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Performances in January - Gent, Los Angeles

I'm having 2 works performed in January by friends overseas.  The first one, already past, was a performance of my "Another Noisy Lullaby" by Decibel at the Logos Foundation in Gent, Belgium, on January 17.  Many thanks to Cat Hope and all the Logos Crew for including me in the program!

The second one, upcoming, on January 29, is a performance of my electronic piece "for Anne, who broke my heart" from 1974 as part of the Welcome Inn Time Machine performances.  Here's a description of the whole event:

The Society for the Activation of Social Space Through Art and Sound (SASSAS) transforms Eagle Rock’s Welcome Inn into a venue for live performances creating a free, six hour event featuring experimental music originating in Southern California, 1949 - 1977.  Micro concerts take place in individual rooms allowing key moments in sound and music history to be experienced simultaneously and sequentially in a single location.  (One of the featured events is a performance/re-creation of Arnold Schoenberg's 1949 "Draft of a String Quartet.")

The event I'm part of celebrates the Theater Vanguard's "Currents" series, which was curated by Barry Schrader from 1973-78.  Barry has put together a selection of pieces from that series and it will play as a 2 hour repeating program throughout the day.  Thanks, Barry, for including my work!

So if you're in Los Angeles this Sunday, you could do worse than to drop into the Welcome Inn at Eagle Rock.  If I were in LA on Sunday, that's where I would be!

Here's some links:


http://www.sassas.org/welcomeinn/ (click on "Currents Series" for more information.)

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