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VCV Rack now hosts external VST plugins!

The latest development in Andrew Belt's VCV-Rack project is VCV Host, which enables VST plugins to work within the VCV-Rack environment.  It was released this morning, and I immediately bought it ($30 US, such a deal!), and tried it out.  The result is shown above.  In this patch, the UVI Falcon workstation is hosting the UVI Orchestral Bells (tuned to a microtonal scale, of course!), which are then processed by the GRM Tools Reson Filter.  Both of these are controlled by multiple copies of the metaAARDVARK module designed by Antonio Tuzzi based on my designs from the 70s. Thanks to Andrew Belt for his ongoing work on the VCV-Rack Project, and to Antonio Tuzzi for his work on his NYSTHI modules, which are becoming essential to my musical work.  Click here to either download or listen to what 2 minutes of this patch sounds like.  Enjoy!



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