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MOVE 50 - A new CD to celebrate 50 years of Move Records!

Move Records is Australia's leading Classical Music label, and they're 50 years old this year.  3 Cheers for Martin Wright and the whole Move team!  And to celebrate, they've released a CD with 24 composers writing short pieces (most played on piano by the amazing Michael Keiran Harvey) to celebrate.  Here's the front cover:

and here's the rear cover, with the cast list (as they say on cop shows, "the usual suspects").

 My "Postlude" (made with the Arturia realization of the classic Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI)) is track 20 on this CD.  For more information about the CD, and where to get it in physical form or as a download, go to http://www.move.com.au/disc/move-50.


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