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Downloads from Pogus now available

I've been involved with Al Margolis, of Pogus Records, for many years now. He brought out my Harmonic Colour Fields CD a number of years ago, and since then I've been involved in various aspects of album production with him.  I recently received an email from him letting me know that my CD, and others I'd been involved with, were now available for purchase via download from Ganxy.  Here are the links:

Warren Burt: Harmonic Colour Fields: https://ganxy.com/i/22942

(A set of five very slowly moving pieces from the 90s exploring different tuning systems)

Felix Werder: The Tempest: https://ganxy.com/i/22546

(A collection of Felix's electronic music - three pieces from the 70s, and his only computer piece, from the early 90s.)

KIVA: https://ganxy.com/i/22512

(KIVA was the improvisation group of Keith Humble, Jean-Charles Francois, and John Silber - this 2 cd set is a selection from a number of their sessions from the late 80s and early 90s.

Kenneth Gaburo: Maledetto: http://www.pogus.com/g47.html

(Maledetto is Gaburo's masterful, fun, and slightly smutty celebration of the speaking voice - exploring innumberable facets of the word "screw" it's a masterpiece of extended vocal writing and sound poetry.)

So if you've been wondering where you can buy any of the above, now you know!


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