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Interview with WB in Soundbytes Magazine

Soundbytes Magazine is a web magazine specializing in writing about new hardware and software for music making, and which also does interviews.  I will be writing for them in the near future (my review of David Rothenberg's new book "Bug Music" is in the works), and in this issue, David Baer, one of the editors, has a most unusual interview with me.  It's unusual because we're examining the reasons for composing in the way I do (as opposed to more commercial options) and it speculates about different historical paths.  It began when I suggested that he interview me, and his reply, that we'd have to contextualize the interview because what I did was so different from what the average computer music user did, floored me.  I thought what I was doing was "normal," in a way, and the process of doing the interview was an interesting one for me.  Here's the link to the interview: http://soundbytesmag.net/interview-warren-burt/.  You might find it an interesting read as well.

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