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The Three Latest Reviews in Soundbytes Magazine

And the March 2019 issue of Soundbytes is out now, and I have three reviews in it:


This one is a honey - the iOS port of the Synclavier 2.  Pure fm/additive/frame-based synthesis microtonal goodness from the late 70s/early 80s, now on your iPad.  And Synclavier Pocket for your iPhone or iPod!  I've been having a lot of fun with these.




More utilitarian, this one, but a lot of fun - a complete Foley footstep making sample set from UVI.  My colleague George Papanicolaou and I reviewed this one and were pretty impressed.


And from Spitfire Audio, a collection of 5 of compositional sample-set developer Pendle Poucher's Sound Dust sample sets.  These are quite wonderful.  Each of them is a complete compositional environment, all cleverly conceived and all flawlessly realized - they run in Kontakt Full - well worth checking out.  And they're all fairly inexpensive!


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