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Virtual Versions of the Fokker Organ Pieces, at last

It took quite a while to get around to doing this, but I've finally made recordings of my interactive pieces for the Fokker Microtonal Organ that I'm satisfied with.  These weren't using the actual organ, but a virtual one - a patch, made by Ere Lievonen, for the Hauptwerk Virtual Organ which emulates the 31 tone tuning and registration of the actual organ.  These pieces are interactive improvisations with programs I set up in ArtWonk (with some assistance from Andrew Culver and John Cage's IC program), in which I hear what I'm playing and respond to it.  In most of the movements, the main control I have is over tempo and range (high and low notes) of the individual voices - I'm sculpting time and register of 31-tone organ music in real time.  Here are the recordings of the individual movements.  

Warren Burt: Three Movements for Fokker Organ - 1: Time Lock Puzzles in the Random Oracle Model

Warren Burt: Three Movements for Fokker Organ - 2: Guaranteed Repetition Free, or Double Your Drachmas Back

Warren Burt: Three Movements for Fokker Organ - 3: Being Generous With Those Genera

Warren Burt: Fokker Organ Wren

Each movement lasts about 3 and 1/2 minutes.  If you want to download them, for each movement you can click 1: HERE, 2: HERE, 3: HERE, and for the Fokker Organ Wren, HERE.  Enjoy!


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