then select which of the three voices are playing in each section. Each section has a different polyrhythm, mostly fairly elaborate ones, like 61:63:64, or 38:61:72, or the more simple 5:7:9, among others. Most of the modules are made by Antonio Tuzzi, who designs under the nom-du-circuitry of NYSTHI.  I hope you enjoy this "puzzle for the ears" as much as I do.  Full-screen probably works best for viewing this. Good speakers, too, of course.

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