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Launching Piece, composed and performed by Warren Burt - a new video

Here's a recently completed video of a new piece, "Launching Piece." (Any reference to a certain Yarra Valley town is purely coincidental and entirely intended.) Composed for the June 5 2013 launching of Linda Kouvaras' new book "Loading the Silence: Australian Sound Art in the Post-Digital Age" at the Grainger Museum, University of Melbourne.  The performance involves 5 "pad" devices - Mei-Ying and Samsung Android Tablets with the John Cage Prepared Piano app, Apple iPhone and iPad using Thumbjam, one (iPhone) with a Grand Piano sample set tuned in 36 tone equal temperament, the other (iPad) playing several samples from Percy Grainger's 1951-2 "Butterfly Piano" experiments, and an Asus Windows 8 Tablet using AudioMulch, which has on it 3 sine waves gliding about, in reference to Grainger and Cross' 1951-2 Kangaroo Pouch Machine (one of the first synthesizers).  At the Grainger Museum, the room I played in was just around the corner from the Butterfly Piano and the Kangaroo Pouch Machines.  The performance in this video took place at home in Daylesford, Vic. on the night of June 16, 2013.  This performance  uses all the historical and historically referenced sounds used in the original performance, and adds a little unity-gain mixer and battery powered loudspeaker by Logitech.  This is a kind of "shakedown cruise" for a new performance setup, which has the potential to be entirely battery powered and portable, while at the same time referencing both contemporary touch-screen performance devices and historical music-technology sound sources.  As well, I hope the piece itself is enjoyable. Many thanks to Catherine Schieve who videoed the piece, while standing in a most awkward position (it's not a very big living room).


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