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Andrew Ford interviews WB about Chris Mann, the American Experimental Music Traditions, and Catherine Schieve for ABC-Radio "The Music Show," Dec 2, 2018

For ABC Radio National's "The Music Show" on December 2, at 11:30 am (Australian Eastern Time), Andrew Ford will be interviewing me about Chris Mann and our work together, the American Experimental Music Traditions, what I think a "composer" is, and Catherine Schieve and our work together.  You'll hear brief excerpts from my Almond Bread Harmonies (1985), "of course" by Chris Mann and me, (1988), a bit of a solo reading by Chris, a fragment of HPSCHD by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller, and part of the 2017 performance of Catherine Schieve's "Repentistas" (2003) for electronics, viola and toy piano, performed by Catherine on electronics, me on viola, and Ian Parsons on toy piano.  More info on the Repentistas performance can be found here: http://www.warrenburt.com/journal/2017/7/23/catherine-schieves-repentistas-2003-updated.html

For those who won't be near an Australian AM Radio on Sunday morning, you can listen to the interview anytime on the ABC website.  Here's the link:

Thanks to Andrew Ford for coming to Daylesford and interviewing me, and to Penny Lomax for producing the show.  Enjoy!

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